Where to Buy 00 Flour? 13 Places Locally and Online Vs. Alternatives

Are you looking forward to a pizza night or making an authentic Italian dinner over the weekend? Or maybe you’re starting a baking business and want to sell the best bakery goods online or in your neighborhood.

Making the best bakery goods starts with your choice of flour. That’s where the 00 flour from Italy comes in. The Italian 00 flour is ideal for baked goods, like pizza crusts, biscuits, gnocchi, ravioli, spaghetti, pancakes, lasagna, homemade pasta, focaccia, gnocchi, cookies, deep-dish pizza, tortillas, and more. 

It’s finely milled and similar gluten content to all-purpose flour to give your pizza dough or sourdough more elasticity and a more enjoyable taste without getting rubbery.

Antimo Caputo is among the top 00 flour brands. While Caputo has different types of 00 flour, it’s hard to tell the difference between them, including:

  • Blue 00 flour: The blue bag is praised for making pizza thin in the middle and thick around the edges.
  • Red 00 flour: The red bag is a top choice for thinner crust pizzas.
  • Brown 00 flour: The brown bag is a gluten-free flour blend of rice and potato starches, soy and rice flour, thickeners, sugar, and dietary fiber for bread and pizzas.

Other 00 flour brands include Polselli, Molino Grassi, Casillo, Delallo, Farina, King Arthur, Classica,  and Anna. However, it’s harder to find 00 flour than all-purpose flour.

That’s why many people ask: Where can I Buy 00 flour near me?

Short Answer: Top places to buy 00 flour near me include Walmart, King Arthur, HEB, Jewel, Kroger, Meijer, Publix, Whole Foods, Ralphs, and Wegmans.

You can also order 00 flour online if you don’t feel like driving to your nearby 24-hour Walmart after work. The top places to buy 00 flour online include Ditalia, Amazon, and igourmet.

Antimo Caputo Chefs Flour 2.2 LB (Pack of 2) - Italian Double Zero 00 - Soft Wheat for Pizza Dough, Bread, & Pasta
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That said, it may be tricky to order 00 flour online in rural areas that don’t get unlimited Internet at home. So if you don’t have a laptop and Internet and can’t find a nearby grocery store that sells 00 flour, don’t panic! You can use all-purpose flour as a 00 flour substitute for pizza or pasta.

What’s the Difference Between 00 Flour vs. Bread Flour?

So, is bread flour the same as 00 flour? Well, the main difference between 00 flour vs. bread flour is the gluten formation and texture. 00 flour is more finely ground than bread flour. As a result, you’ll notice a texture difference in finished baked goods.

The other difference between 00 and bread flour is the gluten is ground from durum wheat. The gluten formation in 00 flour comes in between 11% to 12% and tends to be stronger and less elastic. That gives your baked goods a strong structure and nice bite, but less chew.

Bread flour is ground from hard red and hard white wheat and has a high gluten content of 13% to 14%, which tends to be stronger and more elastic. Thus, your final product is going to be crispy, springy, and chewier.

Where Can I Buy 00 Flour Locally?

The best place to buy 00 flour nearby is at national or regional retailers in your area, including:

1. Walmart

Walmart is the largest brick-and-mortar retailer in the US, with nearly 5,000 stores. Plus, 90% of Americans live within 50 miles of a Walmart store.

Most Walmart superstores stock different types of 00 flour from many different brands. You can also accomplish multiple tasks in a single errand at Walmart, including cheaper wheel alignment services, buying stamps, using Walmart check-cashing services, resizing watches, or renting a carpet cleaner.

Type of 00 Flour: Pizza flour, unbleached, non-GMO, all-purpose, organic, semolina, unbleached, extra-fine, and bulk 00 flour.
Brand: King Arthur, Antimo Caputo, Anna, Casillo, Delallo, Farina, Classica, Polselli, Mulino, Giusto, Vivace.

Visit your nearby Walmart to buy 00 flour substitutes like cake or AP flour. 

2. King Arthur

King Arthur is a flour company that has provided bakers with superior flour since 1790. It supplies unbleached wheat flour for home and commercial baking.

It’s even better to buy King Arthur unbleached 00 flour if you live in Vermont and can visit their flagship store for coffee and pastries at Norwich. Their stores have free unlimited Internet, wheelchair accessible, free parking, charge your phone while dining, and Level 2 electric car charging. 

In addition, use the King Arthur website to search online by city or zip code to find nearby places that sell products or order online for 00 flour home delivery or pickup.

Type of 00 Flour: Pizza flour
Brand: King Arthur

Buy King Arthur 00 pizza flour online or in-store vs. alternatives. 

3. HEB

HEB grocery stores are a convenient place to buy 00 flour locally if you live in Texas. The regional supermarket chain has about 340 stores serving over 155 communities in Texas. Its stores mainly stock Anna 00 flour in addition to offering check cashing services and notary open on weekends.

Type of 00 Flour: unbleached extra-fine, non-GMO wheat
Brand: Anna

Buy HEB 00 flour locally or on the HEB online grocery store website. 

