22 Worst Jobs for Introverts (and Best for Extroverts)

Our recent post focused on jobs where introverts work alone, happily. While introverts can work with other people, it can be a lot more stressful for them. So, while introverts are more flexible than they get recognized for, they want something they can do without spending all their energy.

But what jobs that introverts should try to avoid as much as possible? This article focuses on the worst jobs for introverts and would be better off passed onto extroverts.

It does not mean that you cannot try them. Introverts can do just about everything, but you may want to shy away from the following jobs if you enjoy a low-stress life.

Table of Contents

What Types of High-Stress Jobs do Introverts Hate? 

For introverts, a high-stress job is one that involves a lot of talking – with other people. I have to emphasize that fact because I know a friend’s grandpa used to deal with his stress by talking to himself. Other introverts also love chatting with their close friends and relatives but struggle when talking to other people.

For this reason, the following jobs are better suited for extroverts. The jobs will not just entail talking, but also negotiating and charming. Other jobs are done in a busy environment, with several interactions happening simultaneously. These are the best jobs for an extrovert, and they will have the time of their life.

  • Sales  – Are the best for extroverts who don’t mind making calls and networking with people.  However, introverts can potentially build more respect than an extrovert if they understand the product or service better and get to be known as an expert.  Many extroverts try to talk their way into a sale vs. actually knowing and understanding what they’re selling.  
  • Survey people and network – Double whammy!  You have to extract information when surveying people. Networking can be difficult work for an introvert because their nature may not be engaging enough to have a vast network.
  • Answering phones and making calls – Likely short burst conversations can add-up to a string of stressful occurrences throughout the day. 
  • Public speaking – Everyone’s attention is on you, which makes public speaking extremely difficult for introverts. 
  • Busy office setting – An introvert at work can likely avoid a lot of interaction with people. Still, they will be forced to talk with people when arriving, leaving, lunchtime in the cafeteria, and while walking to the restroom.
  • Teamwork – Teams will likely have a mixture of extroverts in the group, which will make you feel uncomfortable, and you cannot avoid the interaction.  

What Types of Low-Stress Jobs do Introverts Like?

So, what type of low-stress job do introverts like, anyway? They prefer, as much as possible, to work on their own. A big chunk of a worker’s life is spent at the office or working environment. Imagine an introvert spending eight hours or more doing something they don’t like. It happens all the time, of course.  There are even jobs that aren’t the best for extroverts.

However, introverts would be better off with jobs that let them work most of the time independently. Sure, they will show up for the meetings. They will take their quiet corner and contribute when they find something that they are passionate about.

  • A peaceful place to work alone – Introverts like a peaceful work environment in a private office.  An office with an open-concept and low cubicles is stressful.
  • Work independently – Though many people aren’t fans of teamwork, even extroverts, it’s extra frustrating and stressful for introverts. 

Below, our list of worst jobs for introverts also includes average annual salary and job growth outlook based on data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics most current information as of the writing of this article. The average salary of the 22 jobs is $51,199 and has an average growth rate of 4%.

1. College Professor

Being a college professor is not ideal for an introvert because they must speak in front of a classroom daily, give presentations, and continuously interact with people, whether in person or by email.

Postsecondary teachers have to deal with a lot of students. They have to engage with teenagers, young adults, and adults. So, they need to handle many strong opinions from people, most of whom are very vocal about what they want and believe in. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the postsecondary education field (i.e., college professor) is expected to grow by 9%.

College Professor Job Responsibilities

  • Educate – Develop the knowledge and skills of students
  • Planning – Plan assignments and lessons
  • Work with groups – Work with classes as small as a few and up to 50+ students per class
  • Creative – Make boring topics interesting and engaging
  • Monitor – Oversee student progress and learning
  • Office hours – Spend several hours per week to meet with students who need assistance
  • Continue education – College professors are expected to continue their education and write research papers

How to Become a College Professor

  • Choose an educational specialty such as mathematics, English, chemistry, language, etc.
  • Earn a bachelor’s degree in the type of teaching you want to pursue
  • Most college professor jobs will want you to have a master’s degree or doctoral degree to teach

Average Annual Salary: $79,540
Typical Entry-Level Degree: Varies
Job Growth Outlook: 9%
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2. Sales Representative

Working as a sales representative is very challenging for introverts, but it’s one of the best jobs for extroverts. The primary job for a salesperson is to convince someone else to buy your product or service; you must be a self-driven person and engage customer prospects.

