What is My PNC Routing Number & Wire Transfer [Each State]

Routing numbers are used in the banking sector to identify banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions. They help facilitate the smooth processing of checks and ensure that money is sent and received accurately between financial institutions.

Just like your home address helps online retailers know where to ship your package, routing numbers help banks trace where incoming transfers originated. It also tells where outgoing bank transfers should be deposited in.

For instance, you’ll need to use the correct PNC Bank ABA transit number when sending or receiving ACH and wire transfers. It’s because the Federal Reserve Banks use them to process domestic and international Fedwire transfers. At the same time, the ACH network requires routing numbers to process electronic fund transfers such as direct deposits and bill payments.

So what’s the PNC Bank routing number for ACH and wire transfers?

Short Answer: PNC bank uses multiple routing numbers for ACH transfers that vary from state to state where the bank operates from. For instance, the PNC bank check transit number for my state, Illinois, is 071921891, while Maryland’s PNC Bank ABA number is 054000030.

Your PNC Bank routing number is unique to the state or PNC branch where you first opened your account. Some states have more than one routing number. For example, the state of Alabama has five PNC bank routing numbers. Other states like Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC share the same routing number 054000030.

Large national banks like PNC bank also use a different transit number for domestic wire transfers and a SWIFT code for international wire transfers. For example, the PNC domestic wire transfer routing number is 043000096, while the PNC Bank international wire transfer SWIFT code is PNCCUS33.

About PNC Bank

Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, PNC Bank derives its name from a 1983 merger between its two predecessor firms, the Pittsburgh National Corporation and the Provident National Corporation. It’s the 6th largest bank in the US by deposits and the 5th largest by branches.

Services provided at the PNC bank include commercial and residential real estate lending, corporate and institutional banking, commercial/consumer loans, mortgage loans, debit/credit cards with chips, get money orders, cash a third-party check, student banking services, and more.

PNC Bank has around 3,000 branches and over 9,000 ATMs that dispense $10 in 21 states and the District of Columbia to serve its customers conveniently.

If you’re a PNC account holder in the US, you’ll need to use the correct PNC routing number when sending or receiving wire transfers in or out of your PNC Bank account to ensure that your payments arrive safely. Otherwise, your funds will be deposited in the wrong place.

In most cases, wire transfers are irreversible. People have lost six figures or even seven figures in a wire transfer gone wrong in the past. For example, Citibank mistakenly wired $500 million, and a judge ruled they can’t get it back! Thus, you must know how to locate and use the correct PNC Bank ACH routing number.

This article will help you find the correct PNC bank transit number so that you can ensure accurate ACH and wire transfers in and out of your bank accounts.

What Is A Routing Number?

A routing number is a nine-digit code used to identify a specific bank, credit union, or any other financial institution in the United States. Created by the American Bankers Association (ABA), routing numbers facilitate the smooth electronic transfer of funds and quick processing of paper checks when transferring funds from one financial institution to another.

There’s no difference between a routing number and an ABA number. In fact, routing numbers are also called check routing numbers, ABA transit numbers, or ABA RTNs. When transferring money between financial institutions, routing numbers help identify which bank funds have been sent from and the financial institution where the money should be deposited.

Since each financial institution has its own unique routing numbers, money can be sent and received between banks accurately without any form of confusion.

Large banks like Chase Bank, Wells Fargo, and TD Bank have different routing numbers for their different branches in every state that has bank operations. But online-only banks, smaller banks, and credit unions like the Navy Federal Credit Union have only one routing number. 

Thus, it’s possible to get confused about the correct PNC routing number to use if you have moved between states or your state has multiple PNC Bank ACH ABA RTNs.

You should prioritize finding and using the correct ABA number to ensure that your funds are transferred to the right place. Your PNC Bank check transit number is based on the state where you first opened your account.

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What Are Routing Numbers Used For?

Routing numbers are used to identify financial institutions in the United States. They help facilitate faster processing of paper checks and accurate transfer of ACH and wire transfers when sending money between banks and other financial institutions.

While you may think that routing numbers are your bank’s business, there are several occasions when you must pair the right PNC bank routing number with your account number to initiate or complete ACH and wire transfers. 

Let’s say your grandma wants wire funds as a holiday gift or a wedding gift. You’ll need to provide her the correct PNC bank wire transfer routing number along with your account number, bank address, contact information, your full name, and other details. You can then withdraw the money and enjoy your holiday by eating out at restaurants or booking hotels that accept cash.

