84+ Free Stuff for Teachers (Freebies by Mail & Online)

Covid-19 adversely affected teachers and has forced everyone to get creative while teaching. There is free stuff for teachers to help with homeschooling, Zoom lessons, and things when in-class resumes.

We have compiled a list of free tools, resources, and supplies that teachers need to ease the preparation. Teaching a new environment and going forward will be very different. Whether in the classroom, online, or a hybrid format, the last thing a teacher needs is to spend money on a job.

Many teachers have not worked since March 2019 or took pay cuts, especially in private schools. 

Most Americans agree teachers are underpaid, and teaching supplies can be costly. Thankfully, there are tons of free teacher resources online.

Our list of the best back to school freebies for teachers includes:

  • Free lesson plans for teachers
  • Free supplies
  • Free teaching resources
  • Teacher freebies and printables

Table of Contents

Free Teacher Stuff for Personal Use

May 7 is National Teacher’s Day, the perfect day to shop for your classroom. You do not have to wait until then to get freebies for teachers. Tons of sites offer free teaching material and school supplies.  

Even better, others offer teacher freebies for personal use. Check out awesome deals and freebies for teachers.

1. Happy Teacher Revolution Starter Pack

TFA Baltimore alumna Danna Thomas’s free starter pack helps teachers take easy steps to implement self-care inside and outside the classroom. The kit has potential benefits for you and those around you.

Sign up for a free Starter Pack here

2. Flu shot

While you await the coronavirus vaccine, protect yourself by getting a flu shot. The free flu shot comes with a copay as long as you have health insurance. 

Find where to get the free flu shot here.

3. Mellow Monkey Masks

Mellow Monkey has automatically donated KN95 face masks to local teachers for every $100 in face mask sales.

Get a freeKN95 Mask directly from us by clicking here

Best Free Stuff for Teachers by Mail

With so many retail stores closed around the US, it’s challenging to get teaching supplies and material for classrooms. Businesses have adapted quickly, and it’s easier than ever to order supplies online.

Teachers can use these resources to request free supplies and material for teachers by mail for your classroom. The free items for teachers can be used at school or online.

4. School Health Hand Sanitizer

To start our list is freehand sanitizer from SchoolHealth. You’ll also need several dispensers for the classroom. School Health mails the hand sanitizer and dispensers to teachers upon request. 

They offer not only free hand sanitizers and dispensers for your classroom, but also your whole school.

Fill out the form at SchoolHealth.com for more details about how the school can receive these hand sanitizers and dispensers at no cost. However, you’ll need to talk with the company before sending your freebie to the whole school.

5. ZooZingo

A school with over 150 students can request a free set of ZooZingo animal cards. This will be a fun activity to break up the long day of school for the kids. To qualify, you must be a school administrator at an elementary school with over 150 students.

Register with an official school email here to receive your ZooZingo animal cards.

6. American Electric Power Safety Kits

Do you teach kids in grades K-4? Is your community served by any of the AEP’s seven operating companies? You can request free safety booklets or kits for your classrooms. The kids will love Louie the Lightning Bug because it’s so cute. It’s a great activity and fun for the students after a long day of classwork. 

American Electric Power Safety will mail the kit upon request. Click here for free safety booklets or kits.

7. Scholastic Magazine

Scholastic publishes educational books and materials for kids. They also have educational magazines for teachers and educators. Thus, they will send teachers, schools, students, and parents’ books and educational materials upon request.   

To access the Scholastic free teacher stuff, sign up for a free trial. You will enjoy 30 days of access to all the freebies with no credit card. Teachers should take advantage of the 30-day free trial to determine if it’s value-added to your classroom.

The 30-day free Scholastic magazine options include: 

  • My Big World
  • Scholastic News
  • Scholastic Art
  • StoryWorks
  • DynaMath
  • Let’s Find Out
  • SuperScience

Registering also gives you access to the magazine’s digital resources. All you need to do is log in on their website with your personal information. You will also need your Access Code, which you can obtain from your Teacher’s Guide. 

Once you’ve created an account and have access to the digital resources of the magazine, it’s easy to set it up in such a way that your students will also have access to it. 