A sales representative is a form of entrepreneurship with a lot of upsides based on your skills and the desire for your product. You need to be at your convincing best, knowing how to turn up the charm without being a caricature.  See our guide on how to become a better salesman

Sales Representative Job Responsibilities

  • Prospect – Qualify and prospect new leads
  • Product knowledge – Understand the product you are selling
  • Presentations – Create PowerPoint presentations for prospective clients
  • Computer literate – Familiar with productivity tools like the company CRM, word processor, spreadsheets, etc.
  • Resolution – Resolve customer problems
  • Closer – Closing sales skills
  • Cold caller – Much of your prospecting is likely to be cold calling for new sales
  • Evaluate – Determine sales pain points and fix it going forward
  • Sales quotas – Each sales representative is expected to meet sales goals


  • Interpersonal skills
  • Self-motivation
  • Sales experience and understand the process
  • Strong written and verbal skills
  • Ability to meet and exceed sales goals
  • Computer proficiency

How to Become a Sales Representative

  • Foot in the door – Some companies may have minimum requirements like education or experience, while others just want to see a good personality or potential to become a good sales representative
  • Educate – Some jobs will require continuing education or certification in your type of industry

Average Annual Salary: $63,050
Typical Entry-Level Degree: Varies
Job Growth Outlook: 2%+
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3. Middle School Teacher

Middle school teachers should know how to communicate with preteens and young teens between sixth and eighth grades. They must guide these young people, who are moving from one level of their lives to the next. The middle school teacher must connect with the students to create a role model/mentor persona.

Middle School Teacher Job Responsibilities

  • Create lesson plans
  • Teach lessons to a class of students
  • Grade exams and assignments
  • Work one-on-one with students
  • Collaborate with other teachers and faculty
  • Communicate regularly with guardians about each student’s progress
  • Enforce school and classroom rules


  • State certification
  • Supervised experience in the classroom
  • Communication skills for both students in the classroom, other teachers, and parents and guardians
  • Stamina both emotionally and physically
  • Adapt to challenging situations

How to Become a Middle School Teacher

  • Attain a bachelor’s degree in the subject you wish to teach as a teacher
  • Complete teacher shadowing in the middle school classroom
  • Pass licensing exam mandated by your respective state
  • Apply for a state teaching license

Average Annual Salary: $59,660
Typical Entry-Level Degree: Bachelor’s degree
Job Growth Outlook: 4%
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4. Police Officer

A police officer protects property, people, and lives. They don’t just sit in their police car and eat donuts.

Most police officers are on the street and are jobs for extroverts because they interact daily with the citizens.  Consider working up to detective or criminal investigator if you want to be in the field but want a job for an introvert who deals with fewer people. 

Police Officer Job Responsibilities

  • Patrol areas to enforce laws and stop crime
  • Direct traffic for accidents, special events, or signal malfunctions
  • Serve arrest warrants and subpoenas
  • Testify in court
  • Issue citations
  • Write police reports and complete detailed paperwork
  • Transport prisoners
  • Assist investigators during the crime scene


  • Communications skills to speak with citizens regularly
  • Proper judgment on how to solve problems quickly
  • Ethical and not willing to be bought
  • Leader for other police officers
  • Physically good shape to be on your feet for hours at a time
  • Empathetic to understand other people’s situations

How to Become a Police Officer

  1. Pass a background check
  2. Complete academy training or attain a degree
  3. Pass Peace Officer Standards and Training exam
  4. Pass psychological evaluation
  5. Continuing education to achieve career advancement

Average Annual Salary: $65,170
Typical Entry-Level Degree: Varies, high school to a college degree
Job Growth Outlook: 5%
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5. Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents are extroverts who help customers buy, sell, and rent properties via walkthroughs and assisted guidance; they’re similar to a sales representative. There must be some sort of tangible connection that will help him highlight the land or house he is selling.

