How to Navigate Sunday Coupon Preview

One of my favorite couponing resources be it blogger or couponer is Sunday Coupon Preview.  They offer complete lists of coupons, their values and expiration dates. I can look ahead through the entire year and find out what weekends will offer certain inserts and which will not have any at all.

Why should you look at the list?  I can not tell you how much of a time and money saver this resource is.  By getting a preview of what coupons are going to be available you are cutting the cost of buying excess amounts of papers.  You also have the advantage of knowing what coupons, if any, that you want to order more of from the clipping services.  Not to mention, most holiday weekends do not offer coupon inserts so you will be saving money by not purchasing your stack of newspapers that week.

Above is a quick explanation of the main page.  Most of is self explanatory which is one reason i love it.  Most of us dont’ have time to check our favorite websites daily but do our readers and email.  You can get Sunday Coupon preview this way as well.

Archives are available and are a great tool fo located when a coupon was released or verifying a coupons existence.  Sunday Coupon Preview offers their previews in (2) formats.  You can view just what inserts are released each week or go into details of which specific coupons are in each insert.

Printable coupons table is a link to all posts that would contain printable coupons while Print Coupons tab is a link to print coupons straight from Sunday Coupon Preview with out leaving the site.


Above is a sample of a coupon insert preview and descriptions of how to understand the wording. Like I said earlier the site is very user friendly but to the untrained eye may be greek.

When you are first starting out couponing everything can be over whelming at times and I always find it easier to have explainations and clear understandings of everything rather than get discouraged.  If this still isn’t clear or you have unanswered questions please feel free to ask.


Sunday Coupon Preview was on of my awesome sponsors for savvy Blogging Summit I attended last week.  It is my pleasure to offer this posting in exchange for their support.


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