16 Best Slippers for Hardwood Floors Review (Buyer’s Guide)

For decades, slippers have been the best option for anyone looking to keep warm. The open design of slippers allows good airflow, which prevents hot feet as well as odor. Not all house clogs are the best slippers for hardwood floors.

Frugal consumers will find highly rated slippers that meets your needs in our review.

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What are the Best Types of House Slippers for Hardwood Floors?  

While hardwood floors are the popular flooring option in most US homes, they tend to be cold, especially compared to carpet. 

There are countless house slippers for hardwood floors, but not all of them are the right ones for you. 

Here are a few features to consider:

A rubber-based sole solves the slippery problem with the least amount of wear on your floor.

How do you decide what to buy? Heavier or lightweight? Different levels of padding and support? Material? Open or closed-back slipper?

But the most important factor is the comfortability. You can’t wear slippers all day indoors if they make your feet uncomfortable. While a pair maybe comfortable for someone else, it may not be comfortable for you. Maybe you have flat feet or plantar fasciitis. 

You also need house slippers to keep you warm during winter.

Therefore, before you buy, make sure it will bring comfort even if you wear it for an extended period.

Best Men’s Slippers for Sweaty Feet

For men, there’s nothing worse like wearing slippers that aren’t breathable for sweat prone feet. 

Sweaty feet are uncomfortable and cause problems such as odor, athlete foot, or even toenail fungus.

Ways to prevent sweaty feet in shoes:

  • Shoes made from a breathable fabric
  • The correct size because too tight will crowd your toes and cause sweaty feet
  • Insoles that are absorbent and deodorizing

MedicalNewsToday has a useful guide on what causes feet sweating, such as choosing the right socks and regularly changing your shoes.

1. Haflinger Unisex Wool Slippers for Sweaty Feet

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03/31/2023 05:40 am GMT

The Haflinger AT wool slippers for sweaty feet are designed with breathable wool to keep your feet warm while naturally wicking away moisture to keep your feet dry in any season. 

Amazing features

  • Lightweight
  • Soft
  • Breathable
  • Machine washable
  • Removable felted wool insole

Why will you love this pair of slippers for sweaty feet?

Haflinger unisex slippers will give you extra comfort while wearing them all day. Made of high-quality fabric and boiled virgin wool on the upper side for durability. Its insole has moisture-wicking wool felt lining. The wool felt insole lining complements the synthetic sole giving better foot support—buyers with flat feet and arch problems like the arch support from these wool slippers.

Yet, the pair is well contoured for comfortability while walking all around without the risk of falling or slipping on the hardwood floor. The Haflinger is built with indoor and outdoor rubber soles for quick errands outside, like grabbing the Sunday newspaper.  

The Haflinger unisex slippers come in eight different patterns, from black to brown to Chianti.  They weigh only 10 ounces but are very sturdy and cozy for lightweight slippers. 

Haflinger only sells the wool slippers in full sizes and are true-to-size. It’s recommended to go a half size up. 

Amazingly, the wool shoes are machine washable on a gentle cycle.

They will keep your feet at just the right temperature in the summer or winter while absorbing moisture to keep the feet dry, thus the best slippers for sweaty feet.

Best Men’s Memory Foam Slippers

Walking around your house, all-day on hardwood floors can leave your feet feeling tired and achy. While indoors all day, you want nothing more than soft cushioning for your feet.

Memory foam material uses temperature sensitivity to mold to the contours of your foot. The foam allows a more comfortable experience for your foot by evenly distributing the balance, which makes walking and running more comfortable. The best men’s memory foam slipper will wrap your feet in comfort and softness, even with fall hibernation.

2. Acorn Moc Men’s Memory Foam Slippers

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The fashionable Acorn memory foam slipper technology offers a cloud cushion that offers softness and comfort. Its breathable fabrics reduce sweaty feet while keeping them warm and dry. 

Amazing features

  • Weatherproof
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Moisture-wicking lining
  • Machine washable

Why will you love these memory foam slippers?

These all-day men’s slippers weigh only 5.6 ounces and are perfect for men of all ages and lifestyles. The slippers are quite versatile and easy to care for with cold machine wash and air dry.

The Acorn slip-on moccasin slipper has a closed-back design for added stability and easy walking. Its upper side is made of fleece or faux fur, which feels soft and cozy while keeping your feet warm all winter on hardwood floors.