The real estate they sell includes residential, office, industrial, etc.

Real Estate Agent Job Responsibilities

  • Seek out potential clients to move into or out of properties
  • Perform market research for clients on valuations
  • Advice on market conditions and pricing
  • Promote themselves in an extrovert manner at events and gatherings
  • Drive prospective buyers around to see properties
  • Prepare real estate documents and contracts
  • Negotiate real estate transaction between sellers and buyers
  • Maintain real estate license and any related continuing education


  • Friendly and trustworthy
  • Strong sales, communication, and negotiation skills
  • Computer proficiency with email, eDocuments, M.S. Office, copier machine
  • Self-motivations
  • Knowledge of local property
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Real estate brokers license

How To Become a Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent must typically pass a state-accredited licensing exam by taking several real estate courses. Some universities, colleges, and community colleges offer real estate courses.

Average Annual Salary: $50,730
Typical Entry-Level Degree: High school or equivalent
Job Growth Outlook: 2%
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6. Event Planner

Events are indeed any introvert’s horror show. They require mingling with various types of people and having connections with several shops and services that can provide just what the event needs.

Event Planner Job Responsibilities

  • Develop a detailed plan for an event involving every aspect (logistics, food, flowers, entertainment, etc.)
  • Executes plan in coordination with a team that was involved from the planning
  • Responsible for scouting venues and creating working relationships with vendors
  • Formulates and negotiates contracts
  • Can create events according to concepts and themes within the client’s budget


  • Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, Business, Communications, or any related field
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Project management skills
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications, especially Word and Excel
  • Ability to maintain and enrich business relationships

How to Become an Event Planner

  • Recommended a bachelor’s degree in event and meeting management
  • Hands-on experience at a hotel, convention center, or similar
  • Create a portfolio of successful events

Average Annual Salary: $50,600
Typical Entry-Level Degree: Bachelor’s degree
Job Growth Outlook: 8%
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7. Flight Attendant

A flight attendant job looks glamorous, but it does not stop there. He or she must take care of the needs of all passengers. This requires up-close interaction, empathizing with other people’s feelings such as their fear of flying, and charming first-time or first-class flyers.

Flight Attendant Job Responsibilities

  • Participate in pre-flight briefings, which involve flight details with fellow crew members, including pilots and other flight attendants
  • Assist with pre-flight inspection of the cabin’s emergency equipment
  • Demonstrate how to use the safety belts and where to find the emergency exits
  • Inspect passenger adherence to the safety precautions
  • Offer and sell snacks and beverages
  • Cater to the needs of passengers before, during, and right after the flight
  • Assist in instances of emergency landings
  • Reassure passengers during turbulence or any event that causes them some worry, like delays
  • Administer First Aid, and assist with medications, if necessary


  • At least a high school diploma
  • Fluency in other languages if working international routes
  • Airline-provided training and subsequent examination
  • Attentive and helpful personality
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Physical stamina to carry on duties for extended hours

How to Become a Flight Attendant

  • At least a high school degree or equivalent (GED) diploma
  • Related work experience is helpful, such as customer service experience at a restaurant, resort, or hotel
  • Pass pre-employment drug screening and background check
  • Complete airline flight attendant training program

Average Annual Salary: $56,640
Typical Entry-Level Degree: High school diploma or equivalent
Job Growth Outlook: 17%
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8. Retail Sales Workers

Retail is a customer service job. You must cater to what people need. To know what they want, you must observe or even ask. Be prepared to guide people in and around the store for their desired products.

