14 Unique Types of Succulents Indoors To Buy Online (#4 & #12 are Cool!)

Indoor succulents, such as the pincushion cactus, blue agave plant, and the aloe vera, are the busy person’s dream plants. They provide an uplifting addition to the house. You have to admit: house plants help you give off a nurturing vibe. Succulents, however, can help you achieve that with little effort on your part. Not only that, but you can also own beautiful succulents without breaking the bank.

Where To Order Succulents?

If you prefer buying from brick and mortar shops near you, just type “succulents for sale near me” in your search engine box. You will find the nearest garden supplies shops and garden centers listed for you, often complete with their contact details.

Succulent Arrangements for Beginners

Here’s a terrific short video about arranging succulents for beginners:

Where to Buy Succulents Online?

You can easily order succulents online. Amazon, Lula’s Garden, The Sill, and a few more online shops can deliver these plants to your home with ease. If your focus is on finding value products, you may seek out Mountain Crest Gardens and The Succulent Source. Etsy and Planet Desert, meanwhile, can offer rare finds. If you want to buy rare succulents that nobody else in your clique has, they have the answer.

Buy Plants Wholesale

What if you buy plants wholesale? Usually, you will get a better deal. Succulents, however, are generally affordable plants that you can easily purchase without worrying about whether you are losing money or not. Rare caudiciform, for example, can cost thousands of dollars. It is certainly not the type of succulent that you would buy wholesale.

If you plan to start a plant selling business online, you may consider buying succulents in bulk. Setting up a succulent business is not a go-to miracle plan, though. The market is saturated. So, it would help if you found a little twist that will highlight your store. If you already have a plant or gift shop, you can take advantage of the popularity of succulents and add them.

Best Place To Buy Succulents Near Me

Usually, the best places to buy succulents near you include online shops located in the state that you live. They can efficiently deliver right to your door. Of course, some shops like Amazon have an extensive reach in terms of delivery. You may go for the online giant unless you are looking for something rarer.

Of course, before you take that online plunge, you must also consider the options offered in your neighborhood. Being able to choose a plant that is right in front of you can present several advantages.

1. Rare Succulents for Sale

Hand Selected Variety of Rare Succulents for Indoor Living

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01/29/2023 02:16 pm GMT

Amazon also has some rare succulents for sale. This fact is good news for some of you who prefer the convenience of this one-stop online shop over scouting smaller shops. These rare, live air succulents come as a bundle of eight various species that have been curated for buyers who like unique purchases.

These plans need only spritzing every day or every other day. Make sure excess water has a way of draining away. You must also use a fertilizer that has been formulated especially for air plants. Other than that, this plan is healthy and should remain robust, with minimal upkeep.

2. Succulents That Stay Small

An assortment of Hand Selected Indoor Succulents that Stay Small

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01/29/2023 03:20 pm GMT

Buying succulents in bulk is made possible by this Amazon selection. This product is a set of succulents that stay small. With this product, you get a collection of varied succulent types. Their gradation of colors, in blue, teal, green, and gray, makes for an interesting setup that will beautify any home or office space.

You need only water these plants once a week. You should never wet the leaves because this could cause damage. These plants may only be watered every 2 to 3 weeks during the winter. Every time you water, add a diluted balanced fertilizer. The fertilizer should be diluted up to ¼ of its original strength.

3. Unique Succulents for Sale

Hand Selected and Fully Rooted Indoor Unique Succulents

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01/29/2023 12:35 pm GMT

For those who want unique succulents for sale, the hand-picked live plants from Shop Succulents (by way of Amazon), can be bought in a collection of 4, 6, 10, 12, 16 and even 20 curated indoor succulents. The 6-plant set collection appears to be the default. It costs around $24, while the 20-plant set is at approximately $40ish. The more you buy, the more you save.

You may water these plants at only once a week or once every 2 or 3 weeks during the winter. A diluted fertilizer can keep them healthy, but these succulents should do well even without.

4. Unusual Succulents for Sale

3 Mother of Thousands Kalanchoe Daigremontiana Unusual Succulent

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01/29/2023 05:50 pm GMT

When you first see these unusual succulents for sale, you may think that someone has embellished the leaves’ edges. However, Mexican hat plants typically look frilly as the pictures that you will see online. This plant is a steal, considering how unique and exciting it seems.

The unusual plant can grow up to about 3 feet. 

5. Succulents That Look Like Cactus

12-Pack of Cacti and Succulents That Look Like Cactus

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01/29/2023 10:45 pm GMT

When you buy this set from Amazon, you may think that all of them are cactus. However, you should be aware that there are plenty of succulents that look like cactus.  This selection provides you with samplings of various indoor succulents that include cacti and succulents that look similar. By buying a set of similarly looking succulents, you create a cleaner and more consistent design look.

Both the cactus and succulent watering needs to be monitored.  They are sensitive to overwater; overly damp soil can cause root rot.  Use well-draining potting soil and keep the succulents in the sun approximately six hours per day. 