For sweaty feet, the moisture-wicking cotton blend/fleece Berber lining keeps your feet dry. In addition, the multi-layer memory foam insole works well for support and comfort. It’s like your walking on a cloud.

The slippers’ genuine suede leather sidewall complements the moccasin for better protection and a stylish look.  The durable rubber outsoles are skid resistant and weatherproof, making the house slipper gentle on the hardwood floor while great for indoor or outdoor use. Moreover, Acorn slippers are available in 13 different colors and styles.

On the downside, the footbed is not removable for those who prefer orthotics. It’s recommended to buy up a size if you want to insert your custom orthotics. It’s not a stiff material, so the flexibility also may accommodate guys with wide feet or crushing these down for traveling. 

Best Slippers for Sore Feet

According to Healthline, of the top 10 remedies to relieve sore feet is to switch your shoes or buy arch supports. The best slippers for sore feet should help alleviate the discomfort by increasing support and decreasing pain levels linked to various foot and chronic medical conditions.

3. Crocs Men’s and Women’s Classic Lined Clog Slippers for Sore Feet

I remember my first pair of Crocs, then my second, and then third. Unfortunately, I didn’t take care of my feet when I was younger, and now I need supportive shoes; otherwise, my feet are sore for days. At the time, I noticed all the nurses wearing Crocs and figured they must be comfortable since they’re on their feet for long shifts.  The nurses were right, like the diagnostic medical sonography technician I saw last week!

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While you might not look stylish wearing these slippers out in public with socks, they are perfect for home use.

Amazing features

  • Easy to slip on and off quickly
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Faux fur keeps your feet warm inside or while running errands

Why will you love these Crocs slippers for sore feet?

They are the best slipper for sore feet because they are comfortable right out of the box. 

The Crocs are sold in whole sizes and are perfect for both men and women. Sizes range from women’s 4 to 17 and men’s sizes 2 to 15. The company makes it fun by offering 22 different colors and patterns like zebra slippers to pink slippers. 

The heel straps offer a secure fit while on the go and allow you to flip it forward so you can quickly slip them on and off while indoors.

Crocs with faux fur can get stinky and dirty without proper cleaning. The company recommends using cold water with mild soap on the shoes and fur.  Then let the shoes air dry or sit outside in the sun. You don’t need to spend on dry cleaning costs.

As mentioned earlier, they’re loved by the medical field, like surgeons. The company actually sells shoes designed for people in hospitality and healthcare for more safety and functionality. The simple design has slip-resistant treads for wet floors, thicker construction, higher heels, increased arch support, and Croslite foam footbeds for a foot massage-like walking experience. 

Here are the unisex slip-resistant work slippers from Crocs in case you’re interested.

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03/31/2023 10:10 am GMT

Crocs are a great value, inexpensive, and long-lasting, based on my experience. 

Quiet Slippers for Hardwood Floors

When you get home, you step on the floor with shoes, but you need quiet slippers for your hardwood floor.

Quiet slippers for hardwood floors will feel you a pleasant environment.

4. HomeIdeas Men’s Woolen Anti-Slip Quiet Slippers for Hardwood Floors

Buy quiet slippers for hardwood floors instead of covering them with an expensive area rug to stop loud footsteps.

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03/31/2023 09:45 am GMT

HomeIdeas is a simple design with soft woolen fabric and a thermoplastic rubber sole for anti-slip. They are quiet slippers for hardwood floors to quietly walk around sleeping babies, pets, or from the people below. 

Amazing features

  • Thermoplastic rubbers sole
  • Noiseless steps
  • Waterproof
  • Anti-slip TPR
  • Odorless
  • 100% no-risk money back

Why will you love these quiet slippers for hardwood floors?

Pamper your feet with these simple, fashionable, elegant anti-slip slippers made of woolen fabric. The slippers make sure your feet stay dry and odorless with a high degree of ventilation. They’re made from woolen fabric and synthetic suede, while the sole comes with excellent noise reducing qualities.

The HomeIdeas has a 5mm memory foam layer that offers tremendous support and reduces foot stress. Also, they’re designed with removable insoles to either be cleaned or swapped for customized orthotics.  

The house slippers come in six different colors and sizes ranging from 7 to extra-large men’s slippers in size 14. 

The memory foam quiet slippers are inexpensive and easy to maintain. HomeIdeas are both machine and hand washable. Finally, the brand offers a 100% no-risk money-back guarantee, though you won’t likely need it.  

