Find Places That Cash Checks Without ID Nearby – NOW (Some Open 24 Hours)

Sometimes, you just need to cash a check, but have forgotten an ID or do not currently have a valid ID. What do you do? Do you have to wait for that printed ID before you can get your cash?

This article will direct you to places that cash checks without an ID or bank account.

Do You Need Your ID to Cash a Check?

Typically, yes, you need at least one primary ID to cash a check. The most common types of primary government-issued IDs include a passport or a driver’s license.

In some places, two secondary IDs such as an employment ID and a student ID can take the place of the primary IDs. These requirements are there for your own good. This way, nobody else can cash your check.

Of course, there may be moments of emergency when you need to get your cash but do not have the required ID. In those cases, check to cash with no ID required is also possible at some places. 

What are Acceptable Forms of ID to Cash a Check?

Before we even get into the facts of cashing a check without an ID, you should first look at some acceptable ID forms to cash a check. As mentioned earlier, most establishments will require primary IDs, while others are okay with secondary IDs.

Here are some acceptable forms of ID to cash a check:

Primary IDs – Again, these are government-issued IDs that hold the most weight:

  • Photo driver’s license/photo learner’s permit
  • Real ID
  • Military photo ID
  • Passport
  • Visa

Of course, if you live in the United States, the passport and visa should also be US-issued IDs and the others on the list. The IDs should be valid, meaning that you have to check the expiration date. Yes, the ID still shows your name and photo; however, it will not be accepted if the ID is expired.  

If you cannot get ahold of any primary photo for some reason, you must use two types of secondary IDs to cash your check. Some of these secondary IDs are still government-issued but just not held with the same importance as primary IDs. Primary IDs are hailed the most trustworthy because of the added steps to get them.

Here are some possible secondary IDs:

  • Alien registration photo card
  • Birth certificate
  • Employment authorization photo ID
  • Employment photo ID
  • Foreign driver’s license photo ID
  • Firearms permit with photo ID
  • Permanent resident photo card
  • School photo ID
  • Welfare photo ID

A possible combination that you can work with is your employment ID, along with your birth certificate. This is an accessible combination unless there is more to your circumstance that has you reading for ways to transact without any ID at all.

How to Cash a Cashier’s Check Without ID?

For those who are still struggling to cash their check, here are ways how to cash a cashier’s check without ID:

  • Issuing bank: Cash the check at the check’s issuing bank. Check the name of the bank on the check itself.
  • Check-cashing store: Use the services of your nearby check-cashing store.
  • Local Grocery Stores and Retailers: Some retailers can cash the check for you. Here is a list of the best 24-hour check-cashing stores like grocery stores and discount department stores.
  • ATM machine: Deposit the check into an ATM and onto a debit card or prepaid card.

The four options above make it easy to cash a cashier’s check without an ID. However, they come with fees. If you are using the check-cashing store or retailer only once, the fees may not deter you. After all, they are pretty low. Conversely, the fees can add up fast if you have to cash checks every month.

The process can also be time-consuming as you try to get around the usual rules of cashing checks. For example, depositing your check through ATM may have you waiting at least a couple of banking days to get your cash reflected on your checking or savings account. However, it does ensure that you get your cash without an ID.

How to Cash a Payroll Check Without ID?

Our recommendations on how to cash a payroll check without ID are pretty similar. The easiest way is to open a checking account. Then request your employer to deposit your payroll check into your checking account directly. Some employers assist with opening a bank account, especially those that require accounts to be open at a particular bank.

Another option is to deposit your check via an ATM.

Where to Cash a Cashier’s Check Without ID?

As to where to cash a cashier’s check without ID, we again go back to what was said earlier. However, we will be looking at the locations alone. This way, you know where to go and get the transaction started:

  • Check’s issuing bank
  • Select retail stores
  • Check cashing establishments
  • Your bank’s ATM

The process will depend on where you decide to cash your check, without any ID with you.

Can you Cash a Check With a Temporary ID?

Yes, most establishments will allow you to cash a check with a temporary ID. Some of them will only accept temporary IDs with photos. So, check if your state can provide you with one while you wait for your official primary ID.

But here is the thing: you have to apply for a temporary ID with the usual proofs of identification that may already serve as secondary IDs. A fee will be required, and you’ll wait at least ten days before you can get the temporary ID. The whole process merely feels like a shortened version of what you would have gone through if you have applied for a permanent ID. 

A temporary ID, as its name suggests, is only valid for 30 days. There’s no getting away with pretending it is permanent because the word TEMPORARY is clearly printed on it. You may have to apply for another one or hope that your permanent ID is already in the mail.

Can a Minor Cash a Check With a School ID?

A school ID is a secondary ID. It is considered valid if it has the owner’s full name, photo ID, address, and an unexpired date. Back it up with birth certificate, and you’ll be ready to go.

Though, establishments can be wary about a minor cashing a check. It is the age that becomes an issue here. If you have a child who needs to cash a check for some reason, you may need to come with him. It’s an excellent way to teach him how to cash a check at a young age.

Whatever the check’s source, a parent or guardian should accompany the minor to cash the check. The check may also be endorsed to an adult for a more straightforward transaction.

No ID Check Cashing Near Me

You may be wondering: where are some of the best no-ID check cashing places near me? Perhaps you’re looking for something convenient. How about an emergency where you need to cash a check, but you cannot get ahold of your IDs. It happens. Life can bring about so many surprises, not goes smooth.

