62 Best Online Coupon Sites – Ultimate Guide (Digital & Printable)

62 Best Online Coupon Sites – Ultimate Guide (Digital & Printable)

There is no shame in using coupons. There are tons of legit coupon sites visited by millions of people daily. When you use digital and paper coupons to lower prices, you are not cheap.  Instead, you are a very wise frugal consumer. The money you save can still be used for other essentials. You must also grab every opportunity to drastically cut expenses every month.

On the Upromise shopping website alone, I have saved almost $1,100 toward my kid’s college 529 plan.  Here’s a snapshot of my account earnings just by shopping online through their portal.  

Where to get the best coupons free?

The World Wide Web is a vast and helpful place if you know where to look. Most of the sites that you will find do not require a paid membership.

Different Coupon Types

Here are eight different coupon types that can save you money:

  • Store coupons – The particular stores themselves release store coupons. They cannot be used elsewhere, except for the store listed on the coupon.
  • Coupon code – Coupon codes are mostly used online. Instead of having to print a coupon, you just have to scribble down the code. You can then type in the code into the appropriate box when paying for a product or service online.
  • Local coupon sites – These sites offer you the best offers that you can grab within your locality. This way, you can go to the brick and mortar store to bring your printed coupon with you.  
  • Printable coupon sites – If you plan to shop in your vicinity, you may as well visit the respective printable coupon sites. You can choose some paper coupons that you can print and bring along on your next shopping.  The best time to search is starting with your Sunday paper printable coupons for national brands for groceries and restaurants.  Though you may think you’ll need the best coupon printer for it, any printer, whether it’s color or black and white will do.  If you aren’t able to print the coupons, then take a snapshot with your mobile device, which usually works too.
  • (In-Store) Cashback sites – With cashback, you first need to buy a product or service to get some money back. This isn’t bad if you already plan on buying the item and the discipline and time to search the cashback sites for the best deal. For some sites, they call this earning money or points. You have to shop first. Then, you earn points or money from those purchases.  The cashback sites usually won’t immediately credit you and wait 30-90 days for the credit to be passed from the retailer to the deal site then to you. 
  • Coupon browser extension – Coupon browser extensions make it easier for you to find the best deals on coupon codes and coupons. They actively will show you coupons or better deals offered on different sites for similar products.  Chrome is the most popular browser for coupon extensions because it’s designed to be friendly with programmers., unlike browsers like Safari.  You’ll find some great deals by downloading a Chrome extension price comparison plugin, like Wikibuy and Honey.
  • Free coupon inserts – If this isn’t your world and your life is digital; you may ask, “How to get coupon inserts.”  Newspaper inserts, especially Sundays, can bring a little nostalgia to an otherwise modern way of getting ahold of paper coupons. Buy a copy of your Sunday paper to find the best coupon deals this week from national brands, from food to restaurants like the Olive Garden.  
  • Printable manufacturer coupons – Those who are wary about digital coupons and codes, this article also offers you some of the best coupon websites for printable coupons.  See our recommendations 21-24 below.  
  • Free Manufacturer Coupons – Several manufacturers offer free food coupons that are printable or emailed to prospective customers.

You’ll find that the deal sites in the USA are mostly targeted in the states with some coupons applicable for internationally-based chains, like Walmart, Target, and more.

Best Couponing Websites

We have scoured the web for you to find the best couponing websites. Here are the best places to find coupons online:

1. Slickdeals

SlickDeals offers a wealth of store coupons that you can print. It’s listed first because it’s my daily go-to site for deals.  I like that they only show you the best deal, whether it’s a cheap succulent to a higher-priced tennis table on sale to free photos at Walgreens.

Slickdeals users help make the site extremely useful.  Users vote on popular deals, which pushes the deal up the rankings due to high-approval ratings.  The community flags the best deals, which makes it one of the best couponing websites.

Slickdeals has multiple coupon codes for instant use online. They also offer some free online manufacturer’s coupons.

