Does Chime Accept Third-Party Checks? (Ultimate Guide)

Chime is a popular online-only financial institution in the US, with over eight million customers. Although it doesn’t operate as a traditional bank, FDIC insurance still covers your account to keep your money safe and secure.

Aside from digital banking, the Chime financial platform also offers access to various features, including budgeting tools, goal-tracking tools, transfer money from Chime to the Cash App, and more. As a result, Chime has dominated the steadily growing online banking industry, which has already opened 27 million accounts in the US. 

So, does Chime accept third-party checks?

Short answer: Yes, Chime accepts third-party checks under the assumption the checks are made payable to you. It’s important to note that customers can deposit a mobile check only if they actively use their Chime account as a primary bank. 

Our guide will answer your questions about the Chime photo check deposit, mobile check deposit, and other account-related questions.

Does Chime Take Third-Party Checks?

Yes, you can deposit someone else’s check into your Chime account. However, the check must be payable to you to deposit in your Chime checking account.

A third-party check made out to cash, a business or anyone else will not be accepted. However, you must first receive at least $200 in payroll direct deposits hit your account. Once you’ve deposited at least $200 in payroll deposits, then you’ll be able to use the Chime check deposit feature within 30 days.

You can deposit a third-party check from any bank in your account. Using the Chime Mobile Check Deposit feature, you can simply upload a photo of a valid check and wait for the Chime verification team to approve it.

Always verify the check details are correct and clearly photographed. Poorly scanned and uploaded checks can be rejected due to poor lighting or blurry images.

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Does Chime Make Mobile Check Deposits?

Yes, Chime accepts mobile check deposits, but only under strict guidelines. You can only use the Chime Mobile Check Deposit feature if you’re actively using it as your primary bank account. In other words, you must have an active direct deposit coming in and actively using your credit card.

It helps Chime reduce fraud by having security measures and limiting activity.

How do you Qualify for the Mobile Check Deposit feature? 

To qualify for the mobile check deposit feature, you must first make a minimum direct deposit. Your eligibility for mobile check depositing is determined by your history of Chime-branded accounts, direct deposit amounts, previous direct deposits, and other internal risk factors.

For example, Chime allows its members to use mobile check deposit if they receive at least one direct deposit for at least $1 in the following ways:

The Mobile Check Deposit feature will be activated in the Chime app when you receive a qualifying direct deposit. Other risk-based factors may determine whether you will receive access to the feature.

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How to Deposit a Check into Chime?

You can deposit checks via the Chime app once the mobile check deposit feature is activated. To deposit a valid business or personal check for cashing, you simply scan the image in the banking app. The funds will be transferred to your account after Chime verifies the check.

However, you must first be eligible to deposit checks from Chime. For example, start by having at least $200 direct deposited in your account from your employer or through payroll.

Once activated, follow these steps to deposit a mobile check into your Chime account:

  1. Open the Chime app available on Android and iOS devices
  2. Select the “Move Money” option.
  3. Select “Add Funds” located at the Move Money option. 
  4. Choose “Mobile Check Deposit” with the camera icon. 
  5. Select the type of transaction from the options provided. 
  6. Enter the amount written on the check to be scanned. 
  7. Verify your check by endorsing it on the back or writing specific instructions that the Chime verification team will check.
  8. Scan the check images clearly as instructed by the app.
  9. Upload the scanned images and wait for the check-cashing verification. 

Blurry, dark, or unclear scanned check images may result in a delay or rejection from the Chime verification team. However, if Chime denies you, then rescan and try again.

Remember: Do not discard the check until the funds are successfully transferred to your account. 

Chime lets you deposit three times every 24 hours for a maximum of $1,000 and up to $10,000 every month. However, the Chime direct deposit limit allows a maximum of $10,000 per day and up to $25,000 per calendar month.

How Long Does Chime Take to Deposit a Mobile Check?

It takes Chime one day to deposit a mobile check in many cases. However, some large checks or personal checks can take up to three to five business days to clear the funds. It can take longer because other banks are involved, and smaller banks can have a slower clearing and ACH transfer process.

You can enable Chime transaction notifications and get notified when the funds have cleared and are available to use.

Is Chime Mobile Check Deposit Instant?

Yes, the Chime Mobile Check Deposit is instant. However, the ACH money transfer takes up to three to five business days, excluding federal holidays, for the funds to clear.  

Where Can I Deposit a Check for Chime?

The Chime app is the only way to deposit a check using the Chime Mobile Check Deposit feature. The app can be downloaded at the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Chime does not accept deposits from ATMs. 

On the upside, there are over 9,000 places where you can deposit cash for Chime. For example, Walmart, 7-Eleven, Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Dollar General, and Family Dollar are the retailers accepting cash deposits.

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Does Chime Accept 3rd Party Checks Summary

Chime does take third-party checks with the Chime Mobile Check Deposit feature in the app. However, the checks must be made payable to you to be deposited into your Chime Checking Account. A check made out to cash or not in your name will be rejected by Chime.

You’ll be able to use the Mobile Check Deposit feature in the app if you use Chime as your primary banking account. However, you can still deposit cash in your Chime account at over 9,000 retailers across the US.

The cheapest places to load your Chime Card include 711, Duane Reade, Dollar General, Family Dollar, CVS, Holiday Station Stores, Speedway, Rite Aid, Pilot Flying J, Walgreens, and Walmart.

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