What is my Wells Fargo Routing Number on a Check, Online, App? [year] Guide

Routing numbers are very vital in the banking industry. They help identify the specific financial institution where money is coming from or going to when sending and receiving money between banks. For instance, the Federal Reserve banks use routing numbers to process Fedwire transfers. At the same time, the National Automated Clearing House (ACH network) needs them to process electronic funds transfers like debit/credit card or check transactions.

Thus, if you are a Wells Fargo account holder, you will need to know your Wells Fargo routing number, including:

  • Sending or receiving ACH transfers, i.e., setting up direct deposits
  • Bill payments
  • Receiving tax refunds
  • Making domestic and international wire transfers

By using the correct Wells Fargo routing number, you ensure that your payment arrives safely.

What is Wells Fargo?

Wells Fargo, founded in 1852. is the fourth-largest bank in the US Since its establishment in the gold rush days, Wells Fargo has believed in a simple vision: “To satisfy customers’ financial needs and help them succeed financially.”

Over the last 160 years, the company has grown to become a reputable name in the banking industry as the largest mortgage and auto lender in the US, with about 10% of small businesses using its financial services. According to Wells Fargo, one out of three Americans bank with it and has over 70 million customers across the US.

Wells Fargo has about 7,200 locations and over 13,000 ATMs throughout the US; some locations have ATM’s that dispense $10.  Even if you can’t find ATMs that dispense $5 or $1 in your area, you are pretty sure to find a Wells Fargo ATM nearby. Wells Fargo has international operations in more than 31 countries worldwide.

The Wells Fargo routing number forms the core of its financial transactions. Unlike small or online banks with only one routing number, large banks like Wells Fargo have different routing numbers for their branches in different states. If you have moved around from state to state, it can be confusing to know the right Wells Fargo routing number.

What Is A Routing Number?

Every financial transaction has two key identifiers: the routing number and the account number. The routing number identifies the bank where the customer is the account holder, while the account number identifies the customer.

A routing number is a nine-digit code used to identify specific financial institutions in the United States. A routing number is also known as an ABA routing transit number or ABA RTN. Created by the American Bankers Association(ABA), routing numbers are meant to facilitate the processing of paper checks and the smooth transfer of funds between banks, credit unions, fintech, and other financial institutions.

Since each bank has a unique routing number, funds can be accurately sent and received between banks. The routing number shows which bank a financial transaction is coming from and where the money is going. That means if you use the wrong routing number, your money will be sent or received to the wrong financial institution or branch.

Small or online banks will only have one routing number. But large banks like Wells Fargo have multiple routing numbers for the different areas they operate from state to state. That’s why you need to know how to check the routing number for Wells Fargo.

Your routing number is based on the state where you first opened your account.

It’s essential to check and confirm your Wells Fargo routing number before authorizing any domestic ACH transfers or domestic/international wire transfers. Using the wrong Wells Fargo check routing number will result in a failed transaction, or your money will end up in the wrong place. The wrong routing number and account number has resulted in six figures, seven figures, and even a recent $500 million mistake!

Routing Number vs Account Number

Your checking account has several numbers attached to it. So, there’s a likelihood of you mixing them all. The most crucial numbers to keep in mind are: (a) Account Number and (b) Routing Number. 

Here’s how to differentiate between them:

Routing Number

As discussed above, the routing number is a nine-digit number that identifies the bank that holds your account. 

Routing numbers tend to act as an indicator in the sense that they demonstrate the account of your financial institution with the Federal Reserve and ensure that your choice of a financial institution is chartered at the federal or state level. Interestingly, such routing numbers are only limited to the USA.

Account Number

As opposed to a routing number, an account number acts as an identifier of your specific account amongst thousands of other accounts within the same financial institution. The length of your account number depends on the nature of your account and the institution. 

It’s pertinent to note that if you have two checking accounts in the same financial institution, the routing number will be the same for both accounts but the account numbers will be different.

What Are Routing Numbers Used For?

You may think ABA routing numbers have nothing to do with you since it’s meant to facilitate check processing and transfer funds between financial institutions.

Fact is, you’ll need your Wells Fargo routing number in several financial transactions, including:

  • Set up automatic bill payment and direct deposit
  • Linking your account to a financial app
  • Have payments like salary, tax refunds, and pension deposited into your account
  • Make a wire transfer to someone in the US
  • ACH payments within the US, ie to book a hotel without a credit card
  • Domestic and International wire transfers
  • Transferring money between accounts in different banks or investment firms

A common use of transferring money is rolling over 401ks, rebalancing investment accounts, paying for business transactions, or buying income producing assets.

What are the Wells Fargo Routing Numbers by State?

Wells Fargo has many routing numbers because of its acquisitions in the past. You’ll notice in the table below that the ABA routing number 121042882 is used in several states, including Kentucky, California, Maine, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Louisiana, and American Forces abroad.

