How Does Venmo Appear on Bank Statements? Depends!

Venmo, owned by PayPal, has grown to become one of the most popular mobile payment apps globally, with over 40 million users as of 2019. The peer-to-peer payment giant allows people to pay for things like meals, rent, utilities and rentals. Moreover, you don’t need to carry any cash, debit card, or credit cards around with you – all you need is your phone. 

Venmo has become popular because of its ease of use and social media component. Keeping track of what your friends spend their money on is fun. Plus, it builds trust and transparency between people by updating each other on what you’ve recently purchased.

Since Venmo is available in so many countries, it’s become an accepted way to pay back friends and family living abroad. That said, with so many types of transactions using the app, you may wonder what a Venmo online statement would look like.

So, how does Venmo appear on bank statements?

Short answer: Venmo payments processed through your bank are displayed on your bank statement. To put it simply, your bank account will show transactions you make from your Venmo account on your bank account.

Our quick guide will discuss how to get a Venmo bank statement, view it, and its details.

Does Venmo Show Up On My Bank Statement?

Yes, Venmo shows up on your bank statement when Venmo payments are processed through your bank. In general, your bank account will always reflect transactions made from your Venmo account to your bank account in your Venmo bank statements. It’s as long as the bank is linked to your Venmo account.

However, the transaction will not appear on your bank statement if you pay someone using your Venmo wallet.

For example: If you pay your friend $50 from your $100 Venmo wallet balance, the transaction won’t show on your bank statement. Using your Venmo wallet balance doesn’t require any funds from your bank account.

In contrast, if you only have $40 in your Venmo wallet, then the remaining $10 will be withdrawn from your linked bank account and will show up on your bank statement. 

How Does Venmo Appear on my Bank Statement?

A Venmo transaction will appear on your bank statement once you process a transaction from your linked bank account. Remember that the Venmo bank statement will only appear as “Venmo.”

However, if you see “Venmo” on your bank statement and do not have an account with the platform, it usually indicates that someone added your financial information without your permission.

First, verify the transaction isn’t from a close friend or family member. If, however, the payment is unauthorized, you should immediately change your online banking and finance service passwords and contact your bank about the transaction.

For more information, check the Venmo Help Center page or contact Venmo Customer Support at (855) 812-4430. Always be suspicious if a random person sends you money on the app.

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Does Venmo Show Who You Paid on your Bank Statement?

No, Venmo does not show who you paid on your bank statement. By default, your bank statement does not include the name of any individuals involved in Venmo transactions. In addition, the Venmo Privacy Policy mentions that the company cannot provide you directly with information about any Venmo account other than your own.

Because of this, if you encounter any issues with transactions appearing on your Venmo bank statement or Venmo transactions associated with your bank account, it’s best to contact your bank.

Can You Take a Venmo Payment Screenshot?

Yes, you can take a Venmo payment screenshot. However, Venmo will not be able to tell whether you have enabled the screenshot feature on your mobile device since it’s a separate feature and does not concern Venmo or violates the privacy policy.

Moreover, Venmo will not send notifications regarding the screenshot because every transaction through the platform is already recorded. Hence, viewing a screenshot of the payment shouldn’t be a problem since you can always look at the transaction history.

In addition, your Venmo transaction history lets you print your statements by downloading them as a CSV file by clicking the “Download CSV” button. 

How To See Who Views Your Venmo?

There is no official way to find out if someone has viewed your Venmo, regardless of the platform or device you use.

However, Venmo’s social sharing history between users is available to see as long as both parties are friends in the app. For example, your friends can see pay Target with Venmo in-store or online while shopping. They can also see if you Venmo yourself. Of course, you have the option to block others from seeing your transactions.

You can make private Venmo transactions by going to “Settings” and selecting your preference to stop seeing other people’s transactions and vice versa.

How To Get Venmo Statements?

You can get Venmo online statements in two ways: through the Venmo app or the Venmo website on your browser. 

The Venmo app is available for iOS and Android devices. Depending on whether you have the old or new version, here are instructions on how to view your Venmo statement via the app:

Old Venmo App Version

Open the app and look at your friends’ feed. You should see an icon that looks like three horizontal bars (☰) at the top right corner. Tap it to access all your transactions. 

New Venmo App Version

You can view your transactions by selecting the single-person icon with the dollar sign under the “You” tab to view your statements.

Venmo Website

To access your online statement with a web browser, sign in to with your email and password. You can view all your transactions by selecting “Statement” under the list of options below your profile picture. 

How To Change Past Venmo Transaction From Private to Public?

You can make past Venmo payments private or friends-only if you want to keep your account private. However, keep in mind that the private option is permanent and cannot be reversed. Regardless of whether you select “Limit to Friends,” your private payments and purchases will not be disclosed.

To change privacy settings via the Venmo app, navigate to “Settings” then select “Privacy.” Next, tap on your preference under “Past Transactions.”

You can also change past Venmo transactions from private to public using the Venmo website. First, sign in to and choose “Privacy” from the “Settings” menu. Then select your preferred option and verify by clicking “Save Settings.”

The public setting lets people see your transactions, such as the stores that accept Venmo online and in-store during your transaction history.

Can You Venmo Transaction History?

You cannot delete Venmo transaction history from your app. Even if you’ve made your transaction history private, you cannot completely delete or hide your history. Basically, Venmo is an online banking app, and the banking regulators won’t let you erase your purchase history.

Instead of deleting your Venmo transactions, you can change the settings to private.

How Does Venmo Appear on Bank Statements Summary

A Venmo bank statement will appear when a transaction is processed through the bank linked to your Venmo account. However, using your Venmo balance instead of your bank balance will not appear on your bank statement.

Venmo’s popularity allows transaction history to become publicly visible through its social media features. But thankfully, you can make your transactions private by changing your personal settings.

The app settings allow you access to features like validating your identity and increasing your Venmo spending limit for daily and weekly transactions.

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