9 Places To Get SodaStream Carbonator Exchange – CO2 Refill

SodaStream machines offer a lot of convenience for frugal living. These sparkling water makers make it easy for anyone to make carbonated water at home. You can even buy flavor drops and add them to your “bubble” water to make soda from the comfort of your house!

To achieve that, the machines come with a SodaStream canister filled with carbon dioxide that carbonates the water by adding bubbles to it. The canisters come in different sizes, but the standard SodaStream cylinder size is 60 liters, making 60 liters of sparkling water. Thus, you’ll need to exchange your carbonator every 60 liters.

That’s why many frugal, environmentally-conscious consumers want to know where to exchange SodaStream cartridges. After all, the cost of a new canister costs about $30, while a SodaStream tank exchange costs only about $15.

So why buy it new when you can exchange an empty SodaStream cylinder at half price! Furthermore, that extra $15 can be put towards other financial goals, like saving $10k in a year, buying income-producing assets, or building a six-figure or seven-figure retirement nest egg

Savings aside, a tank exchange is the best way to go green and help roll back the threat of global warming. One SodaStream cylinder is equivalent to 3,070 disposable bottles. So anytime you exchange your tank vs. tossing SodaStream bottles in landfills, you can proudly sleep at night knowing that you’ve put mother earth first.

So, where can you get SodaStream gas refills?

Short Answer: There are several SodaStream cartridge exchange locations where you can get a CO2 refill in-store. The top SodaStream CO2 exchanges near me include Walmart, Target, Willian Sonoma, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond, Staples, and Kohl’s.

You can also conveniently exchange SodaStream cylinders online from home if you don’t feel like leaving. Amazon and the SodaStream company are the top places to order SodaStream cartridge exchange delivery. You’ll have a full tank shipped to your home in exchange for your empty canister. 

You can schedule a swap from the SodaStream website or buy directly from Amazon. Online SodaStream refill exchange prices may be slightly lower than in-store refills, but remember to account for shipping fees. 

If you want to slash the shipping cost, swap SodaStream canisters in-store. Many places sell SodaStream 60L CO2 exchange carbonators, but you can also exchange the cartridges for other sizes. Costs will vary depending on cylinder size and the place you visit, but the average price is $15-$20 for a 60-liter SodaStream tank.

But given the continuous logistics and delivery problems facing retailers, it’s advised to check availability and prices before visiting your nearby store.

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How Does SodaStream Exchange Work at Stores?

SodaStream exchange is a pretty straightforward process at retail stores. If you have a 60-liter tank, you’ll run out of bubbles after every 60-liters. The easiest way to get SodaStream gas refills is to look for nearby cartridge exchange locations. 

Bring your empty CO2 cylinder to an authorized SodaStream location. They’ll exchange it for a filled one and give you credit toward a new bottle. The store will then return the empty canister to the SodaStream company, where it’ll be cleaned, inspected, sterilized, and refilled with CO2.

How Long Do SodaStream CO2 Bottles Last?

No one answer fits all when it comes to how long SodaStream CO2 bottles last. It depends on the size of your cartridges and how often you make fizzy drinks. Generally, the 60-liter SodaStream canister makes an average of 60 liters of sparkling water before it runs out, while the 130-liter tank will bubble up 130L of water.

Thus, you can expect your SodaStream bottles to last  4 to 8 weeks with regular use. To avoid running out of sparkling water sooner than expected, consider reducing the duration you press the carbonating button per use. SodaStream recommends 1-2 seconds per use. 

Keeping 2-3 cylinders is a great way to ensure that you’ve enough gas on hand. Your bubbles will not only last longer, but you can also take advantage of reduced shipping charges anytime you exchange two bottles online at SodaStream company.

That said, bottles can only be recycled before they run their lifespan. Over time, they undergo wear and tear and become unusable. On average, your carbonating bottles are reusable for up to 3 years, after which they require replacement.

Can I Return Empty SodaStream Cylinders for my Deposit Back?

No, you can’t return an empty SodaStream cylinder for a deposit because you don’t put down a deposit at the time of purchase. When you buy a new tank for around $30, you pay for the bottle and CO2 gas in it. Thus, you reserve the right to use the bottle until it runs its lifespan.

But if you have unwanted empty cylinders that you no longer need, you can return them to the nearby SodaStream retailers without exchanging for a full cylinder. If that’s the case, SodaStream will issue you a check for $1 per empty carbonating cylinder.

Alternatively, you can contact SodaStream customer care via email or phone at 800-763-2258.

They’ll send a prepaid shipping label to return any empty, unwanted carbonator and receive $1 per cylinder via check.

Where to Exchange SodaStream CO2 Cylinders Online?

