Does Walmart Sell Stamps? [Price, Type, Cost, Online, In-Store]

Letters have been replaced by emails. Official documents can easily be shared via email or collaboration platforms like Google docs and MS Office 365. That’s made centuries-old communication methods like sending and receiving letters via mail take a back seat. 

But if you don’t get free internet or low-cost internet at home, sharing documents online may not work for you all the time. Plus, not every low-income household has had the privilege to get free government internet and laptops for low-income families.

Besides the digital gap, don’t forget that the more things change, the more they remain the same. With the rise of eCommerce, the need to send and receive packages is with us like never before. Some documents like postcards, official letters, job credentials, blueprints, maps, and artwork are best shared physically. 

It boils down to one thing: “snail mail” has a huge role to play in our daily lives. Therefore, don’t let buying stamps prevent you from mailing an urgent document or package. That’s where national retailers like Walmart come in.

So, does Walmart carry stamps?

Short Answer: Yes, Walmart sells postage stamps in-store and online. You can buy postage stamps at Walmart MoneyCenter or the customer service desk, usually located near the front of the store. In addition, Walmart sells postage stamps in-store in books of 20 stamps at around $11 until the next USPS price hike. You can also purchase individual stamps for about 55 cents each. But, mainly, Walmart carries first-class forever stamps in-store. 

It also sells postage stamps online at The advantage of buying stamps online on is that you access a wide selection of stamps in varying quantities. Unlike in-store, where you may be limited to first-class forever stamps, you’ll find souvenir stamps and postcards stamps in coils of 10, 20, or 100 stamps.

Many books of stamps qualify for free shipping with a Walmart+ subscription.

Why Buy Stamps at Walmart Money Center?

Walmart is a great place to buy stamps for multiple reasons, including:

Walmart is Almost Everywhere

Walmart has nearly 5,000 locations in the US. You’re more likely to drive past a Walmart every 2-5 miles. Per Business Insider, 90% of all Americans live within 15 miles of a Walmart.

Buy Stamps at an Odd Hour

Post offices close after 5 pm, and most of them are closed on weekends. However, Walmart stores remain open late at night every day of the week. Walmart is also among the grocery chains that have 24-hour stores near me. Thus, Walmart is a great alternative to buy postage stamps when your local post office is closed.


The modern customer is time-strapped and wants the convenience of accomplishing multiple tasks at the same time. Therefore, apart from being a great place to buy stamps nearby, Walmart is a shopping destination for almost everything, including money services, the cheapest foods to buy on a budget and buy alcohol at Walmart.

You can also buy cheap money orders, cash checks, access Walmart carpet cleaner rental services, cheap wheel alignment services, make key copies, and more.

Walmart is also among the stores that give the most cash back on debit cards at no extra charges. In addition, there’s no minimum spend to qualify for cashback. Just buy a newspaper or anything like a bottle of filtered water to qualify for cashback up to $100. You can also buy kerosene or get a cheap haircut to qualify for cashback.

Generous Return Policy

It’s known for the white-glove treatment it gives customers when it comes to returns. Walmart’s return policy allows you to return any items, like postage stamps, to the store for an exchange or full refund. For instance, Walmart’s air mattress return policy allows returns within 90 days, while the Walmart TV return policy allows returns within 30 days. So you can buy with confidence!

Where To Buy Stamps at Walmart?

You can buy stamps at the Walmart MoneyCenter, the customer service desk, or online at Most Walmart Supercenters have MoneyCenters near the front of the store.

If your neighborhood Walmart doesn’t have a MoneyCenter, you can buy postage stamps at the customer services desk during regular Walmart store hours. However, the two departments tend to have slightly shorter hours of operation compared to other departments. Though hours vary by location, your best bet is between 8 am and 8 pm.

Mainly, Walmart stores sell first-class forever stamps in-store and are usually available in books of 20 stamps. Walmart also carries other shipping supplies and accessories like envelopes, bubble wrap, and pens. 

Walmart accepts almost all standard payment methods for postage stamps in-store, including cash and debit/credit cards with chips.

If you work from home and don’t feel like getting dressed, you can also buy stamps online at They have a wide variety for sale. For instance, you can buy souvenir stamps, postcard stamps, global stamps, and a coil of 100 stamps online.

Accepted payment methods when buying stamps online include unexpired credit cards, debit cards, gift cards like activated American Express gift cards, PayPal, Chase Pay, and Amex Express Checkout.