6. Indoor Flowering Succulents

Full Rooted Fat San Diego Indoor Flowering Succulent

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01/29/2023 11:15 pm GMT

Perhaps, you are more into flowering plants. Don’t fret: some indoor flowering succulents can bridge your desire for flowers and your lack of extra time. Yes, these plants are a shade of green with the look of overflowing ivy yet the durability of a succulent.  

California-based Fat Plants appropriately describes it as a string of pearls.  They are recommended for window sills, garden parties, and children’s fairy gardens.

7. Easiest Succulents to Grow

Nature’s Blossom Complete Succulent & Cactus Growing Kit

Perhaps you are a person who loves to experiment. Yeah, you don’t have time to invest in intensive plant care, but you enjoy a little challenge now and then.

These beginner-friendly plant kits will provide you with the soil, seeds, and small containers to get started. The product has high germination rates, which will help you grow your succulents fast. They will be the easiest succulents to grow, even if you have had no previous planting experience.

The Cactus and the succulent growing kit is the perfect gift for beginners, housewarming parties, and children since these are easy to grow.

8. Long Stem Succulent Plants

Large & Long Stem Madagascar Palm Tree Succulent Plant

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Do you want a palm tree in a pot? Then, you may want to take advantage of some long-stem succulent plants.  Though these seem too long to be placed in a small pot, they have healthy root systems that keep them robust and in place.  The seller guarantees the plan will be strong and have a healthy root system. 

9. Colorful Succulents for Sale

5 Different Types of Colorful Succulent Cuttings

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If you like a splash of color in your home, then colorful succulents for sale are to your taste. I recommend that you buy these rainbow succulents for sale if you like sturdy, pretty things. Not all pretty things are delicate. Some of them can handle being planted by absolute beginners.  They are great starter plants that are easy to root and care for. 

10. Indoor Hanging Succulents Holder

AOMGD 3-Pack Size Macrame Indoor Hanging Succulent Holder

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01/29/2023 09:30 pm GMT

At approximately $14, this indoor hanging succulents holder should highlight your air succulents while providing them with the right height for water drainage away from pets. It should help decorate your patio or veranda. Buy live succulents to fill a number of these holders.

The washable holders are a handmade weave natural cotton that includes three hooks and three different sized plant hangers with lengths including 34, 42, and 46 inches.  They can hold pots with a diameter ranging from 7-8 inches.  Depending on the weight of the succulent, I wouldn’t recommend using a Command Hook. 

11. Mini Succulents for Sale

32-Pack Assorted Radiant Rosette Mini Succulents

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01/29/2023 11:30 pm GMT

The company, Shop Succulents, has this mini collection available for those who cannot decide which plant to choose. The mini succulents for sale are in the mid-$60s for a set of 32, but the selection is worth it. These live plants are enough to start a mini garden in the corner of your yard.

They will sell packs as small as four and as many as 256 in a single order of 2-inch succulents.  The mini succulents can get big, but it will take years.  The company suggests fertilizing the mini succulents every two to four weeks during the summer and spring, but not during the fall and winter. 

If the plants arrive damaged or unhealthy, they will replace your plant or issue you a refund. 

12. Pink Succulents for Sale

Anacampseros Sunrise Pink Succulent in Small Clusters

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01/29/2023 11:05 pm GMT

For those bored with the same green hues filling your home, pink succulents for sale will provide the color variety. With less than $20 in your pocket, you can order these stunning Anacampseros Sunrise succulents.

Do you know what makes these pink succulents so cool?  The more this plant is exposed to sunlight, the more it turns a pinkish hue. If you leave it out away from the sun more, the plant will turn green.  It’s a fun activity and experiment if you have kids. 

The seller ships fast and guarantees the plant will live at least 30 days. 

13. Cold Hardy Succulents for Sale

Blue Agave Live Rooted Cold Hardy Drought Resistant Succulent Plant

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01/29/2023 08:50 pm GMT

The blue agave live-rooted plants are excellent choices of cold, hardy succulents for sale online. They are drought-resistant and does not need much in terms of upkeep. However, the blue agave is a desert plan. So, you have to keep it in a warm area to keep it at tiptop shape. It is affordable at approximately $20.

14. Best succulents Pots for office

Ceramic Small Pot Succulent Planter with Bamboo Tray for Office

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01/29/2023 09:17 pm GMT

Neat and tiny cactus plants present a minimalist look that suits the office. They make for the best succulents for office spaces.

These plants are not only beautiful to look at and supported by pretty ceramic pots but are also stylish and durable at the same time. The containers ensure the safety and maintenance of these office succulents. So, the cactus plants can survive and thrive even when left behind at the office during weekends and holidays.


Should succulents be in direct sunlight?

