41 Best Under the Table Jobs That Pay Cash – Near Me

With expenses steadily growing and salaries stubbornly remaining the same, it is time to do some moonlighting. There are more under the table jobs than you thought there were. You just need to know where to look.

Those who are not familiar with the term “under the table” means off the record.

How to Find Under the Table Jobs

You can find under the table jobs by scouring social media and other parts of the World Wide Web. Even the offline world has some offerings that you can grab.

  • Facebook – This massively popular social media giant is not just there to share pictures with friends, post memes, or rant about life. You can also find your next under the table job through Facebook Groups. Each locality more likely has its own group. Since online communities are often built to support its members, these groups usually have freelance job offers. You just need to be either first to offer or first to apply. In other cases, you must have the most excellent deal. Don’t sell yourself short, though.
  • Craigslist  – Craigslist is a haven for ads of all kinds. So, why not post an announcement about what you can do. If you are not comfortable posting your information out there, you can browse for cash-paying jobs in your area. There are plenty of them! Proceed with caution. However, you can also be reasonably optimistic.
  • Nextdoor Nextdoor is a lovely online neighborhood based on your real-life community. The members can interact like neighbors, albeit in a more convenient way – virtually. You can share events about the area, be on the lookout for each other, or even offer or apply for jobs situated in the area.
  • Family and Friends – Word of mouth can still sometimes work. When you find a friend or family member who can recommend you to somebody to work for, you have a little safety advantage. You feel more secure knowing that you will be working for someone that a close friend or family member has recommended with personal interactions.
  • Flyers in mailboxes – Even if you are no longer a teen looking for babysitting gigs, the mailboxes’ flyers can still work. Go around the neighborhood and leave your flyers around. Perhaps your potential clients do not yet know that they need your service. When they see the brochure, they may just want to call you because of your services and because you live nearby and are, therefore, convenient.
  • Care.com – When you visit this site, you will notice that it is directly addressing families who need caregivers. However, they also have a Careers link that you can click on to find jobs in caregiving. Caregiving jobs do not only include the most obvious ones, such as babysitting and senior care. Care.com is also looking for people to care for pets, run errands, and tutor children.
  • Rover.com – If you are a pet lover, you may want to extend your energies to taking care of dogs. Rover.com provides doggy daycare, dog boarding, and dog walking. If you are willing to provide those services,  you can apply for a job on the website. It’s a great place that hires 18 year old’s or older nearby. 
  • Temporary Staffing Agency – Find out if your community has a temporary staffing agency. Inquire about where you can be assigned and for how long.

Getting Paid Under the Table Jobs

Getting paid under the table from a job may not sound ethical, but it’s legit. 

Cash jobs under the table are preferred by some people who either work in a cash business, avoid credit card transaction charges to reduce operating costs, and because over 6% of households in the US don’t have a primary bank account, according to AP News.  See our related article on how to get cheap money orders

Ways to Make Money Under the Table

You know that are some places – online or offline – that you can go to find an under the table job. Now, here are ways to make money under the table.

1. Babysitting

You will always find a family that has kids to care for. Babysitting is one of the easiest ways to make money as a kid. 

It helps if you are in friendly terms with your neighbors to trust you with their kids more easily, and you’re familiar with the area.  Your safety is just as important.

2. Housesitter

This may also be done for your neighbors but may require more responsibilities. As the housesitter, you are expected to take care of the house from various threats, including home security from intruders. Some housesitting jobs even include letting in and overseeing repairers, feeding pets, grabbing the morning newspaper, and watering the plants and lawn.  It’s also a good idea to move the cars around the driveway, so it looks like people are home.  

3. Construction worker

There are various types of construction jobs. If you are young and strong enough, you may be assigned to building or digging. Signage posting jobs and other lighter jobs are available for different types of construction workers who are beginners. So, best ask first to know if it can work for you.

4. Income Tax Preparation

You may already have the skill and certification/education required to do this. If not, then you can take an HR & R block class to learn income tax preparation. This job is seasonal, though. You may be able to find jobs like these from January through April.

