Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms on a Budget

Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms on a Budget

Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms on a Budget

Depending on where you live, the cost of living typically takes up the majority of your overall living expenses.  In big cities, such as Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York, you may end up spending over $1,000 in rent for a 500-square-foot, one-bedroom apartment.  

Though your space may have the best view of the area you live in, you are left with limited space in your actual bedroom and living area.  With the maximalist lifestyle that many of us live,  that can make it difficult to find a sufficient place for all your belongings.  However, there are many different storage options that you can try to make the best of your small living spaces and suit both your style and budget as a frugal consumer.

Double-Duty Furniture Storage

“When trying to make the most of a small living space, think vertical instead of horizontal. Incorporating storage that doubles as furniture will help enhance a small space as well!” – Lora Anthony, Marketing at Michaels

Though it seems relatively simple, this was one of the great tips we were able to grab from avid decorator and organizer, Lora Anthony. 

Like Lora, many of us believe that in bedrooms, the biggest and sometimes most expensive part of the space is the furniture.   From bed frames to dressers and armoires, furniture can take up a large portion of your living space and give the illusion of clutter.  While some of your furniture pieces are essential, others may need to be sacrificed because of the limited room.

In the case of furniture pieces like side tables, TV stands, and desks, there’s so much opportunity to combine function and design in your space. Instead of purchasing a typical furniture piece with just a flat tabletop and four legs, try finding furniture pieces that double as storage

One specific idea for a side table is a vertical cube organizer.  They typically sell for around $30 and give off a very minimalist style.  They are the perfect shelving system for stacking books, placing decor, or even storing clothing.  With the addition of foldable and inexpensive fabric bins that can go inside each cube, you will be able to store your belongings and tuck them away to avoid showcasing clutter in your space.  You can also find great options for bookshelves and storage racks that will match your space’s aesthetic and remain functional for storing your belongings.

Not only will finding double-duty storage furniture save you space, but it will also help with saving money.  As a frugal consumer with a budget to maintain, saving money on furniture will certainly help. Instead of having to purchase several expensive furniture pieces and several functional storage solutions, you can stick to your budget by combining the two.  Depending on the price, you may even find double-duty furniture storage to be more valuable because of how useful it will be in your space.

Bedroom Bookshelf Ideas

Utilizing floating or mounted shelving in your bedroom or living area is the perfect budget-friendly storage option for a small interior.  Although it may not seem like what you typically think of when it comes to storage, shelving allows you to store as many supplies as the shelf can hold while keeping them up and out of the way.  With many different shapes, configurations, and color options to choose from, you can easily incorporate shelving into any style.

There are plenty of options for inexpensive yet quality shelves for any frugal consumer out there. When storing lighter objects like small decor, plants, and containers, simple and minimalist-style shelving is perfect and typically sold for around $30. 

To hold larger and heavier items, you may be interested in installing your DIY shelving to ensure that all of your supplies will be kept safely.  You can purchase wood and shelving hardware from any home improvement store and customize the shelves to your liking at a quarter of the cost.

Small Desk Organization Ideas

Given their small size, desk organizers are the perfect addition to support both functionality and your frugal lifestyle throughout your home. When it comes to organizing an area with limited space, we often focus on finding a place for the bigger pieces in our rooms first.  

Sometimes, even though the space is organized, it can still feel cluttered somehow.  Typically, this is because our smaller belongings, like beauty tools or office supplies, don’t have a designated place. Desk organizers are great furniture with hidden storage.  They work perfectly for all of these items because they allow every small thing to be hidden away for a low price.

Depending on the type and size of your organizer, you can spend around $15 for a small desk drawer unit or tray. They can easily be placed on any tabletop you have in your room as a small item storage solution.

DIY Under-the-Bed Storage Ideas

Underneath your bed is also a great place to store your supplies.  Although this strategy is typically seen in many dorm room setups, you can still incorporate a more stylized and mature version of this concept into your bedroom.  If you are looking to follow the quick and functional furniture route, you will want to choose a bed frame that comes with built-in storage.

While some offer simple drawers, others give you the option of a trundle, which will store another mattress.  This is perfect for a small bedroom space with multiple people or if you are someone who often has guests over.  You can pull out the bed anytime you need it and tuck it away in the morning like it was never there.

Thankfully, if this is an option you are interested in, there are several frugal options as well. Many will create DIY bed platform ideas on their own.  There are several intricate and creative storage platform bed projects you can try for those of you who are avid builders and DIYers.  However, for a more straightforward project, you can also create your DIY pallet or crate bed frame with just a few, inexpensive (and possibly free) supplies.  This method requires little to no experience with building and construction and can be what makes your bedroom space functional and authentic.

Over-the-Door Organizer Ideas

With such limited space in an apartment or living space, you’ll want to be creative with where you incorporate storage.  Start by looking for underutilized areas of your space. For example, the back of a room, closet, or cabinet door is typically bare and empty.  However, with the use of organizers and racks, you can store everything from electronics to cleaning supplies.  You can find a range of different baskets or multi-tiered racks for less than $20 to help maintain your frugal budget and keep your belongings stored away.

Storage Mirror Ideas for Small Spaces

Another underrated yet useful storage option is the use of mirrors.  What many people don’t know is that there is a large variety of storage and organizational mirrors on the market for very budget-friendly prices. 

Many major decor retailers offer a range of different mirror options that will help to keep your bedroom decluttered.  Thankfully, they can be found at a reasonable price as well, depending on the size and style. 

One of the more popular options of storage mirrors is a mirror jewelry organizer.  Not only does it resemble the typical over-the-door or floor mirrors we have in our rooms already, but depending on the type, you can open them up or slide them open to reveal rows of shelving and storage.  The hidden element of this storage option is what makes it so unique, but there are plenty of options with open shelving around the mirror as well. 

If you are living in a small living space without a closet for clothing storage, it may be helpful for you to buy an armoire or wardrobe with mirrors on the outside. While the mirrors seem like an unnecessary detail, they will actually help with making your space feel larger than it is. The mirror will reflect more light within your area and give the illusion that your bedroom is expansive.

Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms Summary

Although you may live in a small bedroom with a limited budget, you don’t have to settle for your room and living space being cluttered. Take advantage of these tips in your own space. From purchasing retail products to creating your own DIY masterpieces, you can still achieve your dream bedroom even with a small space and budget. Comment below which tip is your favorite.


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