SodaStream tank exchange is an easy way to save money, go green, and keep the planet clean. Luckily, the Internet has made things easier. It’s possible to order a SodaStream cartridge exchange delivery from the comfort of your house. That’s perfect for busy consumers who work all day and have little to no time to visit carbonator exchange locations. 

Top places to exchange SodaStream CO2 cylinders online include:

1. SodaStream Company

The SodaStream company is the number one sparkling water brand across the world. They’ve revolutionized the beverage industry by eliminating single-use plastic from the environment with refillable CO2 tanks.  

The company also sells over 100 types of flavorings and syrups to make carbonated drinks. Thus, the SodaStream company is your one-stop place to exchange SodaStream canisters online and buy new bubbly flavor drops.

How does Cartridge Exchange Work at SodaStream Website?

You get a full SodaStream canister delivered at home in exchange for an empty one. Simply visit the SodaStream exchange page and click the “Get Refill” icon. Then enter your ZIP Code to see whether your area is eligible for delivery service.

Add an exchange to your cart, checkout, and wait for your canister to arrive. You’ll receive your full cylinders along with a pre-printed USPS shipping label inside the cardboard box. 

Package your empties with the same box and apply the return shipping label. You can leave the package in your mailbox, give it to your postman, or drop-off at a nearby USPS location. You’re supposed to return an empty cylinder within 30 days from the date of exchange for each full one delivered.

How Much Does it Cost to Exchange a Cylinder at SodaStream Website?

The SodaStream refill exchange price is $15 when swapping one carbonator and about $8 per cylinder if you exchange two. If you don’t have empty cylinders or if you don’t send back empty bottles within 30 days, you’ll be charged an additional $15 for each full SodaStream tank shipped.

Thus, you can cut the SodaStream refill cost by half if you exchange two or more cartridges at a time. Again, you’ll be saving over 45% in shipping fees. To avoid the additional $15 surcharge, make sure you return empty bottles before the 30-day return window elapses.

Order a SodaStream carbonator exchange online from the company.

2. Amazon

Amazon comes to mind when you mention online shopping. The online retailer is a place where you can buy almost anything, including replacement CO2 tanks. Plus, Amazon has over 200 million Prime Members that like expedited shipping.

Amazon is a cheap place to trade two SodaStream 60L CO2 exchange carbonators for a reasonable price. The refill exchange price is about $50 for two 60-liter bottles, but the swap comes with a $15 Amazon gift card.

The carbonators will be delivered in an original Amazon-branded box with a USPS return label inside. The same box must be used to return empty carbonating bottles.

So, package your empty bottles in the box, attach the return label, and take them to your nearby USPS store. Only empty CO2 cylinders sold by Amazon and SodaStream USA are eligible for the exchange program.

Order a SodaStream Carbonator exchange online from Amazon.

Where to Exchange SodaStream CO2 Cartridges Near Me?

Ordering online may not work for everyone. It can even be a hassle for low-income families who don’t get free Wi-Fi at home or haven’t benefited from free government Internet and a laptop. However, that’s where nearby SodaStream cartridge exchange retailers can help.

Top places to exchange SodaStream CO2 carbonators near me include:

3. Target

Target is the eighth-largest brick-and-mortar store in the US. It has over 1,910 retail locations throughout the country where you can get SodaStream gas refills. The average price for a 60-liter SodaStream canister is $16.95.

How does SodaStream Cartridge Exchange Work at Target?

SodaStream cylinders are exchanged at Target by bringing them to the in-store Guest Services counter.

It allows you to save up to 50% on CO2 cylinders. However, note that all empty cylinders must be returned to Target in-store within 30 days of purchase.

If you don’t bring your empty cylinders during the return hours and allowable timeframe, you will be charged the full price for exchanging with new ones.

How Much Does it Cost to Exchange SodaStream Cylinders at Target?

The cost of SodaStream refills at Target varies from store to store. On average, you can expect to pay $16.95 for a 60-liter SodaStream canister. The prices range from $15-$20 based on the Target location,  your RedCard 5% off, and any weekly online coupons.

That makes Target among the most expensive places for SodaStream tank exchanges. All other places, including Walmart, SodaStream, and Best Buy, charge around $14.99. So you need to weigh your option when buying between Walmart and Target.

If you don’t have an empty exchange bottle, you can purchase full SodaStream carbonators at Target for about $29.99 or $64.99 for a set of two.

Can I Refill my SodaStream at Target Online?

Yes, SodaStream cartridge exchange delivery is available on Target.com for same-day pickup and standard home delivery options. For faster delivery, choose the same-day pickup option, then go to your preferred Target location for pick up within 2-6 hours of placing your order.

