Target Makeup Return Policy – No Receipt? After 90 Days? Used?

Target is a popular shopping destination for millions of Americans. Its stores are known for their addictive shopping experience. Even the Urban Dictionary calls it the “Target Effect.” A customer walks into a Target store to pick a few grocery items like cheap diapers, cubed or crushed ice, or a bottle of filtered water. But, still, they end up buying protein powders and shakes, a laminator for home use, or some of the cheapest food to buy on a budget.

It’s called impulse buying or overspending in financial terms. Make it your habit to carry a shopping list when going to Target lest you succumb to the “Target Effect.” It’s one of the top frugal living tips with a big impact on saving money.

I digress.

Target has nearly 1,900 locations with in-store beauty departments carrying over 150 different makeup brands.

Beauty and household essentials are the best performing product segment at Target, which makes up to 26% of its total sales, according to Statista. It’s been increasing its merchandise offerings through private labels and brand partnerships. The most recent one is a partnership with Ulta Beauty, the second leading health and beauty retailer in the US.

That makes it easier than ever before for customers to get makeup, skincare products, health products, and cosmetic products at Target stores and online on Increasing the cosmetics department makes sense because 60-63% of Target’s base shoppers are female.

But before you start buying cosmetics at Target, it helps to understand the Target makeup return policy. It can save you unwanted stress down the line if you change your mind about the purchase, the makeup has dried out, or the product doesn’t work well with your skin.

So can you return makeup products to Target?

Short Answer: Target’s makeup return policy allows customers to return most makeup products to Target within 90 days from the date of purchase, with a receipt. Purchases made with the Target RedCard have a more generous 120-day return window. Even better, makeup brands owned by Target have the most generous return window, up to 1 year from the purchase date. In addition, receipt returns are eligible for a refund of the purchase amount to the original payment method used to cover the purchase.

Standard 90-day returns that breach the return window aren’t eligible for full refunds. Mostly, you’ll receive an exchange or get the equivalent of the item’s lowest price over the last 90 days loaded on an in-store merchandise gift card that you can use for other Target purchases.

Non-receipt makeup from Target can also be returned after 24 hours as long as you can provide an alternative proof of purchase. In addition, target associates can use your payment method to find information about your purchase. So if you lost the receipt, don’t panic.

Slightly used or open Target makeup brands can also be returned for valid reasons. However, Target won’t accept empty or nearly empty makeup containers. So again, Target doesn’t accept makeup returns after the eligible return window has elapsed. At times, you may be able to exchange the makeup or get store credit, but that’s usually at the store manager’s discretion.

That said, Target doesn’t offer special holiday returns for makeup products. Sales schedules and clearance items or defective makeup items, like dried-out makeup and gifts, are all subject to the standard 90-day makeup return policy.

All returns can be made in person to any store at the customer service counter during regular Target store hours, even nearby 24-hour retail stores. In addition, online returns are eligible for in-store or online returns via mail.

Can You Return Makeup to Target?

Yes, you can return makeup to Target. The return window is 90-days for most of the makeup items purchased using any other payment method except the Target RedCard. A Target RedCard makeup purchase has an extended return period of up to 120 days, while Target-owned makeup brands can be returned within one year from the purchase date.

You’ll have your money refunded to the original payment method used to cover the purchase for returns made with a receipt. Most non-receipt returns are eligible for an exchange or store credit through a Target merchandise card that you can use to make in-store purchases.

Can You Return Used Makeup to Target?

Yes, you can return used or opened makeup to Target. Wow! That means you can game the retailer to experiment with their beauty products without actually buying them, right? Well, wrong!

Of course, Target knows that dishonest buyers will try to manipulate the return policy to use cosmetic items without paying for them. Thus, only opened or slightly used makeup items are eligible for returns within 90 days, 120 days for RedCard purchases, and 1-year for Target-owned makeup brands. 

Target won’t accept any returns of fully-used or nearly empty makeup containers. That means you can’t buy makeup from Target, use it for days or weeks, and then return it to get your money or exchange it for new ones.

