Where to Buy Kerosene at the Pump Near Me? 17 Gas Stations!

Frugal living isn’t about going cheap or low-quality, but getting the best value for your money. That means taking advantage of every saving opportunity to avoid spending an extra dollar that could have otherwise been saved. 

So, why buy kerosene at $10 in a hardware store when there are gas stations that sell kerosene near you at half price? It doesn’t make sense, right? That $5, stashed aside per week, will save to $260 in one year. That is how you keep your emergency fund going!

But the question is: Are there gas stations with kerosene near me?

Quick Answer: The good news is that you can always find gas stations with kerosene pumps near you. ARCO, Citgo Speedway, Shell, and Sunoco, among others, are just a few. Hardware stores also sell kerosene, but the price is almost double the price at the pump.

Therefore, it makes sense to buy kerosene at a gas station to save a few bucks. Read along to learn more about where to buy kerosene for your heater or lamp.

What is Kerosene Used For?

The most commonly used type of kerosene that is sold at gas stations is K-1. Different people buy it for different purposes. Knowing the common uses of kerosene is important to ensure that you are buying it for the proper purpose. Here are some of the domestic uses of kerosene:

  • Cooking: Kerosene is used as a source of fuel for heaters and stoves for cooking purposes
  • Lighting: Lamps and camping lanterns use kerosene fuel for lighting.
  • Heating: A kerosene heater works like a large kerosene lamp that uses a wick to draw from the tank. The burning gas heats nearby objects by radiation or the air by convention.
  • Cleaning: Kerosene is used as a cleaning solvent, especially for oily or greasy surfaces.
  • Jet fuel: Besides the above domestic uses, it’s commonly used as jet fuel. This type of kerosene isn’t sold at gas stations.

17 Gas Stations That Sell Kerosene Near Me

Before you hit the road to your nearby gas station, we’d suggest savings a trip and first confirming they sell it at your place. You can easily do this using the gas station’s locator on their website or mobile app to find a K1 kerosene gas station near me.

Alternatively, consider calling the location and ask whether they offer kerosene for sale. That said, here is a guide of 17 gas stations that sell kerosene nearby.

1. Speedway

Speedway has about 3,900 gas stations and convenience stores from coast to coast, and it is one of the cheapest gas stations to buy kerosene nearby. The price per gallon is about $4.

Not all Speedway’s sell kerosene at the pump. To help you find the exact locations that offer kerosene for sale, Speedway has a kerosene option built into its store locator. Just navigate to “Fuel Options” or “Locations Amenities” and select kerosene to see where to buy kerosene fuel nearby.

Find a nearby Speedway gas station for kerosene.


ARCO has over 1,300 gas stations on the west coast. At ARCO, the price per gallon of Kerosene is about $5. Not every ARCO locations sell kerosene at the pump, and you should call ahead to enquire.

To find an ARCO station nearby, visit their website and enter your city, state, or zip code. You can also use the ARCO locator to find a nearby gas station with self-service vacuums.  

Find an ARCO near me for kerosene prices today.

3. Citgo

Alongside its own, Citgo runs gas stations under Mystik and Clarion brands and has approximately 5,000 gas stations in 30 states. Price per gallon is about $5 at Citgo stations.

To find Citgo gas stations that sell kerosene near you, use their store locator to search for stations within 2-100 miles using your address, city, or zip code. In addition, it’s a gas station to cash checks nearby.

Since not all Citgo gas stations offer kerosene at the pump, it is always good to call ahead of time for inquiry.

Find a Citgo for kerosene near me.

4. Shell

The company has about 25,000 Shell gas stations in the US, increasing the odds of selling kerosene near you. To do this, head to their website and enter your location on the Shell gas station locator section.

Find a Shell here to buy kerosene at the pump.

5. Sunoco

Sunoco has over 5,000 locations in over 30 states, and it is one of the most affordable places to buy kerosene. The price per gallon is about $4. While not all locations sell kerosene at the pump, you can use its store locator to find one nearby.

Their store locator allows you to search for nearby gas stations that sell kerosene or places with ATMs to withdraw cash.

However, some locations may not show up on the map when the kerosene option is checked. In this case, consider giving them a direct call to make a confirmation.

