Get in Early on “Jet” that will take on Amazon and Costco

A new site is coming that will compete with Amazon and Costco head on. It will reinvent the wholesale shopping club and will only be open to some for the preview. You do not want to miss this if you like to save money online! Before you renew your Amazon Prime you better check this site out. Here is the link for the free 6-month membership (value of $25).

By signing up, you will earn a free 6-month membership to the club when they launch. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to refer your friends to a free 6-month Jet membership and increase your rankings for additional benefits.

The more you refer, the higher you climb in the ranks:
Top 100 Insiders get a free lifetime membership.
Top 1,000 Insiders get a free 5-year membership, valued at $249.95.
Top 10,000 Insiders get a free 1-year membership, valued at $49.99
Top 100,000 Insiders get early access to Jet before they launch.

The Jet Insider promotional period will be finalized on February 6, 2015, so there are only a few days left to refer your friends and increase your rankings. If you are in the Top 10 you have the opportunity to be a shareholder in

Jet is founded by the former owner of They spent years competing with before getting clobbered in a price war then sold their company to Amazon. Customers will find just about everything, from clothes, books, and electronics to baby goods and athletic gear. After a 90-day free trial period, Jet customers will be asked to pay $49.99 a year for access to what Lore claims will be prices that are 10% to 15% lower than anywhere else online.

Like Costco, Jet plans to make money on membership fees. Every other savings will be passed along to the buyer. And like EBay and, it will function primarily as a marketplace allowing other merchants to compete to offer their wares to customers. One of the coolest features of the is that shoppers can squeeze out more savings if they can control the urge for instant gratification and let Jet figure out how to deliver the goods as cheap as possible. One example is that prices can drop when a shopper combines multiple orders into a single shipment or is willing to wait for a seller offering a more economical shipping rate.

They have huge funding into this company and we think it will be a hit and give Amazon and Costco a run for their money. What do you plan on buying with your free six month membership?

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