Plus, all returns are subject to a return verification process by store associates. Open or slightly used makeup items without a receipt have a slim chance of approval. So it helps to have the original receipt to tilt the odds of a refund or exchange in your favor. In the end, it’s upon the store manager to decide whether used or opened makeup products will be accepted.

That said, don’t shy away from returning opened defective makeup products like dried out makeup, damaged products, or makeup that you applied once or twice only to find that it doesn’t look good on you. As long as you have valid reasons and the receipt, Target will give you a refund, exchange, or store credit.

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Can You Return Makeup to Target Without a Receipt?

Yes, you can return makeup to Target without a receipt. However, it helps to have the receipt to tilt the odds of approval in your favor, especially if the makeup is opened or slightly used or you made a cash purchase.

Depending on the type of payment used to make the purchase, Target associates can use your payment details to track the purchase. Thus, make sure you bring your Reliacard, Target RedCard, current or expired debit card, credit card with a chip, personal check, gift cards, or Venmo app in Target used to pay for the item as an alternative proof of purchase.

However, you may not be able to make a non-receipt return to a Target store until after 24 hours. It’s because the Target payment system takes up to 24 hours to update sales data. Therefore, you’ll need the receipt to prove that you purchased the item at Target for same-day returns. 

If you seriously need to make same-day returns, try going to a different Target location to see whether you’ll have your return processed. Cash purchases or other forms of payment can be denied if the customer cannot provide proof of purchase. Also, it’s only eligible for in-store credit via a merchandise return card.

That said, Target limits non-receipt returns to stop fraudulent buyers. You can only get up to $150 worth of non-receipt returns within 1-year. You’ll also be required to produce your government-issued photo ID for identification to prevent fraud. You won’t be able to make any more non-receipt returns at Target once you hit the $150 limit.

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Can You Return Makeup To Target After 90 Days?

Yes, you can return makeup to Target stores after 90 days. There are several ways to return cosmetics after 90 days. One way is to use the Target RedCard to pay for the purchase. Any makeup products purchased using the Target RedCard have an extended return window of up to 120 days.

The second way is to make sure you purchase a Target-owned makeup brand. Regardless of the payment method used, Target private label brands are eligible for returns within one year from purchase.

The third way is by getting a friendly customer service representative. Take your chances returning makeup items after the standard 90-day return window elapses. You may have a good chance of approval if you have the receipt and the makeup is unopened or unused. 

Mostly, Target refuses to accept items that breach the standard store return policy. Whether or not your return is approved after 90 days rests at the store manager’s discretion. But as you know, it never hurts to try!

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Can I Return Makeup to Target that I Bought Online?

Yes, you can return makeup bought online at to any Target store. One advantage of online purchases is that they come with multiple ways to verify your purchase. For instance, you can use the online purchase slip in the box, the Target delivery or shipping confirmation mail, the original payment method used, or the barcode found in the Target app as proof of purchase when you present the item to the customer service counter.

If you aren’t in a hurry or don’t feel like driving to a Target store, you have the option of mailing in your return from the comfort of your house. Simply log into your account to request a return via the Target Online Returns Center.

If the return results from Target’s shipping error, you’ll receive a free shipping label to send back the item. Otherwise, you may have to pay the return fee.

If all goes well and your return is approved, you’ll receive your refund on the original payment method at the time of purchase, about ten days after Target receives the returned items. Buyers without a payment method on file can expect to get a return check within 14 days. If the return is declined, the item will be mailed back to you via FedEx or UPS.

That said, some makeup items bought online can only be returned in-store. In that case, you’ll receive a notification from about where to return the item.

Frugal Reality Tip: You’re better off returning items in-store than online; unlike online returns that come with lengthy processing and shipping fees, in-store returns process immediately at no extra cost.

Can I Return Items To Any Target Store?

Items bought in-store at Target or online at can be returned to any Target store location within the allowable return window. So it doesn’t matter whether you bought the item in-store or online. Just bring the makeup to any Target store location and present it to the customer service desk during Target’s regular store hours.

