Does Planet Fitness Have Showers, Lockers & Towels? Dress Code?

Planet Fitness Have Showers, Lockers & Towels - Frugal Reality

The United States has approximately 32,270 health clubs or gyms, and 64 million Americans belonged to at least one health club in 2019. The numbers may have fallen in the wake of the pandemic, but as the COVID-19 cases slowly subside, memberships are expected to rise again. In fact, when Planet Fitness reopened its locations, … Read more

Does Planet Fitness Have WiFi? Is WiFi Free?

Planet Fitness Have WiFi - Frugal Reality

Though the current pandemic has hurt most fitness centers, many are now slowly beginning to recover and increase memberships again.  Planet Fitness has grown to over 15 million members with over 2,100 franchise gym locations. It’s well-known for its low membership fees and no-nonsense approach to fitness for family membership and individuals. Many people are … Read more