Extra Large Men’s Slippers

Everyone deserved to have the most comfortable house slippers. Though it’s not as common, buying a pair of indoor extra-large men’s slippers is doable.

What size is an extra-large or an XXL slipper?  Based on some brands, an XL is a size 11-12, and an XXL is a size 13-14. You should buy a slipper size the same size as your regular shoe.  Of course, you want to order a size up if you wear thick socks with the shoes.

5. Hane’s Moccasin Extra-Large Men’s Slippers

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03/31/2023 05:45 am GMT

Hane’s Moccasins are the best slippers for men looking for extra-large indoors slippers due to their memory foam, odor protection, a wide range of sizes, and machine washable.  

Amazing features

  • 100% Synthetic make
  • Synthetic sole
  • Thick memory foam
  • Odor Protection

Why will you love these extra-large men’s slippers?

Though the Hane’s Moccasin is listed as men’s, it’s actually a unisex slipper for women too. The sizes range from small to men’s XXXL.

Here is the Hane’s size chart

  • Small (Men’s 6.5–7.5)
  • Medium (Men’s 8–9)
  • Large (Men’s 9.5–10.5)
  • X-Large (Men’s 11-12)
  • XX-Large (Men’s 12.5-13.5)
  • XXX-Large (Men’s (14-15)

A women’s size tends to be 1.5-2 sizes bigger vs. the men’s.

The moccasins have padded memory foam soles that use Fresh IQ Odor Protection for sweaty feet to keep your feet fresh in the winter and summer. They’ll mold to your foot with a custom fit for maximum comfort. The durable soles grip the surface to prevent slipping or sliding.

The Hane’s Moccasin comes in seven light and dark colors. They’re designed to be hassle-free and machine washable, making them a perfect college dorm slipper for a student.  

Best Sheepskin Slippers

The best sheepskin slippers are naturally thermostatic and adjust to your feet’ temperature to stay comfortable in any season. Sheepskin is antibacterial and hypoallergenic, which absorbs moisture to reduce odor and prevent sweaty feet. Did we mention that it’s also super soft!

6. UGG Women’s Coquette Sheepskin Slippers

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Don’t let your feet suffer from the cold of winter on hardwood floors. These sheepskin slippers feature a cozy style and lightweight outsole that are suitable both indoors and out.

Amazing features

  • Suede
  • Rubber sole
  • Sheepskin collar

Why will you sheepskin slippers?

UGG women’s coquette brings athleisure basis for a day walking or with a skirt and tank for nights out. You can buy them in black, charcoal, or seashell pink slippers with screen printed glitter on the outer suede. 

The slippers for hardwood floors are designed with nylon binding and UGG’s Treadlite technology. They use sheepskin in the insole, collar, and lining. 

Some buyers have found the Uggs may run a little big.

The soft sheepskin slippers have lightweight rubber soles make wearing them such a breeze.

Best Memory Foam Slippers

The best memory foam slippers will form to the person’s feet, relieve pressure from sensitive areas, and provide maximum arch support. They’re a terrific option for people with flat feet and fallen arches. 

7. COFACE Men’s Cozy Memory Foam Slippers

COFACES’s slippers are soft, comfy, warm, and fashionable with ten different patterns.  The memory foam insole provides arch support for flat feet.

Amazing features

  • Rubber and non-slip sole
  • Memory foam and arch support
  • Breathable flano plaid upper
  • Fluffy lining

Why will you love these memory foam slippers?

The COFACE house slippers are made with exquisite flano plain fleece exterior and a soft fluffy fleece lining inside. Thus, it covers your feet for maximum vogue and coziness. The breathable flano keeps your feet dry, odorless, and warm.

The COFACE slippers use high-density memory foam for shock absorption and elasticity. The non-slip rubber soles prevent sliding and slipping for wear indoors and outdoors. Of course, I wouldn’t recommend wearing the shoes while using your family gym membership on the fitness workout equipment.

The fluffy lining keeps your feet warm on hardwood floors during the winter.  They’re inexpensive, easy to maintain, come in ten different colors and patterns, and sizes range from 7-13.

Best Slippers for Extra Wide Feet

Some people are born with extra wide feet, or perhaps they’ve broadened with age. According to the Journal of Foot and Ankle Research, between 63-72% wear shoes that don’t properly fit their feet’ length or width. Improper footwear can cause calluses, bunions, crossover toe, hammertoes, blisters, and pain.

