Does Walmart Develop Film and Disposable Cameras? Ultimate Guide

In a world where camera technology is evolving by leaps and bounds, you’d be surprised at how many people still prefer the charm of a handheld film camera. 

For many, getting their photos developed is a nostalgic experience that takes them back to childhood memories of trips to the local photo shop. 

Every year there are fewer places that develop film.

So, where can I develop film near me? 

It turns out, like many questions, Walmart has the answer.

Walmart is the largest retailer in the world, with over 11,000 stores in 24 countries. It’s no secret that Walmart is a one-stop shop for everything such as groceries, cheesecloths, stamp booklets, clothing, Amazon Fire Sticks online, and alcohol during store hours. In addition, they offer many services, including free coin counter machines with gift cards, hair salons, buy now pay later services, sell money orders, cash personal checks.

Does Walmart develop film rolls and disposable cameras?

Short answer: Yes, Walmart offers film development services and disposable camera development. You just have to drop off your film at the photo center dropbox, and they’ll take care of the rest. Prices start at just $7.96 for a 12 exposure roll of film, while the turnaround time ranges between six days to three weeks, depending on the type of film used.

Does Walmart Develop Film?

Yes, Walmart develops film, but it may take longer than it used to. Walmart stores with third-party photo labs can develop 35mm film, APS, 110, disk, 126 color print film, and disposable cameras. In addition to traditional film developing services, Walmart also offers several digital photo processing services.

The stores have a self-service photo kiosk to process and print your digital photos. However, you will need to drop your film off at a dropbox for film processing and then pick up the prints once they’re ready in 6-21 days.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop Film At Walmart?

The cost of developing film at Walmart for 4×6 inch prints is determined by the number of exposures for each film roll. In addition, each order includes a CD with a digital copy of your negatives. However, Walmart will not return your original negatives.

Prices start at just $7.96, and most orders are ready at least a week after drop-off for 35mm films. Here’s the price list to develop film at Walmart:

Single Prints:

  • 12 exposure: $7.96
  • 24 exposure: $9.96
  • 27 exposure: $10.96
  • 36 exposure: $13.96

Double Prints:

  • 12 exposure: $9.96
  • 24 exposure: $12.96
  • 27 exposure: $14.96
  • 36 exposure: $18.96

How Long Does Walmart Take To Develop Film?

35mm film takes around six days from when the film is dropped off at the store to when you can pick up your prints or negatives. That said, Walmart uses a third-party service to process the film, so development times can vary depending on what type of service you select and the size and format of your prints or negatives.

Film types such as APS, 110, disk, and 126 color print film generally take longer since they have to be scanned and then printed on photo paper or burned onto a CD. It usually takes about two to three weeks to process from when you drop off your films at the store for these film types.

Keep in mind that since Walmart is such a large retailer, it sometimes suffers from longer-than-average wait times during peak season. So if you’re in a hurry to get your photos back, try going earlier in the week or on off-peak hours.

Does Walmart Develop Disposable Cameras?

Yes, Walmart develops disposable or single-use cameras. You can drop them off at any Walmart Photo lab or mail them in if you don’t have a store nearby. However, there is usually an additional processing fee associated with developing disposable cameras. In addition, the turnaround time to process your film will vary depending on how busy the lab is.

Use the Walmart store locator on its website or app to find film-developing locations in your area. Just enter your zip code, and a list of all the stores in your area will pop up.

You can also find out if the Walmart near you does disposable camera development by contacting their customer service.

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How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Disposable Camera at Walmart?

Developing a disposable camera at Walmart can be an affordable option for those looking to print their photos. For example, developing a disposable or single-use camera with 12 exposures at Walmart typically costs around $7.96 for a 4×6 inch print, the same as developing 35mm film. 

You will need to drop off your disposable camera at the Walmart Photo Center dropbox to develop it at their third-party service. Walmart stores accept PayPal, credit card, debit cards, Reliacard, debit card, Walmart gift cards, AMEX gift cards, cash withdrawal from NetSpend, Venmo QR code for film development. However, you cannot pay with Affirm at Walmart for services like photo development, money services, key cutting, carpet cleaner rentals, wheel alignment, and pharmacy.

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Does Walmart Develop 35mm Film?

Yes, Walmart does develop 35mm film. They also develop other types of film, such as 110 and 126. Walmart is the cheapest place to develop film in-store with thousands of convenient locations.

However, keep in mind Walmart photo printing services don’t offer the best quality and the fastest turnaround time. Walgreens develops film and has the fastest turnaround time, while many believe CVS has the best quality prints.

Walmart is the best place to develop photos if you want to save money and are not in a hurry. Otherwise, consider local professional photo printing services for high-quality prints or customizations with Photoshop.

Does Walmart Develop 110 Film?

Yes, Walmart does develop 110 film. You will get your prints back at an affordable price and also receive a CD with all your digital photos. However, Walmart does not return negatives, so be sure to keep your prints and Photo CD safe!

In addition to developing 110 film, Walmart also develops 35mm film, APS, disk, 126 color print, and disposable cameras. Hence, it’s best to call your nearby store before bringing other film types for development with your old negatives.

Does Walmart Develop Expired Film?

Yes, Walmart does develop old film. In addition, Walmart offers various services for developing your old photos, including digital and traditional prints on high-quality paper.

However, keep in mind that the quality of the photos may be affected if they are too old and expired. It’s best to keep color film refrigerated and B&W film at room temperature to preserve it.

Walmart will charge you for the entire roll of film even if some of the photos are blank or don’t develop.

Does Walmart Develop Film Summary

Although photo-developing services are slowly becoming less popular, Walmart still develops film at most stores. Film processing typically takes six days to three weeks, depending on the type of film and how busy it is. For example, turnaround time can be slower during and after the holidays.

Various types of films can be developed at Walmart, including disposable cameras, 110 film, 35mm film, APS, disk, and 126 color print films. The photos are printed on 4×6 inch prints, and a Photo CD with the digital images is also provided. However, Walmart does not return photos from a roll of film.

The cost of developing a film roll varies depending on the number of exposures a film can hold. But, Walmart typically charges between $7.96 to $13.96 for single rolls of film and $9.96 to $18.96 for doubles. 

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