Retail Sales Workers Job Responsibilities

  • Greet customers as they enter the store
  • Offer assistance and recommend products that may suit the customer’s preferences
  • Highlight the top characteristics of the merchandise
  • Provide answers to the customers’ queries, so must be knowledgeable of all the store’s products and services
  • Demonstrate the use of the product if necessary
  • For electronic products, check if working
  • Calculate the total of the customer’s purchases, accept payment, and give change as is applicable
  • Talk about current policies, sales, and promotions


  • Does not usually have educational requirements, though some employers may require a high school diploma
  • A few weeks’ or months’ of on the job training
  • Arithmetic skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Persuasive and interpersonal skills

Average Annual Salary: $25,440
Typical Entry-Level Degree: None required
Job Growth Outlook: 0%
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9. Receptionist

Being a receptionist will require you to talk a lot, especially if the business is booming. You don’t want to wish that fewer people will come to your place of business or call, or else your job is in danger.

Receptionist Job Responsibilities

  • Greet clients upon their arrival
  • Answer phone promptly and redirecting calls to the appropriate departments
  • Assist in scheduling meetings and making travel arrangements
  • Respond to booking requests from various communication lines (phone, email, letter, face to face, etc.)
  • Follow the protocols on arrival and departure of guests
  • Prepare bills and process payments
  • Receive and pass on messages to the guests
  • Accommodate guests’ special requests, whenever reasonable
  • Be able to talk about the hotel services, offers, and promos
  • Provide information about nearby facilities
  • Manage complaints and other issues
  • Record customer information
  • File all paper and electronic documents and records where appropriate


  • Have the patience in dealing with different types of people
  • Possess good oral and written communication skills
  • Friendly and adaptable
  • Practice professionalism and integrity
  • Knows how to use Microsoft Office
  • Organizational skills
  • Ability to handle the pressure

Average Annual Salary: $30,050
Typical Entry-Level Degree: High school diploma or equivalent
Job Growth Outlook: 4%
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10. Bank Teller

To work as a bank teller, you must have the patience and expertise to guide clients through money processes such as cash checks without I.D., making deposits, etc. You must know when to be persuasive and when to be reassuring since the client’s money is involved.

Bank Tellers Job Responsibilities

  • Checking the cash total in the drawer at the beginning of the shift
  • Accepting various forms of payments from clients like check cashing
  • Prepare special funds such as to get money orders, traveler’s checks, and savings bonds
  • Record all transactions
  • Accurately answer customers’ questions about their accounts
  • Facilitate foreign exchange transactions
  • Order checks and/or bank cards for their clients
  • Count the cash total in the drawer at the end of the shift
  • Balance the amount according to the day’s transactions


  • A high school diploma/a college degree is rarely required
  • On the job training
  • Math skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Basic computer skills
  • Criminal background check

How to Become a Bank Teller

  • Receive a high school diploma or GED
  • Earn a bank teller certification to validate your skills in customer service, banking operations, and ethics
  • Pass background check

Average Annual Salary: $31,230
Typical Entry-Level Degree: High school diploma or equivalent
Job Growth Outlook: -15%
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11. Customer Service Representative

If you dread taking several calls a day, you should not work as a customer service representative. This not only means taking all those calls, but it also means being patient throughout. Some customers can be troublesome and even verbally abusive. If you let your introvert’s sensitivity activate, you will have a hard time getting through the day. Even any type of extrovert will have a hard time.

Customer Service Representative Job Responsibilities

  • Provide information about the products and services
  • Assist in resolving problems regarding the products and services
  • Promotes current products and services by making suggestions
  • Opens and maintains customer accounts
  • Maintaining customer records based on all existing transactions
  • Prepares reports on products and services


  • Related product and market knowledge
  • Documentation skills
  • Oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to analyze information
  • While not required, a university/college degree is an advantage
  • Microsoft Office system knowledge
  • Attentiveness and accuracy

How to Become a Customer Service Representative

  • Companies preferably hire customer service agents with a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Search for employment in virtually any industry for a customer service job

Average Annual Salary: $34,710
Typical Entry-Level Degree: High school diploma or equivalent
Job Growth Outlook: -2%
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12. Fast Food and Worker & Beverage Serving

This is not just about the food, but also about the service. If you want to be good at your job, you need to smile while greeting the customers. The fast-food industry can be taxing to even the friendliest extrovert or introvert. Extroverts will definitely thrive here, finding several people to say “Hello” to and take care of.

