What is a Cashtag on Cash App? Create A Cashtag Name

57% of Americans used peer-to-peer payment apps (P2P) in 2017, which has increased to 70% in 2020 and continues to rise. The most popular P2P services include Cash App, Venmo, Zelle, Netspend, Chime, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay; all have roughly doubled in usage over the past few years.

Cash App has become the leading P2P app with over 100 million downloads. There are no monthly fees, no fees for sending or receiving money, inactivity fees, or foreign transaction fees with Cash App. It also comes with a free debit card, called Cash Card, for transactions and withdrawals.

So, what is a Cashtag on Cash App? 

Short Answer: Your Cashtag or $Cashtag is your customized identifier for your account that’s required when you send or receive money from another Cash App user. When you choose a $Cashtag, you get a shareable URL for others to make payments to you privately and safely.

Payments can be sent to your Cashtag from friends, family, and customers if you are running a business.

What Does Cashtag Mean on Cash App?

A Cashtag or $Cashtag is a unique identifier for each Cash App account that must be used when sending and receiving money. It will reject any username identical to the one you register. The Cashtag field will display your username in the personal section of the app: (cash.app/$cashappusername.)

Someone cannot hack your Cash App account with just your username and Cashtag, even though it’s used for transactions. Instead, a hacker needs to dive deeper and get access to sensitive credentials, including your phone number, email, and Cash App PIN code, to hack your Cash App account.

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How To Claim a Cashtag Name?

You need the following to claim a Cashtag name:

  • An active debit card linked to your Cash App
  • At least one letter
  • No longer than 20 characters.

You can also make transactions easier by linking your card to your Cash App account.

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Can You Change Your Cashtag?

Yes, you can change your Cash App name or Cashtag using your mobile device. However, you can only change your Cashtag twice.

Prior versions of your Cashtag name become inactive and cannot be used by another user. In addition, you can switch back to your old Cashtag name anytime you’d like.

Here’s how to change your Cashtag name:

  1. Launch Cash App on your iPhone or Android device.
  2. Tap the profile icon on your Cash App home screen.
  3. Choose “Personal.”
  4. Select the $Cashtag field.
  5. Type in your new $Cashtag.
  6. Tap “Set” to confirm.

How to use the prior version of Cash App Name?

Steps to access the old Cash App name:

  1. Click the profile icon on the home screen.
  2. Click “Sign Out.”
  3. Enter your prior email or phone number you want to use.
  4. Follow the following instructions to complete.

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How Many Times Can You Change Your Cashtag?

You can only change your Cashtag twice. However, you can switch back to an old version of your Cashtag at any time. It’s because your older version becomes inactive and cannot be claimed by another customer.

Another user cannot use a prior Cashtag version to avoid username abuse and prevent potential suspicious activities with constantly changing usernames. 

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Why Can’t I Change My Cashtag?

You cannot change your Cashtag because you’ve likely reached the maximum number of times to change your Cashtag name. Remember that you can only change your Cashtag name twice.

However, you can use an older version of your name by logging out and then logging in to the prior username.

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What Can Someone Do With Your Cashtag? 

Fortunately, a hacker cannot access your Cash App account by simply stealing your username or $Cashtag. Instead, the hacker also needs your phone number, email address, or Cash App Pin to access your account.

You can prevent having your Cash App account hacked by knowing what suspicious activities look like. For example, a fraudster can try accessing your account by pretending to be a Cash App customer service representative. They’ll offer too-good-to-be-true deals, or a random person will send you money to your Cash App account.

Stay vigilant by keeping track of your transactions and sending and receiving money from people you trust.

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What are the Cashtag Name Requirements?

The Cashtag name requirements include having at least one letter, and it cannot be longer than 20 characters. Also, a linked unexpired debit card must be active to claim a Cashtag. Claiming your Cashtag username is pretty simple.

Cash App also allows you to create some cool Cashtag names or establish a brand for your business. You can even choose your real name if you use Cash App for your personal use. We recommend using a name that’s easily recognizable, accessible, and uniquely yours.

Cash App uses cutting-edge encryption and fraud detection technology to protect your debit card and financial information. Whether you are using a public free Planet Fitness WiFi, Marriott Bonvoy Internet, private WiFi connection, or mobile data service (3G, 4G, or EDGE), the information you provide is encrypted and sent to the Cash App servers securely.

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Are Cash App Usernames Case Sensitive? 

No, a Cashtag username is not case-sensitive. However, your Cashtag should be lowercase, except for the initial letter. A case-sensitive Cashtag username is illogical because it’s only a unique identifier and not used for user authentication purposes. For example, $Jacob will naturally display as $Jacob, but it’s the same as $jacob.

It’s best to create a username that’s easy to remember so that people can find you. In addition, you can create a Cashtag using your business brand name or website. Using the

A unique Cash App username will give you a username for your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts.

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How To Create a Cashtag Name?

Cashtags are only available on a first-come, first-served basis. So creating a clever and cool Cashtag name can help you establish a recognizable brand for your business or personal brand.

You cannot use apostrophes or any uncommon symbols in your username. However, you can also create a fake Cash App name if it’s unused.

After choosing your Cashtag name, the actual setup is easy.

Steps to create a Cashtag name:

  1. Open the Cash App on your iPhone or Android device.
  2. Tap the profile icon on your home screen.
  3. Choose “Personal.”
  4. Select the $Cashtag field.
  5. Type in your $Cashtag username.
  6. Tap “Set” to confirm.

Instead of the hashtag symbol (#), Cashtag uses the dollar sign ($).

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Create A Cashtag Name Summary

You need a unique Cashtag username as your identifier. It’s required to send or receive money from another Cash App user. Your $Cashtag is a shareable URL where friends, loved ones, and customers, if you’re a business, can securely and privately pay you.

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