You’ll also need your PNC bank routing number when making large lump sum purchases with a check, like buying income-producing assets.

Here’s a list of common banks transactions that require you to use your PNC Bank ABA RTN:

  • Payments like your pension, tax refunds, or salary are deposited into your account.
  • Make ACH payments within the US
  • Paying with a check
  • Making international and domestic wire transfers
  • Transferring money between accounts in different investment firms or banks
  • Setting up automatic bill payments and direct deposits

How Many Digits is PNC Bank Account Number?

Your PNC account number has a series of 10 digits, while your PNC Bank ABA number consists of nine digits. You’ll find both the routing number and account number printed at the bottom of your PNC personal checks on the MICR line. 

However, PNC credit cards use a 16 digit account number. It’s simply your routing number and account number rolled into one and serves the same purpose as your bank’s routing number.

If your account number has less than ten digits, just add zeros in front of the account number until you have a total of ten digits. In case you experience difficulties, reach out to your PNC Bank branch with any queries. 

Why Does PNC Bank Have Different Routing Numbers?

PNC Bank has 34 different routing numbers because of the mergers and acquisitions as it’s grown over the years. For instance, PNC bank has about 2,300 branches and over 9,000 ATMs that dispense $1, $5, $50, and $100 in 21 states.

To grow this large, the bank made some of the largest mergers in American history. PNC Bank merged and acquired larger and smaller financial institutions like First National Bank & Trust, Peoples-Pittsburgh Trust Company, Fidelity Trust Company, Provident National Corporation, Midlantic Bank, Hillard Lyons, United National Corporation, Riggs National Corporation, and many others.

All the financial institutions had their own routing numbers at the time of the merger or acquisition. Instead of overhauling the already established financial infrastructure, mergers and acquisitions are added to the existing PNC bank infrastructure, and routing numbers are retained.

For the same reason, you’ll find states that have more than one routing number. For instance, Alabama has five routing numbers, Florida has two, and Georgia has four. Pennsylvania has the most complicated PNC bank routing numbers, up to six! It’s because PNC Bank acquired several small financial institutions in these states.

You’ll also find states using similar PNC Bank routing numbers. For example, Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland share the same check transit number 054000030. It’s because it was one bank acquired by PNC that had branches in those states. So if you take your time and research, you can use PNC Bank routing numbers to trace back its mergers and acquisitions.

What is my PNC Bank Routing Number?

Your PNC Bank ACH routing number is based on the state you first opened your account. The bank has about 34 different routing numbers, so you’ll need to know how to find and use the correct one, or your money can get sent to the wrong place.

There are several ways to find your PNC routing number, including:

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How to Find PNC Routing Number By State

PNC Bank has several routing numbers because of its past acquisitions and mergers. As you’ll see in the table below, states like Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia share the same routing number, 054000030. However, other states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Indiana, Georgia, Florida, and Alabama have more than one routing number.

If you remember where you opened your account, cross-check your correct PNC Bank ABA number in the table below.

StateRouting Number
PNC Alabama43000096*
PNC Delaware31100089*
PNC Florida043002900, 267084199*
PNC Georgia053100850, 061192630, 043002900, 061119639*
PNC Illinois71921891*
PNC Indiana43000096, 083009060, 083000108, 071921891*
PNC Kentucky83000108*
PNC Maryland54000030*
PNC Michigan41000124*
PNC Missouri71921891*
PNC New Jersey31207607*
PNC New YorkContact your local branch*
PNC North Carolina43000096*
PNC Ohio042000398, 041000124*
PNC Ohio – Youngstown43000096*
PNC Pennsylvania – Central North43000096*
PNC Pennsylvania – Central South31312738*
PNC Pennsylvania – Northeast31300012*
PNC Pennsylvania – Northwest43300738*
PNC Pennsylvania – Philadelphia31000053*
PNC Pennsylvania – Pittsburgh43000096*
PNC South Carolina53100850*
PNC Virginia54000030*
PNC Washington DC54000030*
PNC West Virginia271971560*
PNC Wisconsin71921891*

*Always double-check the numbers with your statement, app, branch, or customer service representative.

Remember that your PNC routing number and account number are based on the state or branch where you first opened your account and not where you currently live.

For instance, if I opened my account in Illinois, the routing number is 071921891. However, if I relocate to Michigan, whose routing number is 041000124, I won’t use the routing number for Michigan. However, when sending or receiving ACH transfers, I’ll continue using the routing number for Illinois because that’s where my account is permanently based.