Succulents can be exposed to direct sunlight. However, it is best to do so for three hours every time, not the whole day. The best time to put them out where the sunlight can directly hit them is in the mornings. Afternoon sunlight can be more damaging. Too much direct sunlight can scorch even cacti, which we usually picture in hot deserts. The intensity of direct exposure can also cause succulents to be yellow.

Do succulents need a lot of sun?

Succulents thrive in bright sunlight but do not like direct sunlight. They may require up to six hours of sunlight. However, you need to introduce your plants to sunlight gradually. Some quickly get scorched, and some can only withstand a few hours of direct sunlight.

What is the best light for succulents?

More likely, you bought your succulents for indoor display. Some may have purchased them for a small corner garden out in the yard. Whatever the case may be, these succulents should be sheltered from too much exposure to direct sunlight. On the other hand, they become weak when not receiving adequate light. While these plants need light to grow, sunlight may not be the best light to promote growth in them. Using artificial lights or having the succulents receive filtered light through the windows may work.

Can you grow succulents in water?

You can grow succulents in water, depending on its type. Variants of echeverium, jade, and sempervivum can be rooted in water. Usually, though, succulents are rooted in the water when they struggle to grow roots in the soil.

Can you grow succulents cuttings in the water?

Yes, as mentioned above, it can be done. However, it is not 100% guaranteed to be successful. Some of the cuttings, however, thrive and root in the water. It helps when the cuttings’ ends have become callous and made to hover over water. You will benefit best if you use rainwater or distilled water.

How quickly do succulents grow?

Succulents are typically slow-growing plants. However, some can gain 2 to 4 inches within a year, which is already a good sign of health for them. Sprawling ones may cover up to 9 inches across them. Those that get ample filtered sunlight also grow faster than the ones that are cooped up inside.

What soil do succulents need?

You will notice that the live succulents in their pots that you buy do not use typical garden soil. This setup is ideal because these plants should not retain water. The water should be allowed to drain, instead. So, choose a soil mix of pumice and sand. On the other hand, an aptly named cactus soil may also be utilized.

How long do succulents live?

Succulents have a wide range of lifespans, from a mere five years to 25 years. You need to make sure that they are taken care of properly to enjoy your plants for decades to come. Some varieties only last 3 to 4 years, but produce offshoots that will carry its life over for more years to come.

Should you fertilize succulents?

Succulents can handle annual fertilizing during the spring. The most that you can fertilize them is once monthly. You have chosen these plants because they were easy to grow and let thrive in the first place.

What are the best pots for succulents?

Most of the links that you have been provided have pots included with the succulents order. If you have to order your containers, go for ceramic, terracotta, or any other material that allows the proper drainage of water. Breathable containers not only allow water drainage, but they also create excellent air circulation.

Do succulents need drainage?

As you may have figured out by now, yes, succulents need drainage. They should get just enough water to soak the soil, but the rest of the water has to drain. Using the correct type of soil and container will help proper drainage to occur. However, if a drainage setup is not possible, you can soak only the top inch of the soil. Do not water again until the soil is dry again.

Do succulents come back every year?

Plants that come back to their tiptop shape one season a year are called perennials. Cacti, for example, are perennial succulents. Other succulents may thrive as both annuals and perennials, however. Annuals are plants that live for one growing season, in the case of succulents, that often means surviving from spring to early autumn. These succulents cannot stand the cold.

Do succulents survive in winter?

Most succulents thrive in hot environments. So, cold weather is a struggle for them. They prefer temperature ranges of 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Others have more extensive ranges, from a dip to 40 F to a sweltering 90 F. It seems that some experienced gardeners have also been exposing their succulents to temperatures that generally go beyond what they can handle to induce a change in coloring.

Some do survive in winter. However, you must keep them dry for weeks. Even indoor plants that are kept in cold rooms can survive, but watering should be done every 10 to 14 days.

Do succulents attract bugs?

Succulents are naturally resistant to bugs and pests.  Insects tend not to bother them.  Many people choose the plants because they are easy to maintain indoors. 

You will need to treat your succulent with some pesticide if you see tiny bugs or white fuzz. 

Best Types of Succulents Indoors To Buy Online Summary

Succulents, as you now know, are excellent options for the busy plant lover. Here are some of the main takeaways that you can focus on:

  • They do need to be fertilized much. Once a month is already the most, often you can do it.
  • They do not need a lot of watering, especially during the winter.
  • They survive and thrive well. When exposed to extreme conditions for a short period, they adjust and produce attractive colors.
  • They do not cost much. The prices are only high when you buy in bulk, but you are getting a discount even then. You can also sell the others that you have purchased, for a profit. You just need to add a little twist to your advertising because the market is pretty saturated.
  • Most types can survive indoors, through filtered or artificial lighting conditions.

So, what do you think? Succulents sound like a quick way to freshen up any home or office space, without the stress. Buy a big pot of succulents or a mini collection of four to try it out for yourself. Then, you can personally conclude if you want to commit.