State (Or Territory)Routing Number
District of Columbia054001220
New Hampshire121042882
New Jersey021200025
New Mexico107002192
New York026012881
North Carolina053000219
North Dakota091300010
Rhode Island121042882
South Carolina053207766
South Dakota091400046
Texas – El Paso112000066
West Virginia121042882
American Samoa121042882
North Mariana Islands121042882
Puerto Rico121042882
Virgin Islands121042882
American Forces Abroad121042882

Why Does Wells Fargo Have Different Routing Numbers?

Wells Fargo is a multinational bank. As we have already mentioned, Well Fargo has grown from its humble beginnings in the 1800s to over 7,200 locations and over 13,000 ATMs in the US and has a presence in over 31 countries worldwide. The bank merged and acquired many smaller banks that had their own financial infrastructure in place to grow this large.

Over the years, Well Fargo has merged with and acquired financial firms like Norwest Corp, Wachovia, Brownsville, Michigan Financial Institutions, National Bank of Alaska, First Security Corporations, Placer Sierra Bank, and many others.

After the acquisition, the banks maintain their financial infrastructure, which includes routing numbers. Each acquisition is added on top of the existing Wells Fargo infrastructure. That’s why Wells Fargo has so many routing numbers.

It’s also the top reason you’ll find many states sharing the same Wells Fargo ABA routing number. For instance, the routing number 121042882 is used across different states, including Puerto Rico, California, Kentucky, Maine, Louisiana, and American Forces Abroad.

The same routing number in different states was likely one bank when acquired. Thus, you can easily identify Wells Fargo’s mergers and acquisitions by tying them back to their ABA routing numbers.

How To Find a Bank Routing Number for Wells Fargo?

The article is a great place to start finding your Wells Fargo ABA routing number by state. See our table above to find your State’s Wells Fargo bank routing number. But if you can’t find it there, there are different ways to find your bank routing number at Wells Fargo, including:

  • On the bottom-left corner of your check or monthly statement
  • Calling customer service at your bank
  • Uses the Wells Fargo website or app
  • Search on the Federal Reserve Banks’ Directory

How To Find Wells Fargo Routing Number on Check?

Your Well Fargo ABA routing number and your account number are at the bottom of your checks issued by Wells Fargo bank. Most banks issue at least one free checkbook to new account holders. At the bottom of your check is the MICR line with three groups of numbers printed on it: the routing number, your account number, and the check number.

What number is the routing number on the check? The screenshot below shows what part of the check is the routing number.

The routing number is the first group of nine digits printed on the bottom-left corner of your Wells Fargo check. Both your routing number and account number are issued at the time of opening the account. Thus, your routing number is tied to the Wells Fargo branch where you first opened your account.

Your account number is the number at the bottom center, just to the right of the routing number, while the number at the bottom-right corner of your check is the check number which helps you keep a record of all payments.

You can also find your Wells Fargo ABA RTN, along with your account number, printed on any monthly statements issued to you by your bank.

If you find it a hassle to figure out which part of the check is the routing number, cross-check with our table of routing numbers above, contact Wells Fargo customer care, or search through the ABA directory to confirm.

How To Find Your Wells Fargo Routing Number Online?

Not everyone has a personal physical check. Finding your Wells Fargo routing number online is another option if you don’t have a personal check. How do you find Wells Fargo online routing number?

Since the ABA routing numbers aren’t supposed to be kept secret, most banks will display them on their websites. Sign into your Wells Fargo online account, and you’ll see all your account details, including the routing number. Also, try searching “routing number” in the search bar at the top of the screen once you’ve logged into your account.

You can also search for Wells Fargo routing numbers online via the Federal Reserve banks’ E-payment directory by name, state or state, and city.

Find a financial institution’s name using the routing number as shown on the screenshot below.

How To Get Routing Number on Wells Fargo App?

If you don’t get free unlimited internet or low-cost internet at home, you may not be able to access your Wells Fargo account details online. Luckily, mobile banking has made it easier than ever to access our banking info on the go. If you have a smartphone, you can check the routing number on the Wells Fargo app.

First, you’ll need to download and install the Wells Fargo app on your phone. Finding the routing number on the Wells Fargo app is easy.

Here’s how to find the correct Wells Fargo routing number via mobile app:

  • Sign-in into your account via the Wells app
  • Click on your bank account
  • Tap the “Show more details” link
  • Click on “Routing numbers.”

You’ll see the correct ABA routing number and SWIFT code that you should use for direct deposit, electronic payments, and domestic/international wire transfers.

How Do You Contact Wells Fargo For Your Routing or Wire Number?

If you cannot find your Wells Fargo ABA routing number using any of the above methods, you have one last sure option: contact the Wells Fargo customer service for routing or wire number.