A classroom password can be created with the necessary credentials to ensure that your students can experience all the great resources that Scholastic has to offer. 

Place an order here to get your free magazines online.

8. Colgate classroom kit

By using your school email address, teachers can request a Colgate classroom kit. The company mails classroom supplies upon request. 

The package includes classroom materials, toothpaste samples for the kids, and toothbrushes for 25 students.

Apply here if you are interested in getting free toothbrushes and toothpaste.

9. Hot Wheels Classroom Kit

Hot Wheels gives away classroom kits for educators every September. However, teachers must apply to get the freebies by mail. The company is accepting applications from certified teachers. Apply today to receive a full-sized classroom kit.

Even better, apply for kindergarten classes, 4th-grade classes, as well as STEM/STEAM educators. Hot Wheels will mail physics, math, and science pre-made lesson plans with simple and easy to understand terms if you are lucky.

In some cases, you can receive 40 cars and tracks for your classroom to keep the kids busy as they settle back in school after the extended stay at home.

10. Rent Calculators free rulers

RentCalculators will mail sets of 6-inch wood rulers to classrooms upon request by a teacher.  A ruler is one of the best free school supplies for teachers by mail that’s applicable from elementary school to high school.

To order, follow the link below and complete the process. Click here and access other great freebies for teachers.

11. RentACalc free pencils 

RentACalc will mail a box of free #2 HB Dixon Ticonderoga pencils for students if you an educator. The package is shipped free for teachers in the United States. 

Click here to get free pencils. There is a limit of one pencil per student. 

12. SitSpot

Are you looking for the best free stuff for teachers by mail? SitSpot has you covered. It’s a circular free carpet pad for a classroom. The design will adhere to classroom carpeting or some area rugs. The carpet pads can be used for social distancing guides, teaching sight words, learning the alphabet, numbers, musical notes, and much more.

Request a SitSpot free carpet pad sample for your classroom by completing the order form.

13. NSCW School Supplies

National School Choice Week offers a platform to raise awareness about education’s significance with teachers’ free supplies. The free school supply offerings include lapel stickers, yellow fleece scarves, signs, and more. Signing up for free school supplies is free, but supplies are limited.

The best of all is the awareness about the opportunities that come with education.

Sign up to receive the free NSCW giveaways here

Website: Schoolchoiceweek.com

14. Schoolmate Goodies

You will love the free catalog from a schoolmate. Schoolmate Goodies will mail teacher freebies and samples, including a planner, folder, or wall calendar.

Request a catalog of samples here.


15. Pearls in School Program

PearlOnly offers freebies for teachers, which would fit perfectly in a science class to educate children in pearl culturing and an oyster’s lifecycle.

The “Pearls in School program” has lesson plans for the US, United Kingdom, and Australia that teach the kids about pearl creation. There are individualized free lesson plans for elementary, middle, and high schools.

The PearlKit includes:

  • 30 packets with five pearls each
  • 30 care cards
  • 30 certificates of accomplishment

Get your free kit here and just pay for shipping.

16. EVERWhiteboard

EverWhite Surface offers a free whiteboard sample by mail for teachers. Everyone can use a whiteboard, especially for online home classes. Teachers can request an EverWhite 6″ wide x 9″ tall sample by completing a simple form.

Complete the free whiteboard for teacher form here.

17. Kids Need To Read books

Kids Need To Read offers free books for students of all ages. To qualify for free books, your school much serve at least 50% of children living under the national poverty level. 

Complete the form to request free books for kids of all ages.

18. Free Erasers

RentaCalc offers a free box of erasers to teachers and faculty only. No purchase is necessary, and they cover the cost of the erasers and offer free shipping. While supplies last, RentaCalc will send a branded eraser for each student in the classroom. 

Free Stuff for Grade School Teachers

Grade school teachers are always looking for free stuff to put on the bulletin board or use as teaching tools. Request the free things in the summer and allow time for them to arrive.

19. Teaching Tolerance films

Teaching Tolerance sends grade school teachers a free film kit for use in K-12 schools. The Teaching Tolerance film kits are perfect for a school of education, worship houses, public libraries, and youth-serving non-profit organizations.