8. Orthofeet Proven Asheville Slippers for Extra Wide Feet

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03/31/2023 02:45 am GMT

For the best orthopedic slippers for extra wide feet, you need a lightweight pair with ergonomic design and superior cautioning that enhances your feet comfort and ease the pain on the heal and foot. None better than Orthofeet Proven Asheville.

Amazing features

  • Wide and extra-wide sizes
  • Arch support
  • Unique therapeutic design
  • Soft uppers and smooth interior lining
  • Extra foam padding

Why will you love these orthopedic slippers?

The Orthofeet slippers offer anatomic arch support, non-binding relaxed fit, and maximum protection against pressure points. It features premium orthotic insoles and multiple cushioning layers that offer soft pillow-like support that works wonders on feet.

The slippers are highly recommended for anyone with diabetes, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, among other feet conditions. Moreover, the therapeutic features offer the world’s most comfortable slipper by reducing the ball of the foot pain, heel pain, arch pain, and enhance comfort for sensitive feet.

The deep and wide toe box design lets your feet relax with a spread out natural comfort. The ample size selection ranges from as small as seven and large as 14, including medium, wide, and extra-wide.

The Orthofeet Proven is relatively cheap and easy to maintain with cold machine wash.

Best Slippers for Neuropathy

Neuropathy is damage to the nerves that causes numbness, tingling, burning sensations, and pain in your hands and feet. Podiatrists recommend the best slippers for neuropathy to reduce pain. Unfortunately, many brand sacrifice style for functionality, but we are going to change that!

9. V.Step Unisex Slippers for Neuropathy

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03/31/2023 03:10 am GMT

The stylish V.Step slipper for neuropathy serves multiple purposes, including arch support, plantar fasciitis, and flat feet.  

Amazing features

  • Molded insole
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Arch shoes for plantar fasciitis
  • Anti-skid
  • Durable rubber sole

Why will you love these slippers for neuropathy?

The V.Step are made of high-quality EVA rubber and provide high-rigid arch support and better wear-resistance performance. Its waffle fabric and closed-toe design make the best orthotic slippers keep your feet warm and comfortable. The free air flow fabric keeps your feet dry while the woven pattern absorbs moisture.

The EVA midsole is made with a concealed high arch. Its anatomical arch support is ideal for heel pain, flat feet, plantar fasciitis, diabetes, arthritis, and foot pain.

You will also love the anti-skid and durable rubber sole with upper soft velveteen for breathability.  

The V-Step are sold in blue, brown, or grey.  Its sizes range from men’s 6-11 and women’s sizes 7-12. They’re relatively inexpensive and machine washable. The company recommends first putting them in a laundry bag.

Best Men’s Slippers for Plantar Fasciitis

The best slippers for plantar fasciitis will promote blood flow and reduce foot pain by providing support. This can be challenging as different kinds of feet need different types of support.

10. RockDove Memory Foam Men’s Slippers for Plantar Fasciitis

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03/31/2023 06:00 am GMT

RockDove specializes in creating outdoor footwear for adventurous people but now focuses on making the best hardwood floor slippers for plantar fasciitis. The two-tone memory foam insoles massage your feet while walking around your house. 

Amazing features

  • Sturdy rubber sole
  • Easy on/off with secure heel collar
  • Machine washable
  • Memory foam insole

Why will you love these slippers for plantar fasciitis?

The RockDove 2-tone memory foam slippers have an attractive waffle knit upper that makes them breathable. Thus, the slippers can keep your feet warm in the cold and sweat-free in summer. There are six acceptable colors to match most tastes.  

The secure heel collar and sturdy rubber sole allow minimal outdoor use, such as walking to the mailbox or with your dog or service animal. Thus, you don’t have to keep switching shoes. Also, the anti-slip grip assures safety on hardwood floors or outdoor wet surfaces.

The RockDove house slippers for plantar fasciitis are expensive, machine washable, and lightweight.

Best Slipper for Achilles Tendonitis

Even with Achilles tendonitis, it’s advised to stay physically active. Stay away from high-impact activities like running, but walking short distances with your pedometer for shoes is recommended. You’ll want the best slipper for Achilles tendonitis to help reduce the shock from heel impact. 

