Victoria’s Secret Sale Calendar Dates: Semi-Annual Sale & More

With over 800 stores nationwide, Victoria’s Secret is the most popular lingerie retailer in the United States — a position it’s held for many years. But, last year, the lingerie giant revamped its brand image after being accused of irrelevance and has quickly risen back up as a dominant lingerie brand.

Victoria’s Secret is the go-to brand for ladies looking for quality lingerie, robes, sleepwear, perfume, lotions, and more. So naturally, Victoria’s Secret sales and promotions in-store and online are popular. They’re yearly events many customers follow so they can save money.

Our Victoria’s Secret sale calendar is full of the best deals and dates throughout the year for the best experience.

When is Victoria’s Secret Sale Dates Calendar?

Keep track of all Victoria’s Secret sales throughout the year and their coupon codes with our sales calendar. We include big events like the semi-annual sale, mid-year sale, and end-of-year sale.

Here are the top Victoria’s Secret annual sale dates for your calendar:

  • Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale: December-January/June-July
  • Victoria’s Secret Summer Sale: June/July, dates may vary 
  • Victoria’s Secret Memorial Day Sale: May 27
  • Victoria’s Secret 7 for $28 Sale: Dates may vary
  • Victoria’s Secret Fall Sale: Dates may vary
  • Victoria’s Secret Labor Day Sale: September 2
  • Victoria’s Secret Black Friday Sale: November 23
  • Victoria’s Secret Cyber Monday: November 26

While those cute PINK bras and panties are tempting, many of Victoria’s Secret’s most popular items are discounted during their sales events. In addition, you can get up to 5x rewards points, exclusive discounts, and a $15 discount on your first purchase once you sign up as a Victoria’s Secret Angel Card Holder

Here’s an overview of some important Victoria’s Secret sales dates and tips to save money.

Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale

The dates for the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual sales differ year to year. However, the Summer sale usually runs from June to July, and the Winter sale runs from Christmas Day through January.

The benefit of shopping the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual sale online is the items are available for purchase the day before the in-store sale. So, you will likely find more available sizes online the day before that suit you best.

On the upside, Victoria’s Secret Angel cardholders get free shipping with a $50 purchase, while non-members get free shipping with a $100 purchase.

If you want to buy in-store, visit your nearest Victoria’s Secret store as soon as the sale starts to guarantee the best selection.

Additionally, it’s important to note that printable coupons for Victoria’s Secret do not work during semi-annual sales. Prices are already marked down 50% on the first day. As the weeks pass, some items are reduced up to 75% off.

However, keep in mind that not all items will mark down the same way. Every week, Victoria’s Secret discounts new products.

How Long Does Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale Last?

Each Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual sale only lasts a few weeks. As the sale nears its end, everything gets picked over quickly. Fortunately, Victoria’s Secret offers many additional sales throughout the year look forward to.

Victoria’s Secret Memorial Day Sale

At Victoria’s Secret’s Memorial Day Sale on May 27, customers can expect deals like $19.99 bras, $3.99 panties, and $9.99 PINKs. The past few years have also featured scented body care deals, so we are hoping for the same this year.

Victoria’s Secret Summer Sale

The Victoria’s Secret Summer Sale takes place in June-July and coincides with the mid-year Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale. So you’ll get a great deal during the sale with discounts reaching 50-70% off.

Even though it’s best to arrive early for the best selection, many sale items will be announced throughout the event.

Victoria’s Secret Fall Sale

While dates may vary, the Victoria’s Secret Fall Sale features some great discounts on bras and panties, even presented as bundles. In addition, the Fall Sale may offer beauty product sales and free Victoria’s Secret merchandise.

Victoria’s Secret 7 for $28 Sale

The Victoria’s Secret 7 for $28 sale dates are not released ahead of time, but they usually occur in February, March, May, July, and October. The sale is popular because you can mix and match your favorite styles for just $28 for 7 items.

In addition, 8 for $28 sale is available to Victoria’s Secret Angel Card Members during the 10-hour sale around early October.