PNC Bank has branches in only 21 states. So if your state isn’t represented in the table above, it’s because the bank doesn’t have branches there. But as you can see, PNC has several routing numbers in some states.

Also, you may have opened your account online or can’t remember the associated state. In that case, you’ll need to use other ways to find the correct PNC Bank check transit number.

Keep reading below to find out how to find the exact ACH ABA transit number.

How To Find Bank Routing Number for PNC Bank on a Check?

Personal checks include all the information banks need to cash the check, such as the routing number, account number, and check number. Most banks provide at least one checkbox to new account holders, so you should have one at your disposal.

You’ll find your PNC bank check transit number printed at the bottom of the check on the MICR line. Three groups of numbers are printed from left to right, including your routing number, account number, and check number, in that order.

See our personal check infographic to help understand the different numbers on the bottom.

Routing Number on Personal Check

The routing number is the first group of nine digits on the bottom-left corner of the check. It’s followed by your account number at the bottom center. Then the last set of 4 digits at the bottom-right is the check number that helps you track your check payments.

Can I Find My PNC Bank Routing Number on my Monthly Statement? 

Yes, you can find your PNC bank routing number on the printed monthly statements. Like your personal checks, monthly statements have your bank’s routing number and account number details. Simply check the top of any monthly statement to locate your PNC ABA number.

How To Find Your PNC Bank Routing Number Online?

It’s no surprise that you may not have a checkbook or printed monthly statements. With the advent of online banking and mobile banking, not everyone keeps a checkbook or printed bank statements on hand. You can transact without having to write a check while viewing all your bank statements online.

Many people have switched to secure digital wallets like PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, and mobile payment methods to avoid exposing bank details. However, if you don’t have a check or bank statement, your best bet is to find your PNC bank routing number online.

Follow these steps to find your PNC Bank ABA number if you’re already enrolled in online banking:

For Checking and Savings accounts

  • Sign on to Online Banking and select your account
  • Select the “Show Account & Routing Number” link
  • For virtual Wallet Accounts, navigate to Account Activity and select the “Go to the Account and Routing Number” link.
  • A one-time passcode will be sent to you.
  • Enter the passcode to verify your identity and follow the instructions to view your PNC bank routing number online, along with your full account number.

For SmartAccess Prepaid Visa Card

  • Sing on to your PNC online account
  • Select SmartAccess Card and click the “Sign On to SmartAccess” link
  • Within Direct Deposit Information, you’ll find your account number and PNC bank routing number on the Account Summary Page.

You can also find your PNC routing number by opening any of your online statements. For example, select the Online Statements link from the Account Activity page and click the Print Statement link. Your PNC Bank ABA RTN and account number will be on the top right corner of the statement.

If you aren’t enrolled in online banking, use the Federal Reserve Bank’s E-payment directory to find your PNC Bank routing number online. You can search by state or city or enter the routing number on the ” Routing Number” field to find a financial institution’s name by the routing number.

Alternatively, use the American Bankers Association Number lookup tool to search or confirm the validity of doubtful routing numbers.

ABA Number Lookup Tool - Frugal Reality

Once you find the correct PNC Bank, check the transit number, save it on your phone or print it out. Make a copy and keep it in a safe place so that you don’t have to search every time you need it. After all, searching online with a laptop consumes a lot of data, and if you don’t get free internet or low-cost internet at home.

How To Get Routing Number on PNC Bank App?

Consider getting your routing number on the PNC app if you aren’t lucky enough to secure free government internet and laptops for low-income families. It’s a less costly option because mobile banking consumes little data.

To view your PNC Bank routing number on the go, you’ll first need to download and install the PNC Bank mobile app on your smartphone.

Once installed, follow these steps to get your routing number on the PNC Bank app:

  • Sign on to the PNC Mobile App
  • Select your account
  • Select Account Actions
  • Tap Account and Routing Numbers
  • You’ll receive a one-time passcode
  • Enter the passcode to verify your identity
  • View your account number and routing number

How Do You Contact PNC Bank For Your Routing or Wire Number?

States that have more than one routing number present some confusion. You may need to contact PNC Bank customer service to get the correct routing number. It’s better to call and confirm the correct number if you have any doubt. You don’t want your hard-earned money going to the wrong place!

The easiest way to contact PNC Bank is to call their national customer service helpline at (888) 762-2265. You can also stop by the nearest branch location to inquire and ask the teller for the correct number.

