Does Southwest Fly to Key West, FL? – Cheapest & Expensive Months

Southwest is a low-cost, reliable, and popular airline in the US. It has over 4,000 daily flights and operates from more than 100 airports with a fleet of more than 700 airplanes.

But, does Southwest Fly to Key West?

Short Answer: Unfortunately, Southwest doesn’t fly to Key West with its current schedule. However, on June 7, 2014, Southwest Airlines stopped services at Branson Airport in Missouri, Key West International Airport (EYW), Branson Airport in Missouri, and Jackson-Evers International Airport in Mississippi.

AirTran Airlines used to fly to Key West. By default, when Southwest bought AirTran on May 2, 2011, it flew to Key West. However, Southwest stopped flying to Key West in June 2014.

We’ll discuss the best way to get to Key West, the cheapest months to travel, and what airlines still fly direct.

Does Southwest Fly to Key West? 

Southwest Airlines does not currently fly to Key West, Florida.

In 2012 and 2013, Southwest operated periodic flights to Key West. However, in 2014, Southwest Airlines and AirTran Airways (which was acquired by Southwest in 2011) both discontinued service to Key West.

Today, American Airlines is the only major US airline that flies into Key West.

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Why Doesn’t Southwest Fly to Key West?

Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough demand to make it a profitable route all year. However, compared to the other flight routes acquired, its aircraft inventory has remained relatively flat, and it makes sense to fly to more profitable cities with daily demand.

Southwest can earn more money with their aircraft in places besides Key West.

What’s the Closest City Southwest Flies to from Key West?

The closest city Southwest flies to from Key West is Miami. You can book a Southwest Airlines flight to Miami and then get transportation to Key West.

Key West is about 159 miles from Miami Airport or 3 hours of driving time. It costs around $265 plus a tip for an Uber from Miami to Key West. Alternatively, it takes about 3.5 hours by ferry and around $155 for a round trip between Miami and Key West.

What are the Best Ways to Get from Miami to Key West?

There are several ways to get from Miami to Key West, Florida.

Miami to Key West by Tour Buses

There are one-day round trip bus tours between Miami and Key West. The 6-hour bus tours cover historical landmarks such as the Southernmost Point, Ernest Hemingway’s House, Mel Fisher’s Treasure Hunting Museum, Fort Zachary Taylor, etc.

Expect a jam-packed schedule on the excursion, with departures starting at 6 am with hotel pickups and other departure locations.

Miami to Key West by Car

A car trip from Miami to Key West takes just over three and a half hours and longer on weekends and peak hours. Also, take into account an extra hour for photo stops.

The view along the Overseas Highway (US1) is breathtaking. Much of the 113-mile road is actually 170 miles if you include the section from Miami to the beginning of the Overseas Highway above water.

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Miami to Key West by Boat

Unfortunately, there isn’t a regular boat service connecting Key West and Miami. However, there are a few ways to get from Miami to Key West by boat, including:

  • Boat Cruise – The boat tours offer day trips from Miami to Key West via a glass-bottom boat. Click here to book a glass-bottom round-trip boat tour.
  • Charter Boats – The boat charter companies offer various types of boats to get from Miami to Key West, including high-speed boats, fishing charters, and luxury sailing yachts.

Miami to Key West by Air

Flying is the quickest way to get to Key West from Miami. A direct flight from Key West International Airport(EYW) to Miami International Airport (MIA) takes just under an hour. A direct flight ranges from $75 to $400. It depends on the time of the year, such as peak season, which has the highest rates.

What Cities Have Direct Flights into Key West?

You can take a direct flight to Key West from New York, Atlanta, Charlotte, Miami, Chicago, Washington, Orlando, Dallas, Philadelphia, Tampa, Boston, Nashville, Asheville, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh. 

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What Airlines Fly Directly to Key West? 

Several airlines fly directly to Key West, including US Airways, Silver Airways, Delta, and American Eagle Airlines. The airlines fly into Key West International Airport regularly, mainly through Atlanta, Miami, or Florida airports.

Seasonal routes are added from other airports during the winter months.

What are the Cheapest Months to Fly to Key West? 

The cheapest months to fly to Key West are May and June before kids get out of school or August and September when kids are back in school.

The most expensive months flying to Key West include November, December, and January because it’s high season.  

Southwest Fly to Key West Summary 

Southwest does not fly to Key West. The nearest airport that Southwest services is Miami International Airport, which is about 160 miles from Key West. However, many other airlines fly into Key West, such as American Eagles Airlines, Delta, and United.

If you’re looking to fly Southwest to Key West, you’ll need to book a connecting flight on a competing airline.

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