Fast Food and Worker & Beverage Serving Job Responsibilities

  • Greet incoming customers
  • Respond to queries about special and regular menu items
  • Take food and/or drink orders
  • Accurately relay the customers’ orders to the kitchen staff
  • Prepare simple food and drink items, such as salads, drinks, and sandwiches
  • Accept payment and give back change
  • Serve ordered items at the counter or on tables, even in hotel rooms for fast food centers that are housed in hotels
  • Clear all assigned work areas, including serving counters and dining tables
  • Prepare food trays and set tables for customers
  • Replenish stocks on service stations and even on tables (e.g., salt)


  • Usually, no formal education is required
  • Communication and customer service skills
  • Physical strength and stamina

Average Annual Salary: $23,000
Typical Entry-Level Degree: None required
Job Growth Outlook: 10%
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13. Restaurant Server (Waiters and Waitresses)

A restaurant server depends on tips to earn extra income. So, extroverts may provide a friendly charm and easy chitchat that customers may want during their dining experience. Customers are looking for a warm atmosphere and someone welcoming. It will not do if the server is a lot shyer than the customer.  See our guide on how to become the best restaurant server with tips and tricks.  

Restaurant Server (Waiters and Waitresses) Job Responsibilities

  • Greet customers and present menus
  • Explain any daily specials to clients
  • Take food and drink orders, and relay them to the kitchen staff
  • Prepare simple food and drinks, such as sodas, coffee, and garnishes
  • Carry food and/or drinks on trays from the kitchen to the customer tables
  • Remove dirty glasses and dishes from the customers’ tables when they are done eating


  • No formal education is required
  • Communication and customer service skills
  • Multitasking and organizational skills
  • Physical strength and stamina
  • Attention to detail which includes remembering orders

Average Annual Salary: $22,890
Typical Entry-Level Degree: No education required
Job Growth Outlook: 4%
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14. Hotel Receptionist

There is something quite intimate about being a hotel receptionist. It is like ushering people to their temporary second homes. Be ready to not just check-in and checkout people; you should also hold a proper conversation. While not all clients are there for a chat, some may expect you to talk to them a bit. You have to gauge it person-by-person.

Hotel Receptionist Job Responsibilities

  • Receive and manage reservations that had been made online or by phone
  • Inform the guests of current specials or promos
  • Check guests in and out
  • Verify guest’s payment methods (usually a credit card) upon check-in
  • Assign an appropriate room to the guests
  • Organize transport services and wakeup calls for the guests, when requested
  • Inform the guests of possible nearby attractions that may interest them; a junior concierge


  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • A previous job experience in hospitality would be an advantage
  • Professional appearance
  • Competent Microsoft Office skills
  • Oral and written communication skills
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Willing to work flexible hours or nightshifts

Average Annual Salary: $25,950
Typical Entry-Level Degree: No education required
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15. Bartender

It may be cliché, but people seem to think that bartenders are the best listening ears. While an introvert can also do this, an extrovert may have a better time bouncing ideas and providing advice to customers seeking it.

Bartender Job Responsibilities

  • Greet customers and give them menus, as well as a look at the night’s specials
  • Take drink orders
  • Serve the drinks by pouring them into the appropriate glasses
  • Mix drinks if customers have ordered particular recipes
  • Ensure that each client is of legal drinking age by checking his I.D.
  • Clean the working areas, including bars and tables
  • Take payments and give change
  • Monitor customers’ intoxication levels
  • Manage bar operations
  • Manage, monitor, and order bar supplies


  • No formal education is required
  • Communication and customer service skills
  • Organizational and quick math skills
  • Physical strength and stamina
  • Decision-making and observation skills, such as in refusing to serve an intoxicated client

Average Annual Salary: $23,680
Typical Entry-Level Degree: No education required
Job Growth Outlook: 6%
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16. Taxi Driver and Chauffeurs

Not all drivers talk to their clients. However, if you do become one, you need to check if your passenger wants more than a safe and quiet drive.