Bring the receipt or the payment method used to buy the stuff and a valid photo ID if you don’t have the receipt for in-store purchases. It helps expedite the return process because Target associates can use your payment details to look up the purchase and your ID for identification to help avoid fraud for non-receipt returns.

If you made the purchase online at, you could use the barcode in your Target app, the purchase slip, or the confirmation purchase or delivery email as proof of purchase.

Once your return is processed, the refund amount will be credited to the original payment method used to cover the purchase. Non-receipt returns are eligible for a Target store credit or an exchange.

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What’s the Policy for Returning Target Owned Brands?

Target carries over 40 Target-owned makeup brands, which have the most generous return policy. You can return Target-owned makeup items bought from Target online or in-store within 1-year from the purchase date. Both non-receipt and receipt returns are acceptable, but it helps to bring the receipt for an easier, expedited return process.

Target will also take back open and slightly used exclusive brands. However, you won’t be able to manipulate the return policy to game the retailer. A verification process is in place to ensure that only genuine returns are accepted. For instance, you can’t return fully-used or almost empty exclusive brand makeup containers to Target stores. 

Valid reasons to return makeup to the store include dried-out makeup, defective or damaged makeup. You can also return an opened makeup if it doesn’t fit your taste or is allergic to your skin.

Here’s a list of 48 private labels that can be returned to Target within a year:

  • A New Day
  • All in Motion
  • Archer Farms
  • Art Class
  • Auden
  • AVA & VIV
  • Boots & Barkley
  • Bullseye’s Playground
  • Casaluna
  • Cat & Jack
  • Cloud Island
  • Colsie
  • Embark
  • Everspring
  • Favorite Day
  • Good & Gather
  • Goodfellow & Co
  • Hearth & Hand with Magnolia
  • Heyday
  • Hyde & EEK Boutique
  • JoyLab
  • Kindfull
  • Knox Rose
  • Kona Sol
  • Made By Design
  • Market M=Pantry
  • Mondo Llama
  • More Than Magic
  • Opalhouse
  • Open Story
  • Original Use
  • Pillowfort
  • Project 62
  • Room Essentials
  • Shade & Shore
  • Simply Balanced
  • Smartly
  • Smith & Hawken
  • Sonia Kashuk
  • Spritz
  • Stars Above
  • Sun Squad
  • Threshold
  • Universal Thread
  • Up & up
  • Wild Fable
  • Wondershop
  • Xhilaration

What’s the Return Policy for Clearance Items at Target?

Target’s return policy for clearance items allows users to return items to its stores within 90 days for a refund or exchange. The same policy applies to defective or damaged products.

However, you won’t get any price adjustment when returning clearance items, like makeup. The items will be refunded or exchanged at the price when purchased, net of any printed or online coupons. So if the item’s price has dropped since buying it, you won’t take advantage of that.

Target Makeup Return Policy Summary

Target carries over 150 different makeup brands and several private label makeup brands. That makes its stores great places to buy makeup, skincare products, health, and cosmetics goods.

The standard Target makeup return policy requires cosmetics products to be returned to its stores within 90 days from the purchase date. Items paid for with the Target RedCard have an extended return window of up to 120 days, while Target private label makeup brands can be returned to Target stores within 1-year from the purchase date.

Receipt returns are eligible for a full refund to the original purchase method, while non-receipt returns qualify for an exchange or in-store merchandise return card. In addition, items can be returned to any Target store regardless of whether they were bought at or a different Target store.

You’re better off making in-store returns than online returns. While online returns take longer to process and may come with extra return fees, in-store returns process faster at no extra cost.

And the good thing is, there are nearly 1,900 Target stores in all 50 states. Thus, you’re pretty sure to find a Target location within 10 miles to return unwanted or defective makeup products hassle-free. Just present it to the customers’ service desk during Target’s regular hours of operation.

Use the Target store locator to find a nearby store.