How Much Do Stamps at Walmart Cost?

The price of a stamp at Walmart comes down to the type and how many you are buying. The cost of a stamp at Walmart tends to be similar as you’d pay at the Post Office. Generally, Walmart sells first-class forever stamps at about 55 cents each. So if you purchase a book of 20 stamps, you’ll pay $11 in-store.

A rare stamp design may cost more. To know the exact price, visit the MoneyCenter or customer service desk to inquire.

The cost may vary depending on the design and the retailer when buying stamps online at For instance, you may find one retailer selling a book of 20 stamps at $15 and another retailer at $19, depending on the design. A roll of 100 USPS Forever first-class postage stamps may cost around $69.90 from one retailer and about $49.99 from another retailer.

So costs may vary slightly when shopping online at Since most retailers offer free shipping on postage stamps online, you’ll also face higher prices than you would get in-store to cover the shipping fee.

When buying individual stamps at Walmart, the mailing cost will be determined by the weight of your package and the destination. So make sure you weigh your package accurately and double-check to ensure you know the exact amount of postage stamps required. The customer service desk can help you avoid underpaying or overpaying for your package or letter.

Does Walmart Sell Single Stamps?

Yes, Walmart sells single stamps at your local store. Typically, Walmart carries books of 20 stamps and tends to sell them in a roll rather than individually. That said, you should be able to purchase single stamps at Walmart for about 55 cents each at the customer service desk or MoneyCenter.

However, you can’t buy a single stamp on but can buy in books of 10, 20, and 100.

What Type of Stamps Can You Buy at Walmart?

Walmart offers a wide selection of postage stamps, including first-class forever stamps, postcard stamps, souvenir stamps, others in different shapes and designs, and ones that are coming out soon. Mostly, you’ll find forever stamps in-store, but you can access a wider variety at

Does Walmart Sell Mailing Stamps?

Yes, Walmart sells mailing stamps. In fact, mailing stamps is just another name for postage stamps. You can buy mailing stamps at Walmart at the customer service center, Walmart MoneyCenter, or online at

If you want different types of mailing stamps at Walmart, consider shopping online at

Can You Buy Stamps at Walmart Online?

Yes, you can buy stamps at Walmart online. The advantage of buying stamps online at is that you’ll have a wider selection than in-store. Primarily, Walmart sells forever postage stamps in a book of 20 stamps at its physical location, but you can buy souvenir stamps, postcard stamps, and forever stamps in coils of 10, 20, and 100 at

Keep in mind that all postage stamps for sale online aren’t sold by Walmart. Some are sold by independent third-party retailers. Thus, costs will vary from each third-party seller to another. You can only schedule in-store pick-ups for stamps sold and shipped by Walmart.

While most retailers offer free shipping on orders $35 and above, prices will be slightly higher to cover the shipping cost online.

When buying stamps at, acceptable payment methods include Chase Pay, Amex Express Checkout, PayPal, gift cards, and debit/credit cards.

Does Walmart Sell Christmas Postage Stamps?

During the holidays, you can buy postages stamps at Walmart. Also, third-party sellers on sell Christmas and holiday stamps all year. You can also find sparkling holiday sheets of 20 forever USPS first-class postage stamps, postcard stamps, and souvenir stamps in different designs.

Does Walmart Sell Postcard Stamps?

Yes, Walmart sells postcard stamps, forever stamps, and souvenir stamps online and in-store. To purchase postcard stamps at Walmart, simply visit the Walmart MoneyCenter or customer service desk near the front of the store. Alternatively, you can shop for a wider selection of postage stamps from Walmart and other third-party retailers at

Does Walmart Sell Global Stamps?

Walmart stores don’t sell global stamps, but you can buy them online. sells global stamps via third-party sellers. Many sellers offer free shipping when they sell international stamps on

Does Walmart Sell Stamps Summary

Walmart sells a wide selection of postage stamps, including forever stamps, souvenir stamps, postcards, and commemorative stamps. You can buy postage stamps at Walmart from the MoneyCenter or the customer service desk in books of 20 stamps for about $11 or individually for $0.55.

Use the Walmart store locator to search by city, state, or zip code. You’ll get a list of nearby stores with hours of operation.

You can also buy stamps online at or the Walmart App. The advantage of buying online vs. in-store is that you’ll find a large selection of stamps from third-party sellers. That said, you’ll pay higher prices when buying online due to shipping fees, which is minor compared to the convenience of having stuff delivered to your doorstep.

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