Taxi Driver and Chauffeurs Job Responsibilities

  • Load and unload passengers
  • Safely drive passengers to their desired destination
  • Clean and maintain the vehicle regularly
  • Document travel time, fares, work hours, and mileage


  • Operational knowledge of car parts and their functions
  • Ability to conduct their own repairs
  • Hands-on experience in driving cabs or other vehicles
  • Excellent understanding of safety regulations, fare collection policies, and traffic rules
  • Skilled in driving
  • Knowledge of shortcuts and the best traffic-free routes
  • Ability to interact verbally with passengers and dispatchers
  • Working knowledge of map reading or mobile mapping apps
  • Math skills to smoothly accommodate fare transactions
  • Problem-solving skills that can assist in making quick decisions on the road

Average Annual Salary: $27,480
Typical Entry-Level Degree: No education required
Taxi driver and chauffeurs jobs near me at ZipRecruiter

17. Managers

Introverted managers exist. They are usually meticulous and detail-oriented individuals who can make magic from hard work. However, extroverts may better thrive in such a position. They are more willing to make negotiations and communicate their thoughts to the rest of the team. A manager is seen as a leader. He must be able to interact with various types of people and personalities.

Managers Job Responsibilities

  • Set goals (mission and vision) for the department of the company
  • Set deadlines for each task or project
  • Supervise administrative and clerical staff
  • Manage and monitor records
  • Assess current processes and methods, and recommend improvements
  • Monitor facilities to ensure safety, maintenance, and security
  • Ensure that everyone’s mental and physical health is maintained
  • Ensure maintenance and repair of equipment and systems, especially those that are directly contributing to the company’s processes


  • Bachelor’s degree in business or another related field
  • Related work experiences, which showcase the ability to lead a team and take charge of projects
  • Leadership and communication skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Analytical skills

Average Annual Salary: $96,940
Typical Entry-Level Degree: Bachelor’s degree
Job Growth Outlook: 6%
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18. Massage Therapist

You may think that massage therapists do not need to talk to their clients, but some clients want someone to vent. A massage therapist provides a total relaxation package.

Massage Therapist Job Responsibilities

  • Evaluate the client’s needs
  • Check the client’s muscle, joint, and soft tissue condition
  • Develop a treatment plan that addresses explicitly that particular client’s needs
  • Inquire about the client’s medical history to ensure that massage is the solution and not medication or something else
  • Massage muscles according to the recommended and requested treatment
  • Mix essential and carrier oils properly to prevent skin irritations
  • Discuss with health care professionals if necessary for more complicated treatment plans
  • Continue training to know about the latest massage therapy methods
  • Start and maintain an accurate record for each client


  • Proficiency in various types of massage and reflexology
  • Knowledge of trigger points
  • Knowledge of special massages for prenatal, sports, and deep tissue
  • Employers often prefer experience working in a therapy center
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Computer knowledge, especially in using Microsoft Office
  • Well-groomed and professional-looking
  • Have a friendly and accommodating personality

How to Become a Massage Therapist

  • Enroll in a massage therapy program
  • Complete massage therapy licensing exam
  • Pass background check
  • Apply for a massage therapy license
  • Seek employment and potentially shadow upon initial employment

Average Annual Salary: $42,820
Typical Entry-Level Degree: Postsecondary non-degree
Job Growth Outlook: 21%
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19. Lawyers

Introverts shy away from confrontation. Lawyers are all about confrontation. So, you see the problem here? While introverts may be seen as deep, quiet, and detail-oriented, lawyers are expected to be quick on their feet and passionate with their opinions. So, extroverts can likely fare better at this job.