A current list of movies the teacher can request are:

  • Viva La Causa
  • Starting Small 
  • Mighty Times The Children’s March
  • An Outrage
  • Selma Bridge to the Ballot
  • One Survivor Remembers

These are just a few films you can request. Tolerance offers more freebies for teachers. Find out more here. 

20. Admongo.gov Lesson Plan Packet

A 5th and 6th-grade teacher can request a free lesson plan from Free Admongo. The Federal Trade Commission develops and offers free lesson plan kits via its website. Its kits include lesson plans, worksheets, posters, and activities for grades 5 and 6.

The lesson plan meets a national standard for language, art, and social studies.

To request a kit, follow the FTC link here.

21. Free NEA Lesson Plans

Teachers can access free lesson plans from the National Education Association. The organization does superb job-keeping teachers up to date with the latest teacher freebies via its “10 Free Things” post. 

The free NEA lesson plans are regularly updated. Here are some free lesson plans as of this writing:

  • Inauguration Day Activities
  • Classroom resources for teaching Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • Reading 101: Guide for Parents
  • Teaching about 9/11
  • Supporting English Language Learners

Find out more here.

22. Free PETA TeachKind Materials

PETA offers free teaching material for teachers across America. The free teaching stuff covers various age-appropriate languages and images, ranging from books to comics and free stickers. 

PETA will send materials for all the kids in the class.

You’ll need to select a primary school kit that ranges from K-5 or a secondary school kit for grades 6-12. The titles include books like “The Kids’ Guide to Helping Animals” or “Guide to Going Vegan.”

Request free books by kids by mail by completing this simple form here

23. Free P&G School Programs

Over the years, P&G has helped build and support health classrooms through puberty and development curriculum with 5th, 6th, and 7th-grade material. 

Teachers and educators can request P&G free samples by using your school’s PIN. The process of finding the PIN can sometimes be challenging.  Use the P&G internal search engine to help find the school PIN. 

Request your P&G freebies here.

24. Free Six Flags Tickets

The free six flags tickets are geared more toward your students. It’s Read to Succeed program encourages literacy and students to read for fun at no cost to the school. It’s not limited to just public and private schools, but it’s also a homeschooling freebie. 

How to get free Six Flags tickets for students?

For students who read 6 hours recreationally, they qualify and earn a free ticket to Six Flags. 

Follow this link here as to how you can sign up and create an account.  

25. Free Textbooks via CK-12 Flexbooks

Every classroom needs textbooks. Teachers can request free customizable textbooks that are aligned for grades K-12 curriculums. 

Even better, you can access 100s of customizable textbook options such as video, audio, and activities.

Click here to access the free textbooks online via CK-12 Flexbooks. 

26. Free Math Worksheets from MathMammoth.com

Teachers can access over 400 free math worksheets for kids in grades 4-12. The MathMammoth.com website downloadable worksheets are reproducible for classroom use. 

To access the free math worksheets and practice tests, visit MathMammoth.com and sign up using an email.

Downloadable Teachers’ Freebies 

Use these downloadable teachers’ freebies to supplement and aid with your current lesson plans, from worksheets to posters. 

27. Bully Free Toolkit

The anti-bullying toolkit offers a kit specifically designed for parents, teachers, and students. It is also suitable for kids with special needs.

The free downloadable resource for teachers helps confront bullying from all angles, including talking with the children to knowing your tolerance.

Download a free anti-bully toolkit here.

28. Free Downloads via Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers offers 1000s of free and pre-made lesson plans from pre-K to 12th grade. It’s the largest provider of lesson plans in the country. You can download 3 million lesson plans for all grades on their website.  

Visit Teachers Pay Teachers freebies here to see all of the free options available now; there are a ton of them!

29. Sesame Street® Learning Resources

PNC offers teachers free downloadable Sesame Street learning materials and supplies. The educational recourses include downloadable storybooks, free Sesame Street games for toddlers and kids, and activity cards.

The best part is no registration is required.

Click here to get free Sesame Street games, activities, and online courses.

  • Website:  PNC

30. Free Maplesoft poster download

The company offers free downloadable math and engineering posters for your classroom. You can also download desktop backgrounds. The posters have striking visuals that will improve any classroom or homeschooling environment.