Ways to Make Money from Home

Sometimes, you don’t even have to leave your home to earn extra money. Here are some ways to make money from home:

5. Rent Out Your Room

If you have an extra room, you can rent it out on a short-term basis to tenants. You may also consider offering that spare room as an Airbnb. Get ready to be hospitable and serve breakfast to get good ratings. Good ratings will mean more business in the future. It’s a great way to make money from home, literally.

6. Make and Sell Stuff Online

For creative sorts, making stuff such as handsewn clothes, embroidered pieces, artwork, and more, you may take advantage of Etsy and CafePress sites. In CafePress, creators get paid royalty for each product that they sell. They get the money within 60 days of each sale.

According to DIYjoy, here’s a list of 75 crafts to make and sell for extra money.   

Under the Table Cleaning Jobs

If you are not afraid to get your hands a little dirty now and then, you may take advantage of under the table cleaning jobs.

7. House or Office Cleaning

You must be ready to clean homes or offices at a regular schedule preferred by your client. It’s a convenient way to make money at night or on weekends since that’s when buildings are usually cleaned on ordinary days. On the other hand, COVID has closed most offices.

Some still hire cleaners to keep the place clean. Nowadays, during the pandemic, you’ll see people cleaning stuff throughout the day.  Homes that are rented out also need caretakers.  

8. Clean Windows

This may seem like a simple job, but not if you are doing it for a high-rise building. If you are willing to take on a potentially hazardous task, you may want to ask how the company or client will ensure your safety. Most times, though, you will merely clean windows in regular homes.

One of the easiest ways to make money as a kid is to solicit neighbors to clean their windows inside and out.  It’s not a tough job, but a job that isn’t fun for most but appreciated once it’s done. 

9. Carpet Cleaning

You may need to invest in a carpet cleaner, vacuum, and the right type of soap. It’s easy to learn how to use the carpet cleaning equipment by either reading the instructions or watching a Youtube video on how to use a carpet cleaner. 

Also, consider renting carpet cleaning equipment.  Refer to our list of grocery stores that sell money orders or have coin vending machines as likely places that rent carpet cleaners near me.

10. Home Organization

Some people have overly cluttered homes for various reasons. Perhaps they have little kids that keep them on their toes. Whatever the case may be, you can help declutter their homes.

You may also ask if you can help yourself to some of their unwanted stuff. While minimalizing, sometimes, you can find gems that you can sell online or at consignment shops. You must also assist your client in disposing junk or holding yard sales.

The more unique and comprehensive your services are, the more people will want to take you on. Make sure you don’t undersell yourself.

11. Tour Guide and Interpreter

If you know another language or two, you may use it to work as a local tour guide or interpreter in your area. Speaking another language can get paid a premium.

Someone can also hire you as an interpreter online.  Several online transcription companies also hire interpreters. 

Ways to Make Money in Winter

You must adjust to the seasons when you are working under the table jobs. Here are some ways to make money in winter:

12. Shoveling and snow removal

During the winter, you can help remove snow for seniors or any other adult who may need your help in the area. It is hard work, for sure, but once people find out that you are reliable and good at it in your area, your lines may become very busy each time it snows.

It’s a great way on how to make money as a kid in the winter.  Each job pays quite well. However, it seems as soon as you are getting used to the job, winter goes, and it is time to move on again.

Ways to Make Money in the Summer

Because of the changing seasons, it is best to be flexible. You must also know ways to make money in the summer.

13. Yardwork and landscaping

Perhaps the very yards you have been shoveling snow each winter may also make extra money in the summer. You can do all kinds of yard work, such as gardening, transplanting trees, and planting flowers. It helps if you have a green thumb.

14. Mow lawns

This side hustle has been a go-to under the table job for teens. You can get quick cash by mowing lawns.

An additional gig that you can get is through fixing lawnmowers. Many high schools teach a class on how to fix lawnmowers and small engines.  It’s a life skill that can be good for making extra money in the summer during high school, college, and beyond.  Your neighbors will pay you money in the spring to tune-up their lawnmowers and repairs.  Sign up for classes now.

