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Ordering and Sending Packages: A Quick and Helpful How-To Guide

We live in an era where the internet has provided the most convenient ways to shop. Nowadays, all you need to do is find a reputed seller, order your goods, and they’re shipped right at your doorstep.

Although, parcel delivery and courier services come in handy when sending a package or media mail to a friend, customer, or business. Shipping companies help save time, money, and energy for the sender and the recipient.

However, sending and ordering packages requires getting certain things right to avoid inconveniences and mishaps. It helps ensure that the package or media mail from home gets to the correct destination with minimal delays and minimal risk of getting lost or tampered with.

Here’s a brief guide when sending or ordering packages from home.

Sending a Package 

Sending a package doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Here are a few tips to make sending a package easy and less stressful. 

1. Pick a Shipping Company Service

One of the best ways to ensure your package arrives on time safely to the correct recipient is to use a reputable shipping service. A good courier company provides various mailing options, whether you’re sending media mail, documents, pallets, containers, or parcels. But, of course, the shipping options depend on your budget, urgency, and destination.

For example, you can check out Coolparcel, which allows you to compare quotes and prices for different shipping services. Some shipping company options include UPS, USPS, FEDEX, DHL, and TNT, among others.

Consider the following when choosing a mailing service:

  • How fast do you want it delivered
  • Size and weight
  • Item type
  • Prices (per item, weight, or size)  
  • Tracking
  • Destination and handling insurance

2. Package and Label Your Items Properly

The way you package the item you’re sending can impact several things. For example, the packaging can affect your shipping costs and the safety of the goods being sent. Therefore, it’s advised to pick a sturdy box with enough room to fit your items.

Always add cushioning for delicate goods, like foam peanuts, inflatable pillows, or even crushed newspaper. Before packaging, ask the shipping company about the size and weight requirements.

The box should also be labeled appropriately, especially if the items are fragile. Labeling the packaging as “fragile” will help prevent damage or misplacement. Double-check you have the correct address and other essential details so it’s shipped to the correct location.

If you can’t print a mailing label, use permanent ink to indicate the delivery address.

3. Calculate, Apply Postage, and Ship

Applying the correct postage to your package increases the chances of arriving on time. Also, postage shows that shipping is adequately paid for, plus it assists the courier service handlers in determining the package’s priority.

Most mailing services provide shipping calculators or cost tariffs online and at their offices for customers. Once you know the costs and apply correct postage, just drop it off at your local post office or delivery service provider.

Ordering a Package 

If you’ve shopped online or ordered something from abroad, you can relate. Here are some tips when ordering a package from home.

1. Order Your Item 

These days most businesses allow you to order products online through their website or e-commerce stores easily. Many such businesses have made the process a breeze, so you only need to click the product, place your order, and make the payment. However, you still need to provide details on where to ship the package.

2. Indicate Your Destination Address Accurately 

The destination address is basically where you wish to collect the package. It could be your home, office, or a specific place, like a hotel, where you’ll be waiting to pick it up.

Today, customers care about delivery speed more than anything. Alternatively, you could also choose a parcel delivery service, whose offices are near your current location.

When choosing a parcel receiving service, make sure they’re reputable and have been in business a while. The last thing you want is to deal with damaged products, have them delivered late or told they’re missing.

Ordering and Sending Packages and Media Mail from Home Summary

Package sending and receiving is a norm in today’s world. Individuals, businesses, and government agencies all depend on courier services and shipping agencies to get packages to their intended destinations at the right time and safely.

The bottom line is that not all such services are alike. The last thing recipients want to deal with is a delay. Hopefully, the above tips guide you through the steps on sending or ordering packages.


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