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Buy Hobby Lobby Gift Cards - Frugal Reality

Where Can I Buy Hobby Lobby Gift Cards? LIMITED! Check Balance for Exchange Card

People love gifts. After all, who doesn’t like receiving a surprise gift during holidays or a special occasion —like a birthday or a wedding— from a loved one? That’s why the gifting culture is on the rise. According to BDO, ... Read More ...
Where To Buy Bread Bowls Near Me - Frugal Reality

17 Places To Buy Bread Bowls Near Me? Panera? Online? Reheat?

Have you committed to save $10,000 in a year? It’s a great financial goal, but it won’t just happen. You need to find ways to drastically cut expenses and save every dollar possible. One of the top frugal living tips ... Read More ...
Where to get rotors turned - Frugal Reality

14 Best Places To Get Rotors Turned Near Me – Cost to Resurface Brakes

It costs approximately $5,000 annually to own a car in the United States. The expense of owning a car includes the average car payments, gas, car insurance, and replacement parts and maintenance. Costs can even be higher based on where ... Read More ...
How Much Powder Coat Wheels - Frugal Reality

How Much To Powder Coat Wheels and Rims? (Near Me, Mail vs. DIY)

A car is a considerable investment. Therefore, you should go the extra mile to ensure that your car doesn’t become an eyesore. For example, if the shiny chrome finish on your car wheels has suffered from wear and tear over ... Read More ...
Does Walgreens Refill Ink Cartridges - Frugal Reality

Does Walgreens Refill Ink Cartridges? Cost? How Long Does It Take?

Budgets are getting tighter every day, and both individuals and businesses are looking for every available way to drive costs down and save a few bucks. One of the top frugal living tips with a big impact on saving money ... Read More ...
Buy wonton wrappers in grocery store - Frugal Reality

Where are Wonton Wrappers in the Grocery Store? 17 Places To Buy Quickly!

Are you fond of eating out at Asian restaurants? Maybe, you like going for the famous traditional wonton soup. Perhaps, it’s time to heed the sage advice from financial experts to save money: “Stop eating out and start cooking at ... Read More ...

6 Best Hair Dye for Weave and Hair – All Colors Including Purple

Transforming your hair and weave color is one everyday activity today.  How about hiding those grey hairs?  Or do you want a dye that makes grey hair look more natural?  When you love changing the hair color, but you either ... Read More ...

16+ Ways to Get Free Air for Tires Near Me (2020)

There are many benefits to having fully inflated tires, with safety being the number one reason.  Due to underinflated tires, approximately 1.25 billion gallons of gas, or 1% of total consumption, are wasted annually, according to the U.S. Department of ... Read More ...

What is the Best Drain Cleaner for Hair? It worked for me! (2020) [See My Photos]

I know many of you will sympathize.  Even though I have more than one bathroom in my house, I live with three women who like to use my sink and the master shower. The minimum length of their hair is ... Read More ...
Wet and Forget Outdoor tips

Wet and Forget for Your Springtime Easy Mildew Prevention

Use Wet and Forget for Your Springtime Easy Mildew Prevention – It’s Amazing!   If you want instant gratification, then don’t read this.  But, if you want medium to long-term satisfaction, then read on. I heard about this little known ... Read More ...

No more buying expensive dryer sheets

Here is a go green tip that will save you some green! You will need a container with an airtight lid. You can use one of those ziplock or microwave type containers. You also need four sponges cut in half ... Read More ...


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If you’re attending online classes several hours a day, let your ears rest from those headsets and invest in a monitor with built-in speakers for learning. The monitors provide audio without connecting to any third-party device anymore. Third-party wireless earbuds

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