15. Power washing

Some people like having their driveways power washed.  Do first find out if it is in-demand in your area and if you will have some stiff competition.  Sites like Amazon or Walmart run regular sales on power washers ranging from gas to electric.  Also consider visiting a home improvement store, like Home Depot to rent a power washer for 24 hours at a time if you don’t want to spend that much money upfront and save up to buy your own. 

16. Car washing

This should be a great way of earning money in the neighborhood. Car washing may be done in your yard or driveway.  People can just drive by to get their cars cleaned during the weekends or after work, whichever is convenient for your clientele.

You can charge even more for detailing a car’s interior and exterior.  A bottle of wax costs around $10, but you can charge $40 to $90 for a basic professional wash and wax

17. Painting

Most people are confident about having their fences or walls painted during the summer because they will dry easier. Offer your services for those who are overwhelmed with all the DIY work.  

Things to paint around the house include:

  • Exterior – Wood and plywood siding
  • Trims – Painting trims inside and outside take a lot of patience and a steady hand
  • Window Shutters – Change the color or refresh
  • Interior doors – Usually require some type of ladder unless you are very tall and painting a single-story house
  • Cabinets – Painting older cabinets and updating them is a quick fix to modernize it
  • Ceiling – As a home ages, you’ll see nail pops or occasional leaks and condensation from the floor above
  • Furniture – If you’ve ever watched HGTV, you’ve seen people paint furniture to make them pop
  • Floors – Many of the home improvement stores sells a specialized paint application for your garage or basement floors.  It’s so nice and makes it look and feel clean!

Make Money Teaching Technology

You can make money teaching technology. Some of the jobs listed below may be the highest paying under the table jobs for cash.

18. Online or in-person tutoring

This type of under the table job has always been there for tutoring.  Online tutoring is now more prevalent because of COVID-19 and students studying remotely.

You can tutor regular academic subjects from foreign language to music to online English teaching platforms. You can specify the ages of your target students: kids, adults, college students, etc.

19. Replace phone screen

You can make money with tech skills such as fix screens on mobile devices and tablets. According to the Miami Herald, Americans crack over 50 million phones screen per year.  That’s more than $3.4 billion per year in new screens!  Learn on YouTube and order some replacement parts on eBay.  I’d suggest practicing with some older, cheaper phones before trying a new $1,000 iPhone.

You can also upsell them on some accessories.  Suggest they buy a screen protector that you can apply for an extra charge.  It’s cheaper than the client coming back for a replacement phone screen.   

20. Technology consultant

You can assist in setting up various devices, including mobile devices and new computers, for seniors and non-techie people. You can also help set up their wireless Internet.  There is a big market in setting up and teaching technology. 

21. Building website

For those who have web building and developing skills, you may put them to use. Start making money online using starter sites and templates from sites such as WordPress, Shopify, or Wix. These are sites that can be used even by non-programmers to create functional but straightforward websites. Each gig may earn you $500 using your tech skills.

22. Freelance writer

Do you like to write? Then, best make money out of it. You can get good under the table jobs, such as proofreading student essays, assisting with citations, researching companies, writing copy, etc.

If you don’t have any existing clients, you can register at Fiverr and Upwork and slowly build-up your resume with positive reviews.  You’ll likely need to work cheaply initially, but then you’ll slowly begin to raise your hourly wage.

23. Online transcriptionist

If you don’t mind getting paid via PayPal, some online transcriptionist jobs allow you to make money online without investment.  See our related article about the best online transcription jobs for beginners

24. Social Media Marketer

As a social media marketer, you can help new businesses with leaders who are not social media-savvy to create marketing campaigns online or via email.

Ways to Make Money with Pets

If you are a pet lover, you will enjoy these ways to make money with pets. It would be good to get side jobs under the table that you enjoy. 

25. Pet Sitting

If you think of yourself as a cat or dog “whisperer,” you may want to take care of pets during your free time. Be prepared to know how to feed, wash, and groom the pets for an extra fee if your client wants.  

According to PetLove, a pet sitter can potentially make anywhere from $1,000 or more depending on whether it’s a part-time or full-time job.  The nice thing about pet sitting is that it can be a part-time job to make extra money based on your schedule.

