Happy Blogoversary Frugal Reality!

Yeah today is my Blogoversary! I starting blogging one year ago for fun.  It all started out as texascouponcutie then changed to pinchthatpenny and now I’ve settled in to frugalreality.  Lot’s of changes have occured over the past year but I like to think it’s all been for the good.  I’ve meet a lot of interesting people and made some great friends along the way.

What I thought was going to just be a fun way of keeping track of my finances and posting deals I got has turned into much much more.  I’ve gotten to help way more people than I thought would be interested in my “lil o site”.  Not stopping just there though. I’ve meet a great number of ladies at my Frugal Fellowship Coupon Classes.

I’ve become more aware of my finances which has in turn made me a better steward of them. As I continue this great journey I encourage you to continue to make suggestions on how I can better help you.

HUGE thanks goes out to all of my readers! You guys are what keeps this site going!

Having said all of that now we move on to the fun part!  What’s a celebration with out gifts?  For the next week or so I will host one giveaway everyday! Each giveaway will last 2 weeks so be sure and enter all of them as many times as allowed. The first one starts at noon (cst). Good luck and thank you!


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