4. Jewel

Jewel grocery stores are primarily located in the Greater Chicago area. The regional supermarket chain has around 190 stores, most of which are in Illinois and a few in Indiana and Iowa. It carries the Delallo 00 flour brand, which you can buy in-store for about $4 each or select pickup or delivery.

Jewel also offers financial services, including cash back and making black and white copies.

Type of 00 Flour: Superfine Italian organic 00 flour from Italy
Brand: Delallo

Visit your nearby Jewel grocery store to buy 00 flour vs. cake flour. 

5. Kroger

Kroger grocery stores are a good place to buy 00 flour nearby as you shop for your favorite wines, spirits, and beers during Kroger’s liquor store hours and buy some of the cheapest food on a budget.

It’s the largest grocery chain by revenue and the second-largest brick-and-mortar retailer behind Walmart. Kroger has nearly 2,800 store locations across the country that sell the Anna 00 flour brand and alternatives.

Kroger is also among the grocery stores that give the most cash back on debit cards. Though Kroger isn’t among the 24-hour check cashing places, you can get cash back up to $20 on personal check purchases.

Type of 00 Flour: extra-fine bulk 00 in a case of 10
Brand: Anna

Visit Kroger to buy 00 flour replacements for delivery or pickup. 

6. Meijer 

Meijer grocery stores are located in six states, including Michigan, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, and Wisconsin. The regional grocery and gas station chain that accepts EBT is a top place to buy 00 flour if you live nearby. Meijer stores stock the King Arthur 00 pizza flour at about $7 for a 3 lb bag.

Meijer superstores are also among the top places to buy cheap money orders. They sell $500 Western Union money orders for about 65 cents each. In addition, their 24-hour grocery stores operate 365 days per year to buy flour during late nights.

Type of 00 Flour: Pizza flour in a 3 lb bag from Italy
Brand: King Arthur

Visit a nearby Meijer 24-hour grocery store to buy 00 flour alternatives when out of stock. 

7. Publix

Publix grocery stores are a top place to buy 00 flour if you live in the country’s southeastern part. The regional grocery chain has over 1,250 stores in seven states, including Georgia, Florida, South and North Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, and Virginia, that carry the King Arthur 00 pizza dough.

Publix also offers financial services, including inexpensive fax services, check cashing and money orders, buy gift cards, and ATMs that dispense $5, $1, $50, or $100 near me.

Type of 00 Flour: Non-GMO baking pizza flour from Italy
Brand: King Arthur

Visit a local Publix grocery store to buy 00 flour vs. alternatives like all-purpose, cake, semolina, pastry, and AP flour. 

8. Ralphs

Ralphs grocery stores are a good place to buy 00 flour from Italy if you live in Southern California. The supermarket chain has about 465 grocery stores that accept EBT spread across the Midwest and different counties in California. It sells Delallo organic flour from Italy and 00 flour replacements, like all-purpose flour.

Ralphs grocery is also a top place to get $5 or $10 cash back, buy prepaid cards like an activated American Express gift card, pay bills, and help you fill out a money order to send.

Type of 00 Flour: Superfine Italian organic 00 flour from Italy
Brand: Delallo

Visit your nearby Ralphs to buy double 00 flour vs. substitutes for pasta and pizza.

9. Wegmans

Wegmans grocery stores are located in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern regions. It has about 106 locations in seven states, including New York, Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania, that stock Delallo superfine organic 00 flour from Italy.

You cannot cash third-party checks or buy cashier checks at Wegmans, but you can get cash back on personal checks with a valid ID, use coin counting machines, as well as get cash back on your debit or Discover credit card with a smart chip.

Type of 00 Flour: Superfine Italian organic 00 flour from Italy
Brand: Delallo

Visit your local Wegmans to buy organic 00 flour vs. semolina. 

10. Whole Foods

Whole Foods grocery stores are popular for their organic selection of products free from artificial colors, flavor, preservatives, and hydrogenated fats.

The multinational supermarket chain has about 500 store locations across North America that carry all manner of organic groceries, including the Molino Grassi organic 00 flour from Italy.

Whole Foods stores also offer various bakery goods, such as selling bread bowls and discounting organic meat through weekly sales.

Type of 00 Flour: Soft wheat Italian organic 00 flour from Italy
Brand: Molino Grassi

Visit your nearby Whole Foods to buy soft wheat 00 flour vs. all-purpose. 

Where can I Buy 00 Flour Online? 

The modern consumer is time-strapped with busy work schedules and the need to beat tight deadlines. That’s why convenience has become an indispensable part of modern life. But, unfortunately, everyone doesn’t have time to visit Walmart, Kroger, or Publix during normal hours of operation.

There are places where you can buy 00 flour online and save time and money on gas, including:

11. Ditalia

Ditalia is a great online retailer with great deals on baking supplies if you buy in bulk. It sells high-quality Caputo and Farina 00 flour brands at reasonable prices for delivery.

However, shipping costs can be expensive, depending on your location. So it’s best if you buy in bulk to get free shipping on stuff. The good thing is, Ditalia offers free shipping on orders $99 and above, so you may qualify for free delivery if you buy in bulk.

