32 Best Consignment Shops Near Me & Online Apps (2020)

When I travel, I like looking for the best consignment shops near me.  Have you ever shopped in one?  Most local consignment stores offer a wide-ranging selection of second-hand clothing at a tremendous discount to retail department store prices.  It’s … Read More

16+ Ways to Get Free Air for Tires Near Me (2020)

There are many benefits to having fully inflated tires, with safety being the number one reason.  Due to underinflated tires, approximately 1.25 billion gallons of gas, or 1% of total consumption, are wasted annually, according to the U.S. Department of … Read More

How to Hack a Cell Phone Prevention

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Best Way to Use a Stolen Credit Card - FrugalReality

Best Way to Use a Stolen Credit Card to Your Advantage

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How Much is it to get a Library Card? I’m Happy Paying $196 Annually!

How Much Does A Library Card Cost? $196. I Happily Pay It!

My small town doesn’t have a public library.  I had to buy a non-resident card.  I saved hundreds of dollars by researching my local library options. Many residents throughout the country pay for public library card privileges via their local … Read More