What is the PNC Bank Domestic Wire Routing Number?

Your state-based routing numbers are only useful for sending and receiving ACH transfers. That’s why they are sometimes called ACH ABA routing numbers. Unlike smaller banks, large national banks, like PNC Bank, use a different routing number for domestic wire transfers and a SWIFT code to process international wires.

The PNC Bank domestic wire routing number is 043000096. It’s the number you’ll use to set up incoming wire transfers. Provide it to anyone who wants to wire funds to you, along with your account number. You can copy and save it directly from here or use any of the methods above.

Wire transfers come in handy when you want to send money quickly. A wire transfer differs from an ACH transfer in the following ways:

  • Wire Transfers are faster: Money can be available for the recipient to withdraw within a few minutes or hours after the wire is initiated; much will depend on the direct deposit times of the respective bank.
  • Wire transfers are more secure: Transactions occur directly between banks and only clear after each bank confirms the transaction. On the other hand, ACH transfers are processed by third-party clearinghouses, and the funds are cleared automatically without confirmation.
  • Simple routing numbers: Unlike ACH transfers that use different routing numbers in every state, there’s only one PNC Bank routing number for domestic wires and a single SWIFT code for cross-border wires.

The convenience, speed, and security of Fedwire transfers come at a price. PNC Bank charges anywhere between $15 and $45 depending on whether you send or receive domestic or international wires. Due to the added cost of wire transfers, frugal consumers like me need to weigh their options when deciding between ACH and wire transfers. Every dollar counts for someone trying to save $10,000 in a year!

To slash the cost, use wire transfers for urgent transfers only and ACH transfers for your everyday non-urgent transactions.

What are the PNC Bank Wire Transfer Fees?

PNC Bank domestic wire transfer fees vary based on whether you’re sending or receiving a wire transfer. Outgoing wires are usually more expensive to process than incoming wires.

Here’s an estimate of PNC bank domestic wire transfer fees: 

  • Incoming domestic wires: $15
  • Outgoing domestic wires: $30

What’s the PNC Bank International Wire Transfer Routing Number?

The PNC Bank international wire transfer routing number is PNCCUS33. It looks different from other routing numbers because banks use SWIFT codes to identify themselves internationally instead of routing numbers.

So when receiving international wires, you’ll supply the sender the PNC Bank SWIFT code PNCCUS33 instead of your ACH routing number or the domestic wire transfer routing number above.

If you have any doubts, you can use any of the methods described above to confirm the bank domestic wire transfer number or the SWIFT code.

What are the PNC Bank International Wire Transfer Fees?

PNC Bank international wire transfer fees vary based on whether you are sending or receiving funds. Outgoing wires cost more than incoming wires.

Here’s an estimate of the PNC Bank international wire transfer fees:

  • Incoming international wires: $15
  • Outgoing international wires: $45

How Long Do Wire Transfers Take at PNC Bank?

The amount of time wire transfers take at PNC Bank depends on whether it’s domestic or international. However, in most cases, the wire transfer money will be available for the recipient to withdraw within a few minutes or hours. 

Generally, the traditional period is 1-3 days. It may take PNC Bank 1-2 days to process domestic wires and up to 3 days for international wire transfers to clear. Cut-off times, holidays, and weekends may also alter the waiting period.

For instance, the PNC Bank cut-off time for domestic and international wire requests is 6 pm EST. Therefore, a wire request made after the cut-off time will be initiated the next business day.

PNC Routing Number & Wire Transfer Summary

As you can see, PNC bank has a complicated routing number system due to its past mergers and acquisitions. Therefore, your respective PNC Bank ACH routing number is based on the state where you first opened your account.

You can find it by using the table above on a check, monthly statement, online, the PNC app, local branch, or contact a customer service representative for your ACH routing or wire number. 

Finding the correct number is more difficult if you opened your account online or in any state with multiple routing numbers.

Remember that PNC Bank ACH routing numbers are only used for ACH transfers. To set up incoming domestic wire transfers, use the PNC Bank domestic wire transfer number 043000096 and the PNC bank SWIFT code PNCCUS33 for cross-border wires.

Most of the time, wire transfers are irreversible. So take your time to confirm with your bank, recipient, or sender to ensure that all the details are correct, especially the account number and the routing number. That way, you won’t lose money in an erroneous wire transfer or incur unwanted delays and costs of rewiring funds.