But if you’re willing to wait, opt for the standard delivery option, which takes up to a couple of days to get your refilled canister shipped to your address. But two days can feel like forever if you don’t have an extra bottle to use in the meantime. In that case, you can pay extra for expedited next-day delivery.

Either way, it’s advisable to keep an extra SodaStream cylinder on hand to bubble up as you wait for new orders from Target to arrive.

Target.com payment methods accepted include credit cards, third-party debit cards, Target gift cards, American Express gift card balances, Affirm, PayPal, and Venmo on the Target app too.

Find a nearby Target that exchanges SodaStream bottles.

4. Bed Bath and Beyond

Beth Bath and Beyond is a top place to get SodaStream cartridge exchange near me, with over 1,500 stores in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia, and Canada.

So when your SodaStream canisters run out, don’t throw them away or buy new ones right away. Instead, bring them to your nearby Beth Bath and Beyond store and exchange them for full ones for about a 50% discount.

But if you don’t have empty carbonators to exchange, you can order a full one from Bed Bath and Beyond online for about $29.99 and shipped to your address. A minimum of two per order is required for shipping, while exchanges are only available in-store.

How Does SodaStream Carbonator Exchange Work at Bed Bath and Beyond?

You can swap SodaStream carbonator bottles at Bed Bath and Beyond in-store. Simply bring your empty cartridges to the customer service desk in front and let the store associate know that you’d like an exchange.

By regularly exchanging your CO2 cylinders at Beth Bath and Beyond, you can save up to 50% of the cost of buying a new one.

However, you’ll have to pay the full price of $29.99 for a new full canister if you don’t have an empty one to exchange.

How Much Does it Cost to Exchange SodaStream Cylinder at Bed Bath and Beyond?

SodaStream 60L CO2 exchange carbonator price at Beth Bath and Beyond costs about $15. However, you can cut the cost almost by half if you exchange two SodaStream bottles simultaneously and get them for only $10 each. Also, don’t forget to bring a Bed Bath and Beyond coupon. As of this writing, the 20% coupon doesn’t exclude SodaStream products.

Find a nearby Bed Bath and Beyond that exchanges SodaStream cylinders.

5. Best Buy

Best Buy operates over 1,050 electronics and appliance stores throughout the United States that sell SodaStream gas refills and buy used electronics.

How Does SodaStream Carbonator Exchange Work at Best Buy?

SodaStream carbonator exchange refills at Best Buy work similarly to Target and Walmart. Simply bring your empty CO2 bottles to the Best Buy customer service desk and inform a store associate that you’d like them refilled to exchange for full ones at half the price. 

The store also gives credit for your empty CO2 bottles if you can’t get them refilled. The store credit is applied toward the purchase of a new tank. Best Buy also offers CO2 refills and new cartridge purchases online.

Best Buy doesn’t exchange carbonators online. You can only do it in-store.

How Much Does it Cost to Exchange SodaStream Cylinder at Best Buy?

SodaStream refill exchange price is about $14.99 for a 60-liter carbonator at Best Buy. That’s about $2 cheaper compared to Target’s average price of $16.99. It makes Best Buy a cheap place to refill or exchange SodaStream cylinders. 

Take advantage of Best Buy’s low prices and save money buying new SodaStream bottles at around $30.

You can also receive credit for your empty CO2 bottles if you no longer want to refill them.

Find a nearby Best Buy that exchanges SodaStream tanks.

6. Walmart

Walmart is the largest brick-and-mortar retailer in the country, with nearly 5,000 locations across all 50 states. You’re likely to find a Walmart every 10 miles from your house to exchange SodaStream cylinders. Again, Walmart has 24-hour stores at some locations for late-night purchases or access Walmart check cashing services at an odd hour.

That said, millions of Americans shop at Walmart, so it’s always good to confirm availability before you make the trip to save time and gas money. Online Walmart listings will show whether an item is in-stock or out of stock, but you can also call your local Walmart store directly to confirm availability.

How Does SodaStream Carbonator Exchange Work at Walmart?

SodaStream tank exchange at Walmart works by bringing your empty cylinder to the customer service desk near the front of the store during Walmart return hours. Once there, visit the Walmart money service desk and let them know that you want to exchange your bottle for a full one.

You’ll have your cartridges exchanged at 50% less than the cost of purchasing a new one. A 60-liter CO2 contains about 14.5 ounces of compressed CO2 gas and will bubble up about 60L of water.

To avoid inconvenience, you can buy a spare bottle for about $29.99, so you’ll never go flat.

How Much Does it Cost to Exchange SodaStream Cylinder at Walmart?

The SodaStream 60L CO2 exchange cylinder price at Walmart costs around $14.96. The price may vary slightly depending on the place you visit and food inflation, but it’s usually below $15.