11. Sollbeam Fuzzy House Women’s Slipper for Achilles Tendonitis

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03/31/2023 04:30 am GMT

These platform slippers bring style and comfort with its arch support, deep heel cup, and furry material that is soft against your feet. The Sollbeam’s are perfect for anyone with foot issue

s such as Achilles Tendonitis, arthritis, collapsed arches, bunions, and plantar fasciitis. They’re terrific for troubled feet!

Amazing features

  • Rubber sole
  • Arch support
  • Deep heel cup
  • Soft fur
  • Adjustable strap
  • 30-day 100% no-risk money-back guarantee

Why will you love these slippers for Achilles tendonitis?

The fuzzy slippers feature a deep heel cup that cradles your foot when walking around the house on hardwood floors or standing all day.  Sollbeam designed them with excellent arch support, absorbing shock from the ground up, and a contouring footbed to distribute weight across your foot evenly. They’re also quite comfortable and lightweight at 14.07 ounces for anyone nursing an Achilles tendonitis.

There’s an adjustable strap, so you don’t have to use your toes for gripping. Also, they’re machine washable but allow the shoes to air-dry.

Solebeam offers a generous 100% no-risk 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t think they’re good house slippers.

Best Orthopedic Slippers

An Orthopedic slipper is a worthwhile option for people with foot pain that affects their mobility. The shoes should cushion the feet, realign and support the joints in your feet, and heal existing problems. 

12. ERGOfoot Orthopedic Slippers with Arch Support for Plantar Fasciitis

The ERGOfoot slippers for foot pain are designed with excellent arch support, high-quality material, durable and anti-skid outsole, and comfort in mind.

Amazing features

  • Ultra-soft velvet lining
  • Lightweight midsole absorbs shocks
  • Anti-skid rubber sole
  • Comfy and fashionable

Why will you love these slippers with arch support?

The ergonomic foot arch support provides heel stabilization to lessen overpronation while offering better body alignment. The anti-skid rubber sole is suitable for both indoor use on a tile floor and outdoor use on wet pavement, such as getting your free books by mail in the mailbox.

The lightweight upper is made of easy to clean polyester. Your feet are luxuriously wrapped in moisture-wicking soft velvet. The slip-on ERGOfoot supportive slippers are breathable and allow your feet to stay odorless and fresh all the time. 

ERGOfoot unisex sizes range from 6-12 in women’s and 5-11 in men’s.

Best Orthopedic Slippers for Women

According to Thrive Global, only about 20% of people have supposed “perfect feet.”  The advantages of wearing orthopedic slippers include a chance for your feet to heal or repair, better mobility, enhanced circulation, cushion for your entire foot, and less pain. 

13. Vionic Gemma Mule Orthopedic Slippers for Women

Vionic Gemma Mule is an excellent pair of orthopedic slippers for women with its American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance. The Seal means it’s been found beneficial to foot health.

Amazing features

  • Rubber sole
  • Fuzzy and warm
  • EVA footbed and stiff rubber outsole
  • Adjustable Velcro strap
  • Ten colors and styles

Why will you love these orthopedic slippers for women?

As soon as you see these slippers, you will notice unique features. They are lightweight at 8 ounces and comfortable. The outside and inside fuzzy slippers come in ten different colors and patterns, including tiger, leopard, or pink. It’s designed with a convenient Velcro adjustable strap, so you don’t need to use your toes for gripping.

The Vionic Gemma Mule features Orthaheel’s signature tech with VOI motion support for the best-cushioned slippers. It minimizes a foot rolling inward by keeping it in what should be its natural and correct range of motion. The toe box offers plenty of room. 

Another superb feature of this orthopedic slipper is shock absorption and arch support. Your feet are free of any impact through the EVA midsole material.

The company recommends hand washing the fuzzy slipper, but many users have had success putting them in the washing machine. 

As you can see, these non-shed fuzzy slippers have a lot to offer at a fair price. 

Best Men’s Slippers with Arch Support

The best slippers with arch support will be molded to the natural arch of your foot. Supporting your arches can reduce the pressure on the user’s plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, flat feet, and ankle sprains. It’s best to pick a nice house slipper with thickness in the arch, and the outsole doesn’t bend in half.

14. Walk Hero Men’s Slippers with Arch Support

Made of the durable non-slip rubber sole, this slipper offers the best arch support. Walk Hero brings a fashion siesta style that will complement your casual wear indoors, especially during COVID.

