Fun Facts About Historical Flags That Will Surprise You

Fun Facts About Historical Flags That Will Surprise You

The national flag of the United States is perhaps the most well-known flag in the world. We have some fun facts about flags, in addition to the US flag, that is not commonly known to most.

The US flag is also referred to as Stars and Stripes.  It started its journey more than two centuries ago with just 13 stars included.

Today it has 50 stars representing the 50 states of the country. There are many more flags used in the country that most people are not aware of. Here are some interesting facts about historical flags that will surprise you.

Betsy Ross Flag

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Betsy Ross, a prominent seamstress of Philadelphia, is widely believed to be the first national flag’s creator. The legend has it that George Washington, the first President of the United States, approached this struggling upholsterer of that time to sew a flag based on a design containing 13 stars and 13 stripes.

Betsy changed the design from 6 pointed stars to 5 pointed stars, and her flag was approved as the national flag by Congress. The flag remained the national flag without any changes until 1795. When Kentucky and Vermont decided to join the Union of United States, the flag’s design was changed to include 15 stars and 15 stripes. This design continued for 23 years but was discarded in favor of the older 13 stripes and stars, as the states making up the United States Union. It is how stars continued to increase while 13 stripes even today represent the 13 original colonies declaring war against colonial rule.

The Betsy Ross flag is still hoisted by many citizens proudly as the first national flag though Betsy is not officially credited with designing it. It may be hard for today’s generation to digest the fact that our national flag had 15 stripes for 23 long years, but it is true.

Gadsden Yellow Flag

Dont Tread On Me Flag drawing

Most people would accept that they do not know much about this flag. It is also known as Don’t Tread On Me Flag or Hopkin’s Flag in honor of Esek Hopkins, the then Commodore of the US Navy who was presented with this flag by Colonel Gadsden.

Why is this flag so special? It happens to be the oldest flag in the United States history as it was flown aboard Alfred, one of the first ships included in the US Navy.

As the name suggests, Gadsden Flag is yellow, and it depicts a rattlesnake cobra in a recoiled position ready to strike. The message of this flag is loud and clear, which says don’t tread on me. It has been the US Navy’s stance ever since 1778, when the Gadsden Flag was adopted for the first time.

It is a clear signal for the opponents to stay away from the strong and defiant US Navy, or else it would strike back and destroy the enemy. The yellow Gadsden flag became a famous Revolutionary War banner.

Gadsden Flag’s motto, don’t tread on me, was a message of liberty and defiance more than two centuries ago. It was a very patriotic message at that time meant for the colonial powers. It is a message of liberty and defiance till today.

Hopefully, you learned some fun facts about flags today. 

Leave additional interesting flag facts below. 


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