Lawyers Job Responsibilities

  • Discuss the case with clients to learn about their legal needs and concerns
  • Provide appropriate legal advice
  • Develop ethical strategies to help clients win their cases in the most cost-effective means possible
  • Develop a rapport with clients
  • Continue building a trust-based relationship with clients
  • Explain the legal options and possible outcomes to their clients
  • Create valid arguments based on the law and past cases
  • Represent clients in civil and criminal legal hearings or proceedings
  • Prepare legal documents, which include depositions, pleadings, and contracts
  • Be updated about current legislations


  • Bachelor of Laws or Juris Doctor degree from accredited law school
  • Admission to the state’s or country’s bar, in which you plan to practice
  • Commitment to abiding by the law
  • Strong public speaking and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent critical thinking
  • Ability to use communication skills to negotiate
  • Research skills to find information that can support client’s cases
  • Strict attention to detail

Average Annual Salary: $122,960
Typical Entry-Level Degree: Professional or doctoral degree
Job Growth Outlook: 4%
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20. Counselor

Counselors provide advice and guidance. They should be comfortable with different types of people. A people-loving person, an extrovert, will do better at it, though introverts may find and give more insights as they observe their clients carefully. 

Counselor Job Responsibilities

  • Assess patients through a thorough series of interviews, conversation, and obsessions
  • Conduct appropriate testing based on complaints and observations
  • Diagnose the patient’s emotional and mental state, thus possibly diagnosing disorders
  • Develop a customized treatment plan that possibly involves a combination of medication and counseling
  • Develop goals and sub-goals, depending on the work you have done so far with your patient
  • Identify room for improvement by regularly discussing and assessing the treatment plan
  • Provide coping mechanisms to help the patient cope even when he is not at the clinic
  • Record the patient’s progress for future assessment and comparison
  • Change the original plan if it is not working


  • A Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Counseling, or Social Work as a minimum educational requirement
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to empathize and engage with the clients
  • Time management skills

Average Annual Salary: $48,800
Typical Entry-Level Degree: Bachelors
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21. Nurse

When you get sick, who do you want to spend time with? Of course, you want someone bubbly and optimistic. A nurse should provide you a warm and friendly environment to help forget some of your aches and pains.

Nurse Job Responsibilities

  • Administer medications to patients and after that monitoring them for possible side effects
  • Administer intravenous and non-intravenous medications
  • Maintain accurate health care records and reports that altogether indicate the patient’s status
  • Record the patient’s vital signs and other appropriate medical information
  • Order clinical testing and medical diagnostic tests
  • Monitor, record, and report patient status, symptoms, and changes
  • Create nursing care plans based on patient assessments and evaluations
  • Coordinate with healthcare team members
  • Modify health treatment plans based on each patient’s responses to medication and current health condition


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in nursing
  • Passing the NCLEX-RN of any equivalent required licensure examination
  • Knowledge of CPR
  • Licensure as a registered nurse
  • Communication skills, which can be used with patients, their families, and the rest of the medical team
  • Basic computer skills
  • Friendly and professional attitude

Average Annual Salary: $73,300
Typical Entry-Level Degree: Bachelor’s degree
Job Growth Outlook: 7%
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22. Stock Securities Broker

Quick and vocal are words that can be used to describe a stock securities broker. He must make decisions at the drop of a hat. So, yes, an extrovert may thrive in such a fast-paced environment. Theoretically, a stockbroker introvert can do well here – especially those with an affinity for business, mathematics, and economics. However, the quick pace can get distressing for an introvert.

23. Recruiter 

A company is only as good as the efforts and talent of its employees. The talent acquisition department and company recruiters are responsible for finding the right candidate based on their qualifications, experience, and soft skills.

