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7 Cheap Ways To Learn the Rules of the Road

Learning the road rules can be difficult and expensive for parents and students. If you want to learn but don’t have the money for driving schools or state-approved courses, this article is for you!

Here are some cheap ways to learn the rules of the road:

1. Study Online

For example, getting a permit or a driver’s license in Arkansas is a rite of passage for teenagers. However, it can be expensive and time-consuming for many to take the required written and driving tests at the local DMV.

Arkansas residents have the option to study for their permit or driver’s license online. The Arkansas Driver’s License Manual is available on the state website in an easy-to-read format.

It covers everything from traffic laws to safe driving practices. Arkansas DMV permit test doesn’t have to be challenging. If you find the rules manual overwhelming, you can use online resources that offer practice quizzes and tests similar to those found on the permit test. Students can take the quizzes as many times as they want to master the material.

2. Ask Experienced Family or Friends

Friends and family members should be your first stop if you want to learn the road rules. Ask them to teach you the basics of parking, changing lanes, and using a turning signal. You can also ask them everyday questions about the road rules that you don’t understand.

In exchange for their tutoring, you can offer to pay for their gas in exchange for driving lessons or offer to buy them lunch or dinner.

3. Use Simulation Games

If you’re a gamer, this is a good time to tap into that knowledge. There are many realistic games out there that will give you practice with your state’s road rules. In addition, the games are designed to be fun, so you’re more likely to stick with them.

One of the driving games is called “Road Rules: Australia Edition.” The game will help you understand what’s going on in traffic and how drivers handle challenging situations. In addition, you’ll learn about basic road rules like stopping at stop signs and driving on highways.

The map of Australia helps give context to all these scenarios that don’t exist in most US states. But it still makes a good training tool because many states have similar laws regarding intersections and speed limits.

4. Get a Free Driving Rules Book from your Library

At your public library, you can find various driving books that will teach you the laws in your state. It will also have books on specific emergency roadside assistance and maintenance topics.

It may take a few days to check out the book, but it is free from your library.

5. Learn from Driving Blogs

Blogs have become a reliable source for people to teach themselves new skills, like the rules of the road. Do a quick search on Google, Quora, Reddit, Twitter, or your favorite social media to find blog recommendations.

The best beginner driving blogs should handle the topics systematically and comprehensively. In addition, pictures and videos are ideal for supplementing the text, which makes it easier for you to learn.

The best new drivers blog should also provide quizzes or exercises to test your understanding of the material.

6. Download a Driving App for New Drivers

The advancements in tech have made it possible to learn the road rules on your smartphone. In addition, there are now driving apps for new teenage drivers that can test you, give you lessons, and even send alerts to become a better driver.

Although you take driving tests in school, there is something different about taking an actual driving test on the road with people around who don’t want to see you fail.

You might find yourself learning quicker by learning in real-time. It’s because it doesn’t feel like an exam which frees up some mental space for focusing on what’s important – following traffic laws and being safe behind the wheel!

Download a mobile driving application to start learning today.

7. Watch YouTube Beginner Driving Lessons

Thanks to the internet, there are many resources available for learning just about anything, and the road rules are no exception. A quick search on YouTube will bring dozens of helpful videos to learn how to drive a car for beginners. It will walk you through everything from how to change a flat tire to how to park in a tight spot.

However, you must be careful when picking a YouTube channel when learning how to drive a car for the first time because many can be dangerous or not legit. Some of them just want to sell you stuff. Instead, find a car driving training channel with many followers.

Cheap Ways To Learn the Rules of the Road Summary

Learning the rules of the road doesn’t have to be expensive. You can use online resources, practice driving in a safe area, and attend local classes for first-time drivers.

Following our tips will help you save money while beginners learn how to drive a car.

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