Download Maplesoft wallpaper and posters here

31. Free downloadable Curriki curriculum

Teachers can access 1000s of free lessons and activities for kids from Curriki. The curriculums include mathematics, arts, social studies, language arts, and many more. 

Click the link here and select from over 1000s free downloads for teachers.

32. Demme Learning Free Math Facts Songs & Activities

Demme Learning offers free math activities and fact songs.  The printable activities include:

  • 12 coloring pages
  • 15 songs
  • 8 activities

Access the free math tools here.

33. Dick Blick Art Supplies

Blick for art educators offers special deals, discounts, and free art lesson plans for teachers. The program has hundreds of lesson plans for the following grades:

  • Kindergarten
  • Elementary
  • Middle school
  • High school
  • Special education

34. Audible

Audible has an extensive collection of free audiobooks for kids. It’s a terrific resource of free things for teachers during COVID-19 to teach children’s classics. The free Audible books for teachers include Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Italian languages. 

35. Krisp

The Krisp artificial-intelligence app removes background noise from calls. The software is especially valuable while teachers are teaching remotely during COVID. Krisp is giving a free subscription for teachers with unlimited use. They also offer complementary services to students, hospitals, and government workers. 

36. National School Supply

Visit the National School Supply website for free downloadable teacher freebies. The free printables include cut-out letters, all 50 states, teaching cursive, count-out numbers, science lessons about climate, earth, recycling, math lessons, telling time, seasonal and holiday artwork, and mother’s day card, Thanksgiving Maze, posters, and much more. 

37. Crayola

Crayola offers free DIY craft ideas and coloring sheets. The free teacher resources include art techniques like metallic and neon crayons, activities, and many more elementary school students’ lessons.

Best Free Stuff for High School Teachers

High school teachers’ free stuff will be more academic and more advanced than the items listed earlier in the list.

38. Free $5 From Staples

Every high school classroom needs staples, among other office supplies. Teachers can sign up as a classroom rewards recipient, and Staples sends a $5 gift card just for enrolling.

However, to qualify, teachers complete a simple form here. Once enrolled, parents can easily direct rewards from their purchases to select classrooms.

39. C-SPAN Teacher Resources

C-SPAN Teacher Resources is a great site for high school teachers and educators looking for social studies material. The site hosts tons of videos for social studies teachers to be used for presentations on specific study topics, such as:

  • US Constitution video clips
  • Current issues with video clips
  • Historical events

Access the free teacher resources here and search for social study topics.

40. NSTA

The National Science Teaching Association website offers a wide array of free high school resources for your classroom. It features 100’s of science articles for grades Pre-K to free stuff for high school teachers.

Checkout NSTA’s free science educational journal articles here.

41. PhysicsQuest 2020 Kit

PhysicsQuest aims to teach students about the basic concepts of physics using fun experiments.  With this kit, teachers can demonstrate the importance and fun of science to students as they learn more about the physical world. Some experiments and lessons include:

  • Falling objects are affected by mass
  • A pendulum motion is affected by changing variables
  • How desk-mounted slingshots work

Signup for the waiting list because the free physics kit for middle school is in high-demand. 

42. Lenovo Lesson Plans

Lenovo has free downloadable teacher freebies with lesson plans about potential career choices. The lesson plans are targeted for grades Kindergarten through middle school. Many of the careers are meant for top low-stress high paying jobs for introverts, like astronomy, biology, geology, ecology, volcanology, physics, and climatology. 

Find the free Lenovo Lesson Plans here.

43. National Gallery of Art Posters

National Gallery of Art offers high school teachers free posters to encourage creativity and writing. The free art posters for teachers include the following: 

  • “The Farm (La masía)” by Joan Miró” 
  • “The Railway” by Edouard Manet
  • “Shaw Memorial” by Augustus Saint-Gaudens

Click here to get your free downloadable art posters.

44. Dinosaur Train Education Resources

The PBS show “Dinosaur Train” has tons of educational resources for teachers. You will love the free Dinosaur Train Nature Tracker Poster that highlighted the Pteranodon family.