Here are the two ways to contact a customer service representative at Wells Fargo:

  • Through a form on the website: Submit a form with your account type and state, and you’ll receive your routing number instantly. For instance, I established that my Wells Fargo routing number for Illinois state is 071101307 using this form.
  • Ask a customer service representative:  Go this route if you don’t have a check or can’t recall the state where you first opened your Wells Fargo account. Contact a Wells Fargo customer representative via phone at 1-800-869-3557 and ask them to provide your ABA routing number. Wells Fargo is reputed for having excellent customer service, and they’re available 24/7 to answer your questions.

What is the Wells Fargo Domestic Wire Routing Number?

The Fedwire routing number for Wells Fargo domestic transfers is 121000248. You can find it through any of the above methods for finding Wells Fargo ABA routing numbers. The easiest way seems to be by submitting a simple form on the Wells Fargo website.

The screenshot below shows how I did it. Just submit a routing number request for a wire transfer inside the United States.

Routing numbers for wire transfers are different from ABA routing numbers used for Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfers. Unlike ACH ABA routing numbers that vary by state and financial institutions, there are only two routing numbers for wire transfers: One routing number for domestic wire transfers and one SWIFT code for international wire transfers.

An advantage of wire transfers is that they’re faster and more secure than ACH transfers. Funds can be made available within a few hours or even minutes. Unlike ACH transfers handled by third-party clearinghouses, wire transfers take place directly between banks; each bank confirms the transaction before it clears.

But wire services aren’t free. Banks will charge you anywhere between $15 and $65 to send and receive wire transfers. Due to the added cost, wire transfers are best used for urgent or emergency transfers or large purchases that involve a lump sum. Otherwise, opt for ACH transfers which are usually free and sufficient for everyday transactions.

That’s how you slash transaction costs as one of the ways to save $10,000 in a year!

What’s the Wells Fargo International Wire Transfer Routing Number?

The Wells Fargo international wire transfer routing number is WFBIUS6S. Doesn’t it look like a routing number? It’s because SWIFT codes are used to identify financial institutions worldwide.

When sending or receiving wire transfers outside of the United States, you’ll use the Wells Fargo SWIFT code instead of a routing number to complete international transfers.

You can get it by submitting a form on the Wells Fargo website for wire transfers outside the United States, as shown below, or calling your bank directly.

Besides the SWIFT code, you’ll need to provide your bank with other account details, including your account number and full name, as it appears on the account when receiving money from someone outside the US. The same case applies when sending a wire transfer to a recipient cross-border. They’ll need to provide their bank routing number, account number, and account name to receive the funds.

What Information is Needed For a Wire Transfer at Wells Fargo?

There is only one Wells Fargo routing number for sending and receiving wire transfers within the US and one SWIFT code for multinational wire transfers to and from the US.

Now the question is: what other information is needed to send or receive a wire transfer at Wells Fargo?

Here’s all the info you need to send and receive a wire transfer at Wells Fargo:

  • Your bank name
  • Your bank address
  • Your Wells Fargo account number
  • The beneficiary’s account number
  • The beneficiary’s name and account name
  • The beneficiary’s bank address

You’re ready to receive or send wire transfers inside and outside the US once this information is provided.

When sending a wire transfer, take time to confirm all the details with the recipient or your bank before you send. It’s especially true for the routing number and account number. If you get them wrong, the funds will either go to the wrong financial institution or the wrong recipient.

Erroneous wire transfers can be costly in both time and money due to delays and the associated costs of reversing and resending the funds.

Also, most wire transactions are irreversible and cannot get your cash back. It can be devastating for a frugal consumer trying to drastically cut expenses to save money.

A good way to ensure error-free transfers is to provide a voided check to the person sending money to you. For instance, most employers or HR departments request a voided check when setting up your direct deposit to avoid costly mistakes. That way, they can get your routing number and account number from your check’s MICR line themselves.

How Long Does A Wire Transfer Take Wells Fargo?

You can send Wire transfers to more than 200 countries worldwide using Wells Fargo’s online wire transfer service or the Wells Fargo mobile app.

Domestic and international wire transfers take Wells Fargo 1-3 business days or just a few days to clear international transfers. Most domestic transfers clear the same day, while international transfers may clear the same day or within 2-3 business days.

For instance, domestic and international wire transfers sent before 2:00 pm Pacific Time are typically processed the same day, vs. wires sent after 2:00 pm are processed the following business day.

How Much Does Wells Fargo Charge For A Wire Transfer?

How much Wells Fargo charges for a wire transfer depends on whether it’s an incoming or outgoing transfer. As a general rule, Wells Fargo wire transfer fees are disclosed when you input a wire transfer.