26. Dog Walking

Dogs need exercise. So, you can walk dogs for some extra money. You also get exercise when you do this.

Dog walking hourly wage will vary in different cities in the US.  Care.com has a helpful chart showing the average money you can make dog walking in each state. 

Hobbies that Make Money

Hobbies that make money can make working jobs that pay cash only a lot easier. Here are some that you can do, with or without formal training.

27. Photography

Specialize in a type of photography service. Wedding and engagement photos usually take more skill than just simple family photos. What you choose depends on your ability as a photographer and your equipment.  Since they are expensive, I’d suggest renting an HD camera and deciding if you prefer Canon, Nikon, or Sony.  

28. DJ

Do you love music? Then, you can play DJ at weddings, parties, and special occasions.   According to ZipRecruiter, the average DJ salary in the United States is $28 per hour in 2020.

If you feel extra confident about your musical skills, then start a band as an unconventional way to make money. 

29. Performer

Use your performing skills to win jobs that pay cash. Are you a singer, musician, actor, or something else that requires a stage? Then, don’t hide those talents. It’s a great way to make money while traveling throughout the United States or internationally.

30. Sports instructor

While you may not work as a regular coach, you can teach sports such as baseball, basketball, golf, etc. You can be a practice partner in boxing or karate. Though it’s not an online job for a 13 year old, it’s a good job for a kid that’s very good at a sport. Parents will pay you to play with their kids in order to train, practice, get better, or warm-up before a tournament.

Types of places that need coaches include parents, colleges, schools, fitness centers, sports clubs, camps, etc.

31. Tailor and seamstress

Some people are earning money by making and fixing clothes on the side.  You can start with easy fixes such as shortening pants or hemming skirts. If you feel you can do more than that, you can make theater costumes or any other type of clothes. 

An excellent premium business to start is a monogram business from home.  People like buying generic clothes and towels then having them personalized as gifts.

32. Personal trainer

You can now train people at the gym, at their home, and even virtually. You can work as a personal trainer in many ways: as a yoga instructor, a nutrition consultant, a gym trainer, etc. You can get paid $20 to $100 per hour by each of your clients.

Part-Time Under the Table Jobs

Most under the table jobs hiring now are part-time or contractual, anyway. Part-time under the table jobs, however, may suggest more hours daily than your other freelance jobs.

33. Personal Assistant

You can work as a personal assistant at an office or virtually, but you have to prove that you have some skills. You need to have some IT and communication skills. The client may also specify other expectations. However, if you are the one advertising your availability, highlight what you can do.

An excellent personal assistant’s qualities also include active listening, interpersonal skills, proactiveness, positivity, and punctuality.

Jobs that Pay Cash on the Spot

Unfortunately, some top under the table jobs also come with risks. Sometimes, you have to complete tasks but have to wait for the money. If you are working because you need the money right away, you may need jobs that pay cash on the spot.

34. People driving service

Instead of driving someone regularly, you can offer short-term driving services. These services entail driving friends, family, and neighbors to the airport. They may not want people to know that they are leaving an empty house. You may also drive kids or seniors for the day.  Finally, you can make money with a truck or car by being a designated driver.

35. Handyman service

You can be the neighborhood’s Mr. or Ms. Fix-It by performing odd jobs, such as plumbing, electricity fixing, simple carpentry jobs, and more.  There are likely endless handyman jobs; you can make money in your neighborhood.  

36. Repairman

Because of the COVID quarantines, it has been hard to find good repairmen. Can you fix old refrigerators, appliances, sump pumps, lamps, etc?  You may want to add to the list of people who can assist others for a fee.   

37. Barber and hairstylist

If you have hair cutting and styling skills, offer your services to trapped people because of COVID. You can do it from your own home, by appointment only. If you have a vehicle and are willing to do house visits, you can charge a premium.

38. Junk and scrap hauler

There is money in scrap metal. So, do not turn your nose upon it. You may need a pickup truck to haul trash from private homes and businesses on garbage day. Then, you can sell your haul to the junkyard. Take a look at your own home and yard, if you can find some junk to sell.  It’s a great way to make money with a truck.

