Meet Chris

Hello and thank you for taking time to read my personal finance and lifestyle blog.  I regularly get calls, texts, and emails from friends asking me similar questions on how to get a bargain or smart shopping tips.  I thought it was best to compile the questions into my blog and share them with everyone.

My name is Chris and live in the suburbs of Chicago.

I worked my way through college before and after waiting tables.  I paid off all my student debt during my junior year of college.  Then I saved enough money the following year for a down payment on a small house with some roommates.  I never wanted to pay rent to someone else.  Instead, I want to earn equity as a homeowner.

I’ve always been frugally savvy, such as opening up my own Vanguard IRA at age 19.   In the 90’s, I read how not drinking a coffee a day can save $5 per day and nearly $2,000 per year, I opened my IRA to start savings for my future.  Of course, there have been ups and downs in the stock market along the way.  The more time you can give yourself adds to the power of compounding.

I use to think I was smarter than the market by try trading stocks, daily in some cases.  There are very few money managers who’ve outperformed the stock market.  Why did I think I am smarter than a professional?   I don’t try to time it anymore but now dollar cost average.  I have purchased index shares at the top and bottom of the stock market.  Take the emotion out of investing and setup automatic withdrawal.

It’s funny, some years I wonder where all our disposable income went?  Then I remember that my wife and I max out each of our retirement plans, HSA, and FSA.

I look forward to sharing my tips and tricks on how to be frugal without being cheap.  I know, there’s a fine line.  My friends are probably being kind when they say I’m frugal and smart, and not being cheap.

I recently read that 9 out of 10 people view frugality as an admirable trait in a romantic partner.  Hopefully my wife still agrees!

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