Find a nearby Walmart supercenter that exchanges SodaStream cylinders and takes Venmo to buy stuff.

7. Kohl’s

Kohl’s has over 1,150 retail stores in the US. It sells cheap trendy clothes, appliances, costume jewelry, home décor, faucet water filters, and more. Its stores are also among the top places to exchange SodaStream canisters, thanks to it accepting returns for Amazon in-store.

How Does SodaStream Carbonator Exchange Work at Kohl’s?

SodaStream carbonator exchanges work at Kohl’s by bringing your empty CO2 bottles to your nearby Kohl’s locations. Then, take it to the customer service desk and let them know that you want to exchange empty bottles for full ones.

As long as you have empty bottles to exchange, you’ll only pay the cost of a gas refill, which is half the price of a new one. You can use the extra money to buy your favorite flavors and drink mixes, filtered water, slippers for hardwood floors, or even a portable FM radio for camping.

Kohl’s limits SodaStream refills to 5 per household and are only available in-store.

How Much Does it Cost to Exchange SodaStream Cylinder at Kohl’s?

SodaStream refill exchange price at Kohl’s can be anywhere between $19 to $24 depending on the location you visit. Unfortunately, that makes Kohl’s among the most expensive places to exchange SodaStream cartridges.

However, the best way to find the current price is to contact your local Kohl’s store. Alternatively, you can ask Kohl’s customer services when you bring your empty carbonating tanks for a refill. Kohl’s maintains that you’ll be able to save 50% on a full cylinder if you exchange an empty bottle.

Find a nearby Kohl’s that does SodaStream carbonator exchanges. 

8. Staples

Staples primarily sells office supplies and related products, like the best laptop computer for a Cricut Maker or vertical monitors and accessories. They have about 302 stores across the US that exchange SodaStream canisters and offer laminating services.

How Does SodaStream Carbonator Exchange Work at Staples?

To exchange SodaStream cartridges at Staples, bring your empty CO2 cylinder to the customer service desk at the front of the store. The store associate will inspect the cylinder then exchange it for a new one for half price.

How Much Does it Cost to Exchange SodaStream Cylinder at Staples?

SodaStream 60L CO2 exchange carbonator price at Staples is about $15. So instead of buying a new tank every time the existing one runs out, you can save money swapping cartridges at Staples.

Find a nearby Staples that does SodaStream carbonator exchanges.

9. William Sonoma

William Sonoma is known for top-notch kitchenware and home furnishing like water faucet filters at over 625 stores.

How Does SodaStream Carbonator Exchange Work at William Sonoma?

It’s pretty simple. Just bring your empty carbonating bottles to the customer service desk for an inspection and exchange.

You can also buy new bottles for William Sonoma for around $30 each. Having a spare prevents you from running out of CO2 for flavored bubbly water.

How Much Does it Cost to Exchange SodaStream Cylinder at William Sonoma?

While prices may vary slightly by location, SodaStream 60-liter exchange carbonator refill costs about $50 at William Sonoma. To avoid guesswork, either call the store or check online for availability and price.

Find a nearby William Sonoma that exchanges SodaStream cartridges.

Can I Get a SodaStream Refill Exchange at Costco?

No, Costco doesn’t exchange SodaStream cylinders, but it’s a great place to buy cheap meat or discounted sneakers online at wholesale prices. Also, you won’t get a SodaStream refill exchange at Safeway, nor does Home Depot exchange cartridges.

What Retailers Sell New SodaStream Cylinders?

Here’s a list of retails that sell SodaStream cylinders but don’t exchange or refill:

Places to Get SodaStream Carbonator Exchange Summary 

What happens when you dispose of the SodaStream brass and aluminum bottles in landfills with other scrap metals? It hurts your pocket and the environment. Thus, canister exchange is a great way to make money fast, go green, and save the planet. Moreover, it’s one of the easiest things to flip for a profit nearby.

Recycling a bottle cuts your cost by half.

And the good thing is, there are many places to get your SodaStream 60L CO2 exchange carbonator. If you’re short on time or don’t feel like getting dressed, order directly from the SodaStream company or Amazon. At the same time, Walmart and Target are top places for in-store refills.

For online delivery, your SodaStream cartridges will come packaged in a box. Don’t throw the boxes away. You’ll need the cardboard boxes to send back empty bottles, so you don’t pay the full price for a new one. Again, you can make money recycling cardboard boxes from leftover packages.

Costs vary slightly based on the retailer, but you can expect to pay $14.99-$20 for a 60-liter CO2 SodaStream refill. In most places, you should be able to save up to 50% refilling an empty bottle vs. buying a new canister.

That said, Costco, Safeway, and Home Depot don’t offer SodaStream tank exchanges in-store or online.