Generally, you can expect to pay the following Wells Fargo wire transfer fees:

  • Incoming Domestic Wire: $15
  • Outgoing Domestic Wire: $30
  • Incoming International Wire: $16
  • Outgoing International Wire: Fees are disclosed once you input a wire transfer.

That said, Wells Fargo wire transfer fees are waived if a wire is funded from eligible accounts. For instance, wires funded by Team Member Checking have their fees waived. Fees are also currently waived for customers making Wells Fargo Zelle transfers.

Which Wells Fargo Routing Number Should You Use?

The Wells Fargo routing number you use depends on whether you are sending ACH transfers or domestic/international wire transfers.

Here’s a breakdown of which Wells Fargo routing numbers you should use based on how and where you want to send or receive funds from:

  • Domestic ACH transfers: Use the state’s Wells Fargo ABA routing number where you first opened your account. ACH transfers are for setting direct deposits, bill payments, or tax refunds. See our guide above to find the Wells Fargo routing number for your state.
  • Domestic Wire transfers: Use the Wells Fargo domestic wire transfer routing number 121000248.
  • International Wire transfers: Use the Wells Fargo SWIFT code WFBIUS6S.

What Can Someone Do With Your Bank Account and Routing Number?

A routing number and account number are the core pieces of information you need to initiate or complete domestic and international transfers, transfer money to your account, make online purchases, setting up direct deposit, and bill payments with your checking account.

While routing numbers are public to all customers, account numbers are top-secret to individual account holders. Giving out a routing number isn’t a big deal, but giving out a routing number alongside your account number poses a threat to your bank account. What if that person decides to use that vital information against you?

Here’s what someone can do with your account number and routing number:

  • Send you money: Someone, like your employer, needs your account number and routing number to send payroll payments to your account number. That’s the good side of it.
  • Commit ACH Fraud: Fraud is the primary risk. Someone can use your account number and routing number to set up ACH transfers and bill payments out of your account. It means they can use your account to pay bills or transfer money out of your account without your consent.
  • Create Fraudulent checks:  A fraudster can use your bank account number and routing number to order fake checks and use them against you. They can cash the checks at liquor stores or any other check cashing places or use them to pay for purchases.
  • Withdraw money from your account: They can do this either through ACH fraud or creating fraudulent checks.

Thus, you should only give your Wells Fargo ABA routing number and account number to trusted parties. Consider using a prepaid card like activated American Express cards when paying for purchases online. You can also use your credit/debit cards with a chip securely by connecting them to your PayPal account so that you won’t have to give your banking details to every online vendor.

Wells Fargo Routing Number Summary

Wells Fargo is one of the largest banks in the US and beyond, and thus, has multiple ABA routing numbers that vary from state to state. Your Wells Fargo ABA routing number is based on the state where you first opened your account and very vital when sending/receiving ACH transfers within the United States. Unlike the ABA routing numbers, there is only one routing number for domestic wire transfers and one SWIFT code for international wire transfers to and from the US.

Use our table of ABA routing numbers by state above to find your Wells Fargo ABA routing number. Otherwise, find your ABA number online through the Wells Fargo website, the Federal Reserve e-payment directory, or call a Wells Fargo customer service representative.

To ensure that your money ends up in the right financial institution, always cross-check your routing number with your bank or recipient. It can save you unnecessary delays and costs down the line.

Tips to Protect Your Routing Number and Sensitive Banking Information

While there’s no guaranteed way to protect personal information from the internet, there are certain precautionary measures one can take to increase security. 

Here are a few tips to secure your sensitive and personal bank details:

Your money is safe in your account only until someone obtains both your routing number and account number. This is because both of these numbers can help the thief by giving them access to your bank account. They can then withdraw money, pay their own bills, or even set up a new account by using your money – all this without your authorization. 

Therefore, avoid sharing your bank details with someone you don’t trust. Also, prevent giving out these details on phone calls, especially in public places where people can hear you.

Careless disposal of checks or a physical copy of your bank documents can compromise your account. This is because your checks contain your name and address, along with other sensitive details such as your routing number and account number. This gives the scammer a chance to commit identity theft. 

Hence, it’s advisable you shred all the canceled checks as a precautionary measure. This leaves practically zero chance for anyone to skim through your details and generate counterfeited checks or pass those under your name.

Although it’s possible someone can find your bank’s ABA routing number, your account number doesn’t fall under the domain of public information. Therefore, it’s important you don’t share it on any social media platform

It’s also ill-advised that you share your bank details via calls, text or chat, pictures, and even email for that matter. It’s understandable that at times it becomes unavoidable but this shouldn’t be a recurring phenomenon. When presented with such a situation, make sure to use apps with end-to-end encryption. Such apps can prevent data from being read or modified.

If your electronic devices such as your phone or laptop have your bank account details stored, always use a secure connection. This means that your internet connection is private. The use of WiFi such as that on a plane isn’t the best option while sending sensitive information.