White Gold Price 10k 14k 18k - Frugal Reality

White Gold Price: 10k, 14k, and 18k Differences & Cost

With so many investment vehicles today, you would think that investing in jewelry has run its course. However, the jewelry industry is reportedly welcoming a new generation of consumers, including 2.5 million young couples looking to get married soon, marking … Read More

How Much Is 925 Silver Worth - Frugal Reality

How Much Is 925 Silver Worth? Sterling Worth Anything?

There are many reasons to invest in jewelry, and perhaps the most obvious reason is an expression of one’s personality. For example, jewelry is an good investment because its value often increases overtime.  Even though lustrous gold is one of … Read More

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150+ Gift Cards Sold at Lowe’s – Online & In-Store

Gift cards are always a popular gift. They’re especially appreciated when it’s from a store the recipient often frequents, such as Lowe’s home improvement. Lowe’s sells gift cards for popular retailers like Amazon, iTunes, Starbucks and prepaid cards for restaurants … Read More