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I’m asked quite often “How much do you charged to use your site?”  The answer, nothing.  It’s absolutely free!  You can read my disclosure policy if any of the information in this post offends you.  The truth is I make money blogging through various means.  I offer paid advertisement spaces, sponsored written posts,  participate in company promotions and I work with several affiliate/media companies.  Today I’m going to share with you one of, in my opinion, best companies to work with.  I’ve enjoyed working with these guys so much I’m cutting the cords with a few others.

I have been blogging for a little over two years now and only a year ago did I find out that you can actually make money doing it.  One of my favorite companies to work with is Escalate Media.  They have the latest and hottest offers out there.  The best part is you are paid monthly.  There is a small threshold for receiving payments but is significantly lower than the competitions.  Most other media companies require you to wait up to siz months to receive payment.  With Escalate Media you have the option to receive your payments by check or direct deposit into your PayPal account.  My payments are always on time and the exact amount I’m owed.

Escalate Media offering opportunities from names you’ll recognize like Coupons.com, Chili’s, Vistaprint and more.  The way each offer works is dependent upon their agreement with Escalate.  You can earn per click or per completion of certain requirements but the reader.  Another opportunity is their own affiliate program where you can earn from your referrals to join Escalate Media.

While it is great to make the extra money one of the better perks is the relationship you develop with the people you “work for”.  the guys at Escalate Media are amazing!  They are always quick to send out the latest deals, inform you of rate changes, and reply to your emails quickly.  I love having the personal relationship that makes you feel like you are appreciated.

So, having said all of that if you are looking for some extra income head over to Escalate Media and sign up now.  I promise it’s the best company you’ll love to work with!



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