Texas Summer Giveaway Bash: THE RINK

Looking for another way to bet the Texas heat this summer?  Check out The Rink. Not only is it  a skating rink, it’s also a “Family Fun Center!” The Rink offers a multi-level playground, an arcade, snack bar and a DJ to keep the party going. For those not into all that jazz, or for the blogging mamas, they also have wi-fi!

Planning a birthday party soon? Well, you are in for a treat because The Rink has offer a $25 Gift Certificate towards a birthday party! Not having a birthday party, not a problem, just bring your family over to enjoy a day at The Rink, take a look at the birthday packages and if you get the Package #1 you only pay a $6 difference! What a deal.


Entries Include:

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Have fun and stay tuned later today and over the next couple weeks for more Great Giveaways!


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