Victoria’s Secret PINK Friday Sale

The PINK Friday Sale takes place on the first Friday in August every year. It’s a good back-to-campus sale for school essentials, such as:

  • Free PINK Sherpa blanket with a $150 PINK merchandise purchase
  • PINK bras: $20 (regularly $34.95)
  • PINK tees: $20 or less (regularly $34.99)
  • PINK panties: $7 for $25 (regularly $10.50 each)

Victoria’s Secret Black Friday Sale

The Victoria’s Secret Black Friday Sale starts the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and ends the Friday after Thanksgiving. It’s always the top sale of the year. 

In the past, Victoria’s Secret Black Friday deals included free gifts. However, they went with their classic sale of Buy 1, Get 1 Free on signature bras, underwear, and beauty products starting 2019. In addition, with any $20 purchase, you’ll receive a $20 Victoria’s Secret Rewards card to use a week later.

Victoria’s Secret Cyber Monday

Victoria’s Secret Cyber Monday Sale takes place on the Monday after Thanksgiving every year.

It’s one of Victoria’s Secret’s biggest online shopping days of the year, with free shipping on orders of $30 or more and a special promo code exclusive for that day.

The Victoria’s Secret online sale will save you 40% on most items in-store. In addition, you can expect a Cyber Monday coupon for 20% off orders over $125 since they offer similar deals every year.

However, note that items such as swimwear, beauty, clearance, and non-PINK apparel are not included in the sale.

Victoria’s Secret Winter Sale

The Victoria’s Secret Winter Sale takes place around December-January. You can shop for your favorite bras, pants, sleepwear, and sportswear during Winter Semi-Annual Sale. In addition, when you purchase Victoria’s Secret totes during the sale, you can receive free swag, such as water bottles and other freebies.

It’s the best time to buy swimwear for up to 80% off. However, swimwear is only 30% off during the summer semi-annual vs. 80% off during the Secret Winter Sale. You’ll find the best deals for swimwear during the off-season.

Victoria’s Secret Outlet Sales

The Victoria’s Secret outlet store sells stuff up to 75% off. In addition, they offer deep discounts on totes, shirts, and discontinued beauty products that are still very valuable.

Moreover, you can also use your Angel card at the outlet stores. However, Angel Rewards are not accepted at the outlet stores as of this writing.

Victoria’s Secret outlet stores sell Victoria’s Secret and PINK brands. In addition, the stores offer free bra fittings just like their retail counterparts. However, there is one significant difference; all purchases are final since you cannot return them. 

Outlets don’t always sell the same things in their retail stores, but you can find overlapping items. For example, the Victoria’s Secret Outlet stores sell affordable exclusive scents not available in retail stores. Also, PINK bras can range as low as $6.99 and Victoria’s Secret bras around $9.99.

Here are cities to find a nearby Victoria’s Secret Outlet:

  • Orlando, FL
  • Auburn, WA
  • San Ysidro, CA
  • Orange, CA
  • San Marcos, TX
  • Elizabeth, NJ
  • Riverhead, NY
  • Auburn Hills, MI
  • Aurora, IL

Victoria’s Secret Warehouse Sale

The Victoria’s Secret “Secret” Warehouse Sale is a four-day event. It’s open to the public for two days, but the first two days are reserved for L Brand employees. 

This Victoria’s Secret sale offers great prices on clothes and makeup items from L Brands. It’s a little chaotic with larges boxes of clothes spread around the place. The giant boxes are full of clothes and not overly organized. Customers rummage through the boxes and use a master pricing sheet to find the prices.

Hundreds of people line up for the special sale, so getting up and going early is advisable. You’re only allowed to bring your wallet or wristlet. In addition, leave the kids at home so that you can move around freely and avoid the chaos.

Victoria’s Secret Pink Clearance Sale

Victoria’s Secret PINK regularly has limited-time clearance sales. Don’t forget to use coupon codes: EXTRA25 at checkout and VCSHIP25 for free shipping for Angel cardholders on orders of at least $25.

Take advantage of leggings deals up to 75% off, plus an additional 25% off clearance items. Some items, such as Victoria’s Secret clothing and beauty products, can go as low as $2.24.