39. Banquet jobs

You do not have to do the catering yourself. Catering companies offer jobs that pay cash to servers, delivery persons, and other people who can assist during a large party or special occasion. These may not be great options now, but will certainly work well as a side gig in a post-COVID world.  Once COVID is over, there will be a long backlog of banquet jobs nearby.  

40. Moving services

If you have a large van or truck, you can offer your moving services to people moving out of their homes or leaving for university. Clarify how much you will be getting to drive the moving truck and carry all the load. The distance should be a consideration. Will clients pay for your gas, or will it be part of the whole fee package?

Obtain the appropriate permits, licenses, and business insurance when starting a moving company. 

41. Day labor

If you are willing to do odd jobs here and there, you can be a day laborer. This means you can work for a few hours or a few days. These cash jobs under the table will pay you per day.

The Pros of Working Under The Table Jobs

Working under the table jobs that pay in cash will give you a certain freedom that you won’t attain from a properly documented job. Let’s take a look at the advantages that you can gain from working for cash. 

  1. No taxes: While this isn’t strictly legal or ethical, the amount of money you report to the government is based completely on you. If you’re working on an under the table job that pays you in cash, this money is completely off the record and you cannot be taxed on it. This means that every single cent you make is yours to keep without giving the government a share of it. 
  2. Instant payments: Most under the table jobs don’t really wait for the 1st or 5th of the month to pay you. These jobs are temporary and pay you on a daily basis, which means that you get some extra cash in your pocket every day of the week. 

Especially if you’re working at a job that also gives you the privilege of obtaining tips from your customers, you can make a killing every day by being polite and offering good service. 

  1. No restrictions on hours: If your job is documented, there are only a certain amount of hours you can work every week. This means that there’s a ceiling on the amount of money you make. 

This isn’t a problem with cash jobs. Since your work is completely off the record, you can put in a lot of hours and make a lot of money in a short time. While this isn’t advised, it’s a good way to make and save up some extra money, especially for people like students. 

The Cons of Working Under The Table Jobs

While under the table jobs sound great because of no restrictions, no deductions, and regular payments, not everything is perfect. There are several disadvantages to these jobs. 

  1. Inconsistent pay and working hours: A documented job will give you the protection of employment laws. There are no employment laws in place when you’re getting paid under the table. This means that you can get pay cuts, hours can be changed without notice, and you won’t get any holidays or vacation times. 
  2. Lower wages: Your employer knows that you’re working under the table, which means that they can lowball you into accepting something that doesn’t pay the minimum wage. 

As your income isn’t documented, you’re basically working illegally, which means that the laws of minimum wages don’t apply to you. Don’t expect to get paid the minimum wage if you’re working directly for cash.

  1. Borrowing money: If you’re getting paid in cash and spending it, there’s no record of you having a documented income. This means that if you try to look for a loan or financing, you’ll find it practically impossible to get one even if you have a steady revenue coming in from your job. 

Best Under the Table Jobs Summary

As you can now see, there are plenty of options for good under the table jobs. You just need to know where to look, who to ask, and when to apply your skills.

Sometimes, you need to train yourself to get better at something for your skills to become marketable while others require no investment to make money.  Frequently, though, you already have the skills or the passion for doing the work but just have not thought it possible to get some extra cash that way.

Even if you are gainfully employed at present, you can earn extra money on the side. Side gigs in the form of under the table jobs have become very popular. People have just realized that because the economy can be uncertain, it is best to have backup savings to fall back on. The top under the table jobs are those that you can do with limited extra investment. You want to be able to do the work with what you already have.

I hope you have found at least one or two jobs that pay cash under the table from our list that can help you!


Under the table jobs for disabled

The best under the table jobs for the disabled are likely to fall in our teaching technology category.  The positions run from designing starter websites to repairing screens on phones and tablets.

How to find under the table jobs on Craigslist

Visit the Craigslist page in your city and go to the “gigs” section.  The types of side jobs offered under gigs include computer, creative, crew, domestic, event, labor, talent, and writing.