Find a Sunoco with kerosene for sale near me.

6. Texaco

Do you live in Texas? If so, Texaco may be your ideal place to buy kerosene nearby. They have over 1,300 Texaco stations nationwide, with the most in Texas. You can find a Texaco gas station near you by entering your locations on their website.

Alternatively, you can download the Texaco Station Finder app to find stations on the go. Plus, it’s a gas station that does cash back while on the run.

Since not all Texaco gas stations sell kerosene near you, consider calling your station ahead of time to inquire.

Find a Texaco open now to buy kerosene in bulk.

7. Buc-ee’s

Buc-ee’s has about 40 gas and travel center locations in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Texas. If you live in any of these states, consider checking out their gas stations near you to buy kerosene. You can also search via their store locator to find a location near you. It is always good to call ahead of time to ensure that you aren’t making a futile trip.

Find a Buc-ee’s K-1 kerosene prices near me.

8. Conoco

Conoco has about 2,000 locations nationwide, some of which sell kerosene at the pump. Using the Conoco station finder, you are sure to find a convenient location near you. Conoco is one of many gas stations that accept EBT SNAP in its convenience stores.

You can also download and use the My Conoco App and realize more savings-up to 25 cents of kerosene per gallon!

Find a Conoco nearby with kerosene for sale at the pump near me.

9. Family Express

Do you live in or near Indiana? Consider checking out Family Express gas stations that sell kerosene near you. They have over 70 gas and convenience stores in Indiana. Begin by finding a location near you using their store locator or mobile app.

Once you find suitable locations, you can take further steps to see whether that specific station offers kerosene at the pump and the cost per gallon. Get the Family Express App to realize substantial discounts up to $0.05 off per gallon.

Find a Family Express open on weekends for a kerosene gas can.

10. Go-Mart

Go-Mart operates approximately 100 gas and convenience stores in West Virginia, Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky to buy newspapers, food, cubed ice and coffee. To find a Go-Mart near you, visit their website and use their Store Locator. Otherwise, get the Go-Mart app to find a store on the go. Take advantage of the integrated rewards, bigger contests, and realize more savings -up to 50 cents off!

Find a Go-Mart with kerosene for sale near me now.

11. Lukoil

Lukoil has more than 2,000 locations nationwide. To locate a Lukoil gas station near you, enter your address, city, or zip code on their website’s location finder.

Not all Lukoil gas stations sell kerosene at the pump, so make sure that you enquire ahead of time to know whether your preferred locations offer kerosene for sale.

Find a Lukoil gas station that takes Apple Pay near me.

12. Meijer

Meijer operates over 200 gas stations and grocery stores in the Midwest. To find a location near you, use the Meijer store locator to search for a 24-hour gas station near me that offers kerosene for sale at the pump.

Find a Meijer open on weekends selling kerosene near me.

13. Pilot Flying J

Flying J operates over 750 travel centers in over 40 states. They have a complete location listing on their website, and you can check out to see whether they have a location near you.

Since the list is long, consider setting state/province or restaurant filters, or use their app to find a location on the go, plan your route and save time and money, up to 3 cents per gallon.

All the Pilot Flying J locations may not offer kerosene for sale, but you can always call ahead of time to inquire.

Find a Pilot Flying J to see what kind of kerosene is sold at the gas station.

14. Road Ranger

Road Ranger has over 40 convenience and travel centers in Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Texas, and Wisconsin. If you live in any of these states, take advantage of their store locator on their website to find Road Ranger gas stations that sell kerosene near you.

Just enter your city, state, or ZIP code to find a Road Ranger location within 10-100 miles. You can also narrow your search by amenities, like ATMs that dispense bills.

Find a Road Ranger gas station with kerosene closest to my location.

15. Terrible Herbst

Terrible’s Herbst locations are primarily in the southwest. They operate over 100 gas and convenience stores in Arizona, California, Nevada, and Utah to buy stuff like food and motorcycle oil. Search online through their website to see whether they have a suitable location near you.

You can also download the Terribles’ Social House App to gain exclusive access to monthly daily deals, monthly promotions, and more.

Find a Terrible Herbst cost of kerosene near me.