It’s important to note that items and sizes sell out quickly, so shop today and get your favorite PINK items.

Click here to get your Victoria’s Secret PINK Clearance Sale shopping started!

Victoria’s Secret Valentine’s Day Sale

The Victoria’s Secret Valentine’s Day Sale is in the first half of February. Everything you need for the special day is one sale, including romantic laces and lingerie, accessories, soft scents, and fragrances.

We expect many popular Valentine’s Day deals to return this year, such as Buy 2, Get 2 Beauty Products Free, and much more. 

When are the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sales?

The Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sales dates slightly differ every year. Still, the Summer Sale generally runs from June to July, while the Winter sale is held from Christmas Day through January.

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When is the Next Victoria’s Secret Sale?

The next Victoria’s Secret Sale is based on the time of the year and will be announced here as well as upcoming sales that you won’t want to miss. Keep an eye on the Victoria’s Secret Sale page for updates as well.

How Often Does Victoria’s Secret Have Sales?

Victoria’s Secret has ongoing sales online and in-store. For example, here are some current discounts on the Victoria’s Secret website:

When is the Next Victoria’s Secret Panty Sale?

Victoria’s Secret always tends to have a panty sale online. For example, they currently have 5 panties for $32 promo sale online, as of this writing. This limited-time sale lets you choose from a variety of adorable new styles.

There are Victoria’s Secret Panty Sales throughout the year. Keep an eye out so you don’t have to pay a regular price for a pair of panties that you can get for a discount during a promo.

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What is the Victoria’s Secret Return Policy on Sale Items?

The Victoria’s Secret return policy for sale items lets you exchange or return any items purchased in-store. The in-store return policy also includes sale and clearance merchandise, and gifts you received. In addition, online purchases, including gifts, lingerie, Semi-Annual Sale items, swim, UGGs, sale, and clearance, can also be returned.

However, it’s important to note that purchases cannot be returned or exchanged where the sewn-in garment tags have been cut off or removed. 

We recommend signing up for the Victoria’s Secret email for updates and alerts on upcoming sales.

Victoria’s Secret and PINK items with a receipt can be returned for a cash refund within 90 days. In addition, the Victoria’s Secret return policy after 90-days lets you get store credit without a receipt.

Even if you lost your receipt, the item could be returned for the lowest selling price. However, you can only return $250 worth of non-receipted items within 90 days. Make sure to bring your ID for verification.

If you received a free gift with the item you are returning, the value of that free Victoria’s Secret gift will be deducted from your refund.

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Does Victoria’s Secret Have a Gift Card Sale?

No, Victoria’s Secret doesn’t have a gift card sale. However, a Victoria’s Secret sale sometimes offers a free gift card with a minimum purchase as a bonus.

You’ll need to visit a site like Raise to buy a Victoria’s Secret gift card at a discount.

Use our Raise link to get $5 off your first purchase.

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What’s the Victoria’s Secret Employee Discount?

Victoria’s Secret offers discounts as one of the company’s employee benefits. Upon joining, new employees receive 20% off on regular items. Then after two weeks, part-time Victoria’s Secret employees receive a 30% discount, while full-time employees receive 40% off items.

In addition, employees receive an additional 10% off before Christmas.

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Victoria’s Secret Sale Calendar Summary

Victoria’s Secret offers multiple sales events throughout the year. The most popular Victoria’s Secret sales dates include the Semi-Annual Sale, Summer Sale, Memorial Day Sale, 7 for $28 sale, Fall Sale, Labor Day Sale, Black Friday Sale, and the Cyber Monday Sale.

The in-store and online promotions have become regular events for customers. You can save money annually by following the sale dates for the best deals on your favorite items, such as lotion, thong, bag, spray, clothing, bra, panty, perfume, underwear, mists, underwear sale 10 for $35, Pink backpack, sweater, wireless bra, scents, bikini panties, cream, cologne, body spray, body lotion, push-up bras, strapless bras, pajama set, sweatshirt, swim, Bombshell bra, and fragrance.   

Check out our guide for buying Victoria’s Secret gift cards online and in-store today.