Recruiter Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with headhunting agencies to identify new talent
  • Post on job hunting websites; put up ads and manage the responses
  • Analyze the resumes of prospective candidates, selecting those for the next round
  • Interview potential candidates, selecting the best of the lot
  • Introduce new recruitees to the company and help them with onboarding
  • Manage trainee employees and look into their problems when needed


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s in any field (preferably communications or HR)
  • Basic computer skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Effective negotiating skills 
  • Ability to travel (in some cases)
  • Familiarity with job hunt websites and recruitment software

24. Journalist

If any profession needs an extensive set of communication skills, it’s journalism. In order to mine the latest breaking news, journalists have to build professional relationships with strangers in order to stay informed of the latest events. All of this can be very stressful for people that aren’t comfortable in social situations. 

Journalist Responsibilities:

  • Collecting news
  • Writing stories and news pieces
  • Covering live events and breaking stories
  • Preparing stories for broadcast media
  • Interviewing personalities and witnesses


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in journalism or mass communications
  • A flair for writing
  • Ability to travel
  • Knowledge of camera usage
  • Proficiency in editing devices
  • Impeccable communication skills
  • Network of informers and stringers

25. Tour Guide

When tourists visit a new place, a tour guide’s responsibility is to enlighten them on areas of interest, ensuring that the travelers learn a lot during their stay. Meeting new people every day, advertising your services, and tagging along on tours with complete strangers is certainly not an introvert’s cup of tea. 

Tour Guide Responsibilities:

  • Preparing detailed itineraries in a given budget
  • Good connections with hotels, rentals, and transportation agencies
  • Greeting customers and taking care of all their travel needs
  • Offering customers tidbits on local cuisine, history, or culture
  • Helping customers pack the requisites for the trip 


  • Bachelor’s degree in tourism (or high school diploma for some recruiters)
  • In-depth knowledge of your city
  • Ability to travel via any transport or stand on feet for hours
  • Flawless time management, planning, and communication skills
  • Available to work on weekdays or major holidays
  • Engaging personality, and ability to entertain customers 

26. Insurance Agent 

Insurance agents don’t just have to meet new clients every day; they also have to pitch their services, obtain new clients, and attempt to maintain long-term relationships with them. 

A job that involves meeting strangers and persuading them to buy your products/services isn’t ideal for introverts by any stretch of the imagination.

Insurance Agent Responsibilities:

  • Sell insurance products
  • Offer financial advice 
  • Deal with the insurance needs of individuals, families, and businesses
  • Build relationships and nurture the bond with existing clients
  • Devise business development strategies to boost sales


  • Bachelor’s degree in any domain
  • Valid licensure 
  • Communication skills
  • Effective pitching and selling skills
  • Great with maintaining customer relations
  • Available for flexible work schedule

Stock Securities Broker Job Responsibilities

  • Manage client’s investment portfolios
  • Provide accurate and updated investment advice to clients
  • Evaluate financial reports
  • Regularly update clients on the latest investment opportunities
  • Be updated about all fresh financial news
  • Find new clients through the help of networking strategies
  • Help clients change their investments according to the market’s current state


  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Business, Finance, or any other related field
  • Proficiency in Information Technology and Mathematics
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Must be registered to practice with the state and nationally
  • Excellent negotiation and persuasive skills
  • Ability to work under pressure over extended hours
  • Knowledge of financial market operations
  • Strong analytic skills

Average Annual Salary: $62,270
Typical Entry-Level Degree: Bachelor’s degree
Job Growth Outlook: 4%
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Worst Jobs for Introverts Summary

The above shows some of the worst jobs an introvert can get himself into. If you are an introvert, it does not mean you cannot make it to any of the abovementioned jobs. You will just have a more challenging and more stressful time with it compared to an extroverted counterpart.

Introverts need time to recuperate from human interactions. So, you need something a little slower. You will positively thrive in environments that give you enough time to do what you do best: find and use intricate details, analyze information, and make informed decisions. It would be a shame not to utilize your best qualities by putting yourself into the worst jobs for introverts.

If you have extroverted friends, you may find some of them in the careers above. When you do, you will likely see how much they are enjoying what they are doing.