The free things for teachers are available for Kindergarten through third grade by completing this form.

45. Kit from Bucky’s Classroom

The free kit Bucky’s Classroom is an initiative of the University of Wisconsin that provides teachers with various UW-Madison related items. The classroom supplies for teachers includes:

  • Pencils
  • Posters
  • Bookmarks
  • Stickers

To no surprise, they also include free University of Wisconsin-Madison giveaways for teachers.

Complete the form for your Madison freebies. 

46. Info Kit from United For Human Rights

United for Human Rights information kit is exclusively for teachers with students 18 years or older. The free items for teachers include:

  • Story of Human Rights booklet
  • Award-winning educational DVD about The Story of Human Rights
  • Awareness and understanding of human rights guide

They will send one kit per teacher, which includes free shipping.

Learn more and sign up here

47. National Institute on Drug Abuse poster

The National Institute on Drug Abuse sends free posters to teachers through their drug abuse awareness program.

The downloadable educational posters include:

  • Drugs & Body – double-sided in Spanish and English
  • Marijuana facts – double-sided English or Spanish
  • Prescription drugs poster
  • Respect – Understand how developing respect is key to healthy behaviors and relationships

Download the free educational posters for the classroom here.

48. Kennedy Space Center (Florida and Georgia)

Teachers in Georgia, Florida, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands can get complimentary access to the Kennedy Space Center.  The “Educator Study Pass” will give you tips for field trips and integrate interesting facts using STEM curriculums. 

You will need a valid teaching certificate, active badge, or a letter on school letterhead signed by the principal to qualify for the free educational travel program.

Learn more from the Kennedy Space Center educator resource center here.

49. PTOToday kit

The PTOT kit is helpful if you’re interested in hosting a family event at your school.

The free PTO Today guides include: 

  • Family Science Night focused on STEM events
  • Family Tech Talk teaches kids about internet safety
  • Family Reading Night encourages reading
  • Family Movie Night to watch new and old movies

Request your freebies for science teachers and educators here.

Website:  PTOToday.com

50. Richard C. Owen Books sample 

Richard C. Owen publishers send free book samples by mail for teachers. The book giveaways are meant for grades pre-K to fifth grade. You must call the number listed on the site.

The publisher will only mail the book samples to the school, which is done via this link

51. Educator Packet from T.A. Barron

T.A. Barron is a famous author of kids’ young-adult books and sends an excellent educator packet you will love. The free things for teachers in the gift box include complete maps, posters, bookmarks, and so much more.

Fill out this form to receive the free educator packet, which includes:

  • Maps and posters from the novels
  • Bookmarks
  • T. A. Barron video collection
  • Book discussion guides
  • Articles by T. A. Barron
  • The Hero’s Trail inspirational quotes
  • Information brochure from Barron Prize
  • Young Heroes activity & discussion guide
  • Informational flyers about the Dream Big Video Collection

52. Findings Magazine

The Findings Magazine is an excellent freebie for science teachers because it provides innovative research. It’s a resource for high school students because it covers scientists who lead interesting lives with cutting-edge research. 

Teachers can download the digital versions via NIH’s official website or order up to 50 free print magazine back issues.

53. Wilbanks

Wilbanks publishing company authors have a giveaway of free autographed books. The books are for pre-k through fourth-grade classrooms. 

Request free autographed books from Wilbook by completing this form. 

54. Speed Stacks

Speed Stacks is a game for a student looking to develop cognitive skills. The cups are designed to be stacked then collapse faster, which helping students with hand-eye coordination. A physical education teacher working at a qualified school can request a complimentary set of Speed Stacks. 

Request a complementary Speed Stack set by completing this form.

Entertainment Freebies for Teachers

There are tons of free entertainment opportunities for teachers. Freebies include field trips to fun ways you can spend time while teaching.

55. Legoland Passes for Florida Teachers

If you in Florida, you can have a fun day at Legoland. The pass lasts for a year. By just showing your teacher ID and teaching certificate, you can head to Legoland for free.