16. 76 Gas Station

76 operates approximately 1,800 locations nationwide. Not all locations offer kerosene for sale at the pump. To find a nearby location, navigate to their website and use their Station Finder to search by location. It would help taking advantage of the My 76 App to access great deals and realize more savings -up to 25 cents per gallon.

Find a 76 with kerosene fuel near me.

17. Weigel’s

Weigel’s has about 70 convenience store locations in eastern Tennessee. If you live there, you only need to enter your zip code to find your nearest Weigel’s.

Weigel’s also has a list of prominent convenience store locations on their website. See whether they have a location near you and whether they offer kerosene for sale at the pump, and their price per gallon.

Find a Weigel’s with kerosene near me for sale.

Where Else Can I Purchase Kerosene Near Me?

Apart from the above gas stations that sell kerosene near you, there are other places, too. You can find kerosene in hardware stores such as Walmart, Menards, Home Depot, and Lowe’s. Having a choice is essential when it comes to making an informed buying decision.

But things are different at the retail stores. The price per gallon at a hardware store can be nearly double the price at the pump. For example, current kerosene prices at the pump range between $4 and $5 per gallon. But stores like Walmart and Menards sell kerosene for about $10 per gallon. See the difference!

What Gas stations Don’t Sell Kerosene?

Several gas stations rarely sell kerosene in most of their locations. Many are large convenience stores or gas station chains, and you don’t waste your energy and time going there.

While they generally sell gasoline and diesel, you’ll find the following gas stations don’t sell kerosene:

It is important to note that Valero produces kerosene, but they don’t offer it for sale to customers at the pump.

How Long Will Kerosene Last?

The shelf-life of kerosene depends on how it is stored. Proper storage under the right conditions will see kerosene last anywhere between two to five years. The main risk with kerosene storage is condensation. To ensure long shelf life, make sure that you store your kerosene in a dry and cool place, so it doesn’t go bad.

Also, store it in a certified blue kerosene container. Most local gas stations that sell kerosene sell containers too, otherwise your local hardware store. It will help tell it apart from other liquids or accidentally mix it with water, which can affect its quality.

Can You Use Kerosene in an Oil Lamp?

Generally, yes, you can use kerosene in an oil lamp. But before you use kerosene in a lamp or heater, you need to check the label next to the fuel tank. That label should tell you whether the lamp or heater accepts kerosene as a source of fuel. Otherwise, refrain from using kerosene on it until you get solid confirmation on whether you can or can’t use kerosene on the lamp or heater.


What are Kerosene Uses for Cleaning?

Kerosene has many uses for cleaning. It is excellent for cleaning oily or greasy surfaces, removing dust and particles, as well as washing machine parts. Keep in mind that kerosene has flammable properties, and you should always be extra careful on how and where you use it.

What are the K-1 Kerosene Prices Near Me?

You can buy K-1 kerosene nearby at many gas stations, hardware stores, and auto repair shops. Either call your local gas stations or visit hardware store websites to see the local K-1 kerosene prices.

Here are some places to see the price of K-1 kerosene near me:

Where to Buy Bulk Kerosene Near Me?

You can buy bulk kerosene in your area at a gas station, retailer, or hardware store. The cheapest place to buy kerosene is at a nearby gas station using a portable gas tank.

Best place to buy bulk kerosene online and nearby for pickup:

No products found.

Where To Buy Kerosene Summary

Kerosene has many domestic uses, including cooking, lighting, and cleaning. Whether you buy kerosene regularly or just a few times in a year, finding where to buy kerosene near you can be handy. Although you can buy it at most hardware stores, you can substantially save money and drastically cut expenses if you go to gas stations that sell kerosene nearby.

Go to retailers like Ace Hardware, Fred Meyer, Home Depot, Kroger gas station, Lowe’s, Menards, REI, Tractor Supply, TrueValue, and Walmart to see the local K-1 kerosene price per gallon.

You can buy kerosene in bulk nearby at Ace Hardware, Home Depot, Menards, Tractor Supply, TrueValue, Walmart and online from Amazon in 5-gallons.

Always remember that buying kerosene is classified as a hazardous substance. As a result, you will need to present your state ID or government-issued driver’s license to complete the purchase.

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