Coupon Database 101: What is it & how do you use it?



For those that are new to or don’t fully understand the whole coupon database here’s your crash course.

A coupon database is a searchable system for locating coupons.  These can be coupons from the papers, magazines, peelies, printables, mailers etc. If a coupon is available for a specific item you should be able to locate it in the coupon database.


A great tip for using the database is to be specific as to brand but not size or type.

i.e. If you are looking  diaper coupons, search Huggies Diapers rather than Huggies Snug &n Dry.  This will show more options like coupons that are for ANY Huggies diapers which will include the Snug & Dry.

Try to spell product names exactly as they are. Misspelled words or words with out proper puncuation will usually result in a “no results” screen.

i.e. Wish-Bone Salad Dressing will not produce results for wishbone or wish bone.


This will tell you the exact size, quanity or type of product that the coupon is for.  This helps take the guess out of most match ups.

Source Date:

Source dates are available for most paper coupons.  Printable coupons tend to expire faster or are not as accurate as to when they were found. The source date is for quickly located when the coupon was released. So for those that just file their inserts until they need a coupon you can find them faster by knowing when they were released.

Expiration Date:

Really. I’m going to explain it.  This is REALLY important for situations where you are looking to purchase more coupons before a sale ends. I can’t tell you how many times I made this mistake when I first started purchasing additional coupons.

Blogging Format:

This is the typical/most popular way you will see a coupon “described” on a blog post for store deals.  It’s a quick way to tell you all the information from the coupon.  Amount off, source, expiration, type.


When you come across a printable coupon in the database simply click the link.  This will take you straight to the page for printing.  Most printable coupons are set to open  in an additional page so you never have to leave the database and you can continue your search!  There the occasional magazine coupons that are listed in the database.  Most of these will be linked and take you to a site where you c an score a great deal on a subscription to that magazine.  Why do we do this?  To help you save more not only on the magazine but so that you don’t miss the coupon next month.


To utilize the coupon database on this site simply click the graphic to the right or the link in the header.  If you ever find these links to be inoperative please let me know asap.



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