Amazing features

  • Durable non-slip rubble sole
  • Fuzzy orthotic insoles
  • Siesta design
  • Moisture-wicking velvet lining
  • 12 different colors and insole choices
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

The cool house slippers make me feel like I’m ready to walk to a beach from someone’s summer house. They’re casual kick-on and kick-off style men’s arch support shoes that combine weathered canvas with a footbed for indoor and outdoor activities, like stopping at an open bank on Saturday or Sunday to cash a check. Its ergonomic non-slip rubber sole has a cushioned forefoot, orthotic arch support, metatarsal pad, and a deep heel cup.  It’s built for comfort!

It’s designed with a wide forefoot that provides extra room in the toe box. The velvet lining within is moisture-wicking. Also, the suede or fuzzy fleece insoles are removable if you’d like to insert your custom orthotics.

Walk Hero has a combination of twelve different combinations of insoles and canvas colors. Men’s shoe sizes range from 8 to an extra-large size 14. It’s worth noting that several reviewers recommended the slipper for bunions and wide feet. 

The company offers a 30-day exchange policy from the date the package is received. 

Best Slippers for Heel Pain

Achilles tendinitis on the back of the heel and plantar fasciitis on the heel’s bottom are the common causes of heel pain. The most common ways to get rid of heel pain include rest, wear a night splint, use shoe inserts, apply ice to the heel a couple of times a day, and shoes that fit correctly.

15. Isotoner Women’s Classic Terry Clog Slippers for Heel Pain

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03/31/2023 06:45 am GMT

The Isotoner Classic Clogs slippers for heel pain provide extra stability and arch support while offering a luxurious experience with its plush cotton and polyester terry blend for warmth. 

Amazing features

  • Rubber sole
  • Soft upper terry blend
  • Arch support
  • Memory foam cushion
  • Versatile and durable
  • Seven colors and patterns

The slip-on Isotoners are 30% lighter than traditional slippers. It’s Secret Sole technology offers extra stability and arch support to provide relief to tired feet with plantar fasciitis. 

Its memory foam cushioning absorbs the impact and offers much-needed comfort from painful heels. The durable manufacturing has a luxurious plush cotton bend terry material for all-around comfort on hardwood floors. 

While the sole with memory foam offers warmth, the skid-resistant rubber outsole offers traction with minimal outdoor use, like getting $10 from an ATM.

The affordable Isotoner slippers come in seven different colors and women’s sizes that range from 5.5 to 10.  They are machine washable in cold water, but air dry is recommended.

Best Slippers for Diabetics

The best slippers for diabetics feature arch support, durable rubber outsoles, and breathable leather uppers. They’ll provide plenty of room to help accommodate swollen, achy feet, as well as stability and support without irritating the skin.

16. Orthofeet Proven Slippers for Diabetics

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03/31/2023 08:20 am GMT

These slippers have a sole with ergonomic air cushioning that boosts the comfort level. At the same time, the insole features anatomical arch support along with different layers of added softness.

Amazing features

  • Foam sole
  • Ergonomic design
  • Extended widths include wide and extra-wide
  • Roomy toe box
  • Soft uppers

Why will you love these slippers for diabetics?

This slipper offers the best orthopedic solution with a lightweight, ergonomic sole, and superior cushioning. They’re designed to ease the pain on the foot and heel from up your knees, hips, and lower back.

The extended wide and extra-wide options are for added comfortability with soft, non-binding uppers. They create enough stability to improve the ease of walking.

The Orthofeet Proven slippers are perfect for anyone with sensitive feet, diabetics, neuropathy, and arthritis. It’s soft uppers, and extra foam padding offered assured protection.

The smooth interior lining, extra depth in the toe box, and removable insoles make these the most comfortable house slippers.

Orthofeet offers a generous 60-day risk-free trial with free shipping and returns.  

When it come s to cost, they are relatively inexpensive and come with 60 days return if you don’t feel comfortable enough. You can easily maintain with machine wash.

Summary Best Slippers for Hardwood Floors

The best slippers for hardwood floors start with comfort and include stability, durability, design, and many more features. 

Many of the shoes reviewed have the ability to wear indoors on hardwood floors or outdoors on wet pavement with skid-resistant soles. 

Though the price is a vital factor, most of the good house slippers are reasonably priced. You’ll find a pair that suits your budget. Most are priced as though they’re discounted shoes, but they’re actually highly-rated by reviewers. 

Have you worn any of the shoes on our list? Is there another pair that’s your favorite? Did we not list the best slippers in the world?  We’d love to hear from you.

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