56. SeaWorld Tickets

If you are not interested in Legos, you can cash in on free Seaworld passes, too. Just check-in The Tampa Bay, Orlando, or San Antonio SeaWorld locations. A “Teacher Pass” that allows certified K-12 classroom teachers to enter Seaworld for free.

Seaworld also gives free marine workshops for teachers if you’re interested in educating your class on the subject. 

57. Shedd Aquarium Tickets 

Teachers from Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin can visit the famous Shedd Aquarium in the heart of downtown Chicago. The company offers educators and teachers free admission to the Shedd Aquarium by completing a request form.

Complete the form here and use the voucher the day of your visit.

58. New England Aquarium visit

New England educators can get free passes to the New England Aquarium. The passes expire two years from the date of application. Call the reservation number to reserve your ticket using the information link.   

59. Philadelphia Zoo Passes 

You can get free zoo passes if you live in Philadelphia and have a certified classroom. Visit the Philadelphia Zoo site or call for more information about visiting the zoo for free. 

60. Florida Aquarium ticket 

Get a free teacher’s to pass to the Florida Aquarium. The “Teacher Study Program” is meant for qualifying K-12 teachers, assistant principals, and principals actively teaching in Florida. 

Complete the application and wait for approval for up to 72 hours.

Free Apps, Technology, and Virtual Learning for Teachers 

In the wake of an online classroom, tools such as Flipgrid and Google Classroom come in handy for teachers. The following technology makes distance learning a reality.

61. SeeSaw

SeeSaw offers a free virtual learning platform for distance learning with tools to take pictures, record videos, draw, and more. Incorporate through Google Classroom or use independently on the web as an app. It is user-friendly and intuitive for teachers and students. The platform is powerful for younger learners, students with lower reading levels, or novice tech-users.

The majority of the SeeSaw services and resources for teachers are currently available for free here.  

62. Free Microsoft Software

Most Microsoft tools are free to educators, teachers, and schools. With a valid office 365 account, you can access Office, Excel, and Minecraft.

Sign up here for free Microsoft software or teachers.

63. Wall Street Journal Teaching Tools 

The Wall Street Journal offers free teaching tools for teachers and students. The educational guides include:

  • WSJ 101: An Essential Guide
  • Learn how faculty have incorporated the WSJ in their classrooms
  • Faculty Resource Guide
  • Student Guide

Also, there is a significant Wall Street Journal teacher and student discount. 

Request the WSJ teaching tools here.

64. Google Classroom

Google Classroom is part of the Google suite. The tool allows teachers to digitally organize class rosters, grading, assignments, and more in one place.

Go here to request your free Google Classroom for your school. 

65. Basecamp

Basecamp is a project management software that includes message boards, group chat, to-dos, file storage, and more. Teachers can get a free Basecamp account as long as they’re teaching; students can also get a free account. The program is quite popular among teachers as it puts everything in one place.

Click here to access the free Basecamp program.

66. Pear Deck

Educators can get a free Pear Deck for teachers. It makes your slides within PowerPoint Online, and Google Slides interactive in your presentation.  

Get the tool here.

67. Free Vooks

Vooks offers read-along text features, narrated stories, and animated illustrations for young learners. Teachers can get a free year of Vooks free if they work at a public school, private school, or preschool program. 

Get Vooks free for teachers here. 

68. Flipgrid

The free Flipgrid tool lets students record short videos. It’s meant for reading, speaking, classwork presentations, and more.

Request Flipgrid free for educators here, including Pre-K to Ph.D.

69. Calm meditation tool

Teachers have had a rough year. A little meditation will help calm the situation. Calm app lets you take a deep breath as you practice meditation. The Calm app is free for teachers and is available for both Android and Apple devices.

Download the free Calm app here on Apple or Android

Free DVDs and Videos for Teachers

Free DVDs, movies, and videos are great ways to keep students excited and entertained as they learn.

70. Switch Energy Alliance education DVDs

Switch Energy Project sends teachers free educational DVDs about energy education, efficiency, and awareness.

Upon request here, you will receive an educational DVD that includes a complete documentary, a chapter menu on each energy type, and lab videos.

71. Izzit

This charitable foundation helps teachers by promoting critical thinking among students. 

Izzit sends teachers a free DVD by mail each year in return for your feedback.