Type of 00 Flour: Low-gluten, white wheat, soft wheat 00 flour for pizza dough recipes
Brand: Caputo and Farina

Visit Ditalia to buy whole wheat 00 flour online.

12. Amazon

Amazon dominates online shopping in the US and beyond. The online retail giant is where you can buy almost anything, including all types 00 flour from top brands.

The top reason to buy 00 flour online from Amazon is its quick Prime delivery. You can get stuff as quickly as the same day or the next day with Amazon Prime membership, or for orders above $25 qualify for free shipping. 

Amazon is also a top grocery store that accepts EBT for online grocery delivery and pickup orders. In addition, they offer SodaStream carbonator exchanges, take Venmo credit cards, and sell faucet water filters for the purest form of drinking water in your recipes.

Type of 00 Flour: Soft wheat, croissant flour, organic, extra-fine, baking, low-carb, kosher, GMO-free, vegan, and 55 pounds 00 flour in bulk.
Brand: King Arthur, Anna, Classica, Farina, Voila, Cento Anna Napoletana Tipo, Antimo Caputo, Mulino Caputo, Giusto’s Vita-Grain organic, Molino Gassi, Le 5 Stagioni, Central Milling, Shepherd’s Natural, Panettone, BrickOvenBaker, Anna Napoletana, Vivace.

Buy 00 flour on Amazon online for replacements and baking substitutes.

13. Igourmet

Igourmet is a top place to order meal delivery kits for home delivery. They also sell prepared meals, subscriptions, pantry staples, snacks, oils & vinegar, meat, cheese, sweets, and gift cards.

You can order all-purpose and organic 00 flour from brands like Agugiaro & Figna, Gran Mugnaio, and Malino Grassi from igourmet.

Type of 00 Flour: All-purpose and organic
Brand: Molino Grassi, Gran Mugnaio, Aguguaro & Figna

Visit Igourmet to buy all-purpose 00 flour from Italy online.

Places That Don’t Sell 00 Flour?

Most retailers don’t sell 00 flour because it’s more expensive than all-purpose flour. However, most places sell 00 flour alternatives and substitutes, including:  

Is 00 Flour High Gluten?

No, 00 flour doesn’t have high gluten content compared to bread flour. But, again, the 00 doesn’t mean it’s gluten-free but designates that the flour is more finely ground than any other flour, including all-purpose and bread flour.

In fact, the 00 flour has a similar gluten formation to all-purpose flour with 11-12% gluten content. However, its gluten formation behaves somewhat differently from all-purpose flour. It tends to be strong and less elastic, giving its baked goods a strong structure, nice bite, and less chew.

That said, 00 flour has a lower gluten content than most flour. For instance, bread flour has the highest gluten content at 12-14%, making it great for baking yeast products.

Can You Substitute All-Purpose for 00 Flour? 

Yes, you can substitute all-purpose flour for 00. In fact, the two flours have a comparable gluten content of 11-12%. That’s why you’ll find many 00 flour recipes recommending all-purpose as the best 00 flour alternative.

All-purpose flour will work just fine for your homemade pizza crusts, cake, and pasta. However, you’ll notice a slight difference in the texture for the final product because 00 flour is more finely ground than any 00 flour substitute.

Also, baked goods made from all-purpose tend to be silkier and chewy because it’s gluten content is more elastic.

Apart from the texture and chewiness, you won’t notice any other significant difference between the two. So if you can’t find a place that sells 00 flour nearby, go ahead and grab the all-purpose flour. 

You can substitute unbleached all-purpose plain flour for 00 flour in cake recipes; otherwise, use the strong white bread flour as a 00 flour replacement in pizza and pasta recipes.

Where to Buy Antimo Caputo Flour?

The Antimo Caputo flour is one of the best 00 flour brands for pizza crusts. That’s why most pizza places use it when making thin pizza crusts. It’s made from the finest European winter wheat, the finest 00 powder you can find. 

The entire production process, from sowing to harvest, is certified as 100% Made In Italy. The top places to buy Antimo Caputo flour include:

  • Ditalia
  • Walmart
  • Amazon

Digitalia and Amazon are the best places to buy Antimo Caputo flour online, but if you want to save on shipping and buy locally, then visit Walmart to buy the Caputo brand.

Where to Buy 00 Flour Summary

Whether you have a professional bakery business, a baking side hustle from home, or just want to make authentic pizza, use 00 flour from Italy. 

It’s finely ground, and its gluten content is stronger and less elastic to give your baked goods a strong structure and less chewy to make a nice bite.

Though the 00 flour from Italy isn’t sold at most grocery stores, a few national and regional retailers like Walmart, Kroger, Publix, and Whole Foods stock different 00 flour brands. You can also buy 00 flour online from places like Ditalia and Amazon.

If you can’t find a place to buy 00 flour locally, consider using the all-purpose flour as a 00 flour substitute. It will work just fine, although you may notice a slight difference in texture and chewiness in the final baked products.