Luckily for you, there are many establishments with several branches that cash checks with no ID. As a bonus, some places offer 24-hour check cashing. So, imagine if you need the cash in the middle of the night. You got robbed, and all that is left is that envelope with your check that the robbers ignored. Well, you can get some cash. I know it is a crazy scenario, but you can at least be thankful for some emergency places to cash your checks. Of course, hopefully, this never happens to you!

You are likely to find an open Walmart, Kroger, Food City Supermarkets, Albertsons Stores, and similar types of supermarkets near you. For a fee, they offer no ID cash checking near you. Kroger and Albertsons also offer personal check cashing with cashback.

As for banks, there are even more ATMs nearby than there are grocery stores.  Here are some banks that offer ATM deposits: Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Capital Bank, SunTrust Bank, Citibank, and more.

Most places to get money orders also deal with check cashing. Consider trying Community Financial Service Centers, PLS 24/7 Financial Services, and Speedy Cash for your financial service needs. Even gas stations such as Dillons and convenience stores such as 7/11 can provide you no ID check cashing services.

It seems like there are places around every corner that cash checks with no ID.  Just be aware of the requirements of each location.

Cash Check Without ID at Walmart

In the previous section, cashing a check without an ID at Walmart has already been recommended. Walmart has over 4,700 locations throughout the United States as of 2020. Not only does Walmart provide financial services, but they also sell a variety of goods, conduct auto maintenance, and make keys.

Walmart has firmly established its desire to keep prices at a minimum and offer you other services that can make life easier – all at one stop.

Mobile Check Cashing Apps

If you want less hassle, you may want to go to your device’s app store. Both Google Play and Apple App Store have check cashing app options. You may have to compare their transaction amount limits and fees.

The mobile check cashing apps can be linked to your bank account, prepaid card, or PayPal. They usually have the means to scan your check for you. Once the check is scanned, the transaction can finish in a few hours or even days. Fees can vary, too. Some mobile check cashing apps, like Ingo Money, promise processing your transaction within minutes.

Best Mobile Check Deposit App

At the time of writing, the best mobile check deposit app is Ingo (fashioned as inGO) Money. It is related to the information app inGo that scans information, even from newspapers.

The inGO check cashing app assists you with no ID check cashing anywhere, anytime. It makes things very convenient because you don’t have to line up at the bank and to wonder if they will accept your requirements or not.

The app not only cashes checks, but it also cashes money orders. It accepts personal checks, payroll checks, and business checks. You could be spending time with your family (or Netflix) if you deposit your checks with a mobile deposit app instead of driving over to your bank branch. 

Here are alternative mobile check deposit apps to consider:

See if any of the above are compatible with your device.

Where to Cash Personal Checks Without a Bank Account?

Try one of the following places where to cash personal checks without a bank account:

  • Issuing bank: The first place to consider when cashing a personal check without a bank account is the issuing bank itself. The bank will still ask for an ID. So, get your primary ID or your two secondary IDs ready. You may also want to bring your temporary ID card to show that the state has confirmed your identity. Since you are not banking at this particular bank – or don’t have your own bank account – you will be paid the amount in cash. Always take the necessary precautions on the way home because you will be carrying cash around.
  • Local grocery store: Many local grocery stores and retailers listed above will also cash checks without a bank account; call your nearby store before visiting.  Many are open weekends and, in some cases, 24 hours a day. The financial services desk will pay you in the designated cash amount, so you don’t need a bank account. 
  • Payday lender: A payday lender is the most expensive place that cashes checks without an ID.  A check cashing store is the most expensive option. This is a primary financial service offered, they don’t ask many questions, and you get your money fast. You’ll likely want to ask about their check cashing fees before going to the place in case it’s a little steep. If so, then shop around. They justify their higher transaction fees because most check cashing stores are open 24 hours a day; it’s a convenience fee. 

The above options may sound convenient enough, but all of them come with fees. You can only cash your check for free at your bank.

These are all great emergency options, but don’t make these your regular options.  Try to find a way to get hold of a primary ID or a set of secondary IDs so that you can directly deposit the cash into your own checking account. It is always cheaper and safer to deposit money to your account directly.

Can I Endorse a Check to Someone Else?

Yes, you can endorse a check to someone else. This is, however, your last resort. You should endorse your check to someone you can trust and not someone who may run away with your cash.

How do you go about it?

Read the next section on how to sign your check over to someone else.

How to Sign Check Over to Someone Else?

Endorse the check to that trusted friend or family member by signing your name and then writing “Pay to the order of,” then the full name of that trusted person. Ensure that you have written the person’s name exactly as it appears in his or her ID.

The person you have endorsed the check to will have to go to the bank with the check ID. The good news is that you don’t have to show your own set of IDs to get the bank to process and cash the check.

Places That Cash Checks Without ID Summary

There are some ways to get around the requirements for cash checking. You can find places that will provide you with convenient cashing for a fee. It is not difficult to find such a place because grocery stores, gas stations, check cashing stores, and the like seem to be everywhere these days. Some clearly advertise their services. Try sticking to the ones that have been mentioned in our article.  It’s advised to check the online reviews of the independent check cashing stores nearby. 

As alternative choices, you can endorse your check to a trusted person with an ID, use an app to cash the check, or use the ATM if you do have an account to deposit into.

These cash checking options without an ID should not be a practice for life and only suitable for emergencies.  Having primary and secondary IDs on hand is not only important for cashing checks and buying money orders but critical in most transactions.

Start applying for replacement ID if it’s lost. Replacement IDs can take several weeks to process and ship.  Try acquiring a temporary ID while waiting.  When I got my new driver’s license, I ordered a state ID as a backup for an extra few dollars.  I would suggest you do the same!