Request your free DVD here 

72. PassItOn

PassItOn.com is a well-known non-profit foundation for Better Life. Its objective is to promote positive values and encourage others to pass them on. You’ll see these inspirational communications in movie theatres or on billboards, radio, internet, and television.

PassItOn will send free posters and DVDs for the teacher my mail. They’ll send up to three posters with free shipping.  The posters are in English while the DVD is in English and Spanish. 

Request free educational things for your classroom on this page

73. Stossel free DVDs

Stossel sends free DVDs to school each year upon request. Teachers can order a free 115-minute DVD with segments on economics, journalism, environmental issues, and more! 

The DVD is perfect for high school classes. Order yours here.

Free Continuing Education for Teachers

In between all the grading and lesson planning, teachers need to make time for their own education with these freebies.

The deals make it easy!

74. Free Country Music Hall of Fame Tickets 

There is free admission for all Tennessee teachers who are planning a field trip. They also a 90-minute virtual field trip and webinar presented by the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Learn more about the program, access tons of helpful downloadable guides, and visit the official link below. 

75. Skillshare lessons

Discover free online courses for teachers, including classroom management, grammar, higher education, instructional design, lifestyle, student tools, English, and more with Skillshare. 

Get started with free Skillshare online classes here.

76. MasterClass for teachers

Each Teach For America teacher alumni or corps member can access a free All-Access Pass from MasterClass worth $180 value.  

As a gratitude for your service, MasterClass gives you a no-cost All-Access Pass to their excellent instructors. Sign up at the link below; a free MasterClass membership is worth it!

Free Mental Health Resources for Teachers 

The pandemic has created an incredibly stressful and challenging situation for teachers and educators. Take care of your mental health with these free services and resources.

77. Super Peace Monkeys

With Super Peace Monkeys, teachers can get free “Confidence, Kindness, and Mental Health SuperPowers” kit for every student. 

Subscribe here to get free videos, eBooks, and games for students by subscribing here

78. Headspace

Headspace is a meditation app to help people reduce stress, allow better focus, become more resilient, and sleep soundly. The free meditation app for teachers includes K-12 educators, administrators, and supporting staff in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia. 

Other Free Stuff for Schools

79. Practical Money Skills

Practical Money Skills offers free financial literacy materials, including classroom modules, games, DVDs, brochures, and so much more.

The free teacher stuff is all downloadable here.

80. Donors Choose

While this not actually a freebie for teachers, a classroom struggling to purchase supplies should consider starting a fundraiser via the website. Donors Choose is a GoFundMe alternative.

All you need to do is explain the classroom project, pick a financial goal, and see if you can raise funds. Quite simple! To date, Donors Choose has funded more than 1.3 million projects.

Start raising money for free classroom supplies for teachers here.

81. Free Business Magazines from freebizmags.com

The website offers free business magazines at your fingertips, courtesy of freebizmag.com. You can access multiple risk-free subscriptions for research, reports, white papers, case studies, eBooks, and magazines.

Follow the link below to subscribe to the freebies.

82. Flinn Scientific

Flinn Scientific’s guides offer free downloadable papers for science teachers who need help managing a new classroom and students.

Find scientific documents, videos, and more here.

Website: Flinn Scientific

83. Free Classroom pets

Petco and Pet Care Trust have teamed up for the Pets in the Classroom program. The program makes it possible for teachers to bring pets into their classrooms. 

Read here about the Pets in a Classroom program and grant application process.

·      Website: Petco

Free Stuff For Teachers Summary

After reading this guide, you will have enough opportunities to get free items for your classroom, students, and yourself.

The sites listed above are dedicated to making the school years more affordable for frugal teachers looking to save money.

While many of the free items for teachers are downloadable, many are also from companies willing to send stuff with free shipping.

Be sure to bookmark your favorites.

As time goes on, I will continue to add back to school freebies for teachers to this list. If you see any expired items and/or you have an offer you want to be added to the list, be sure to let me know via the comments below.

We hope that this article about how to get free stuff for teachers in 2022 has helped you figure out the best frugal ways to ensure that you and your classroom have access to great resources in the new year.