2. Hip2Save

Hip2Save started in 2008, provides great printable and digital coupons. Not only that, but the website also sells various products at low prices. With Hip2Save, you get double or triple the possible savings.

Also, Hip2Save has a freebie deals section for a variety of goods and services.  For example, when we looked, Dunkin’ was offering a free coffee with a purchase, CVS offered a free energy bar on their app, a free photo at Walgreens,  and a free magazine from Elle Conde Nast Traveler, and Esquire.

3. CouponCause

The very name of this site already alludes to what it does: it helps causes while you save money through coupons. CouponCause is not content with helping you save a lot of money by providing you coupons, and it also pays a percentage of what you do pay to various causes. Wouldn’t it feel good to save money fast and help a cause at the same time? It’s a win-win!

4. Ecoupon

Like Hip2Save, Ecoupon not only offers coupons for all sorts of stores but also has other means of letting you save some money. You can browse the site for offers on specific categories, including apparel, art, books, gifts, jewelry, office, outdoors, software, sports stores, tools, and web deals.  Since 2015, users have redeemed 125,000 coupons and saved $5.3 million.

5. Amazon Coupons

Since you’re already likely shopping on Amazon, you might as well use some of their hosted online coupons. You can clip coupons at Amazon that you can use when you are about to check out. Amazon coupons make things quite convenient for you.  The categories make it easy to browse through the store and manufacturer coupons, including, most popular, home & kitchen, grocery, feature, electronics, and fashion. 

6. CouponPro

CouponPro does not only provide various coupons, but it also houses some great deals and free stuff. Though CouponPro doesn’t post daily, they post what they consider the best deals from all categories.  It shows some recent deals and marks those that have already expired, unlike many online coupon sites that continue to show expired deals. 

CouponPro has coupon freebies with sweepstakes and giveaways in a section with updated details. 

7. RetailMeNot

When you visit the main page of RetailMeNot, the best and newest offers will pop up immediately. The trending stores where you can use the top coupons are highlighted at the top. Click on your preferred store, like Kohl’s, Bed Bath and Beyond, or Krispy Kreme, and you can be directed to the site page that features the in-store or online coupon or discount.

RetailMeNot is also an excellent place to go for free shipping coupon codes event if you can’t save on the price.

8. Savings.com

Savings.com presents savings on a website with a clean layout. The focus is on the savings themselves. Once you click on coupons, a drop-down menu shows several options. You can choose by top categories from airline flights to finding cheap meats or by popular stores. Savings.com also has printable coupons you can use for your next trip to the supermarket. 

Their “Circular” page helps those that don’t buy the Sunday coupon inserts found in the weekly newspaper.  Savings.com scans in the weekly circular from retailers like Hobby Lobby, Dollar General, Mattress Firm, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Target, and more.

Savings.com also lets you see local deals nearby.

For coupons outside the US, see Savings.com’s sister site, Savoo.  It serves twelve other countries, including Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

9. Brad’s Deals

Brad’s Deals has been since 2001 and has been helping people get hold of products and experiences for less. At first glance, it is an online shop with amazing discounts. If you look more closely, you will find coupons you can use at various online shops, including giants such as Amazon and Macy’s. 

Consider registering for Brad’s new “My Deals” to get deals more focused on your interests.  It’s helpful for them since they received 5.5 million shoppers every month in 2019, with 222 million in customer savings.

10. Dealnews

DealNews is extra helpful for buying more expensive stuff, such as devices, consumer technology, home improvement, and apparel. It is not a place that you go to for your regular groceries.

Dealnews conveniently shows when the deal was posted. They also post a calculated guess as to when the deal will expire.  Like Slickdeals, their interface is easy to scan and scope out deals quickly visually.  Their deals range from vacation packages on Southwest to vertical computer monitors to exercise bikes for seniors.

11. dontpayfull

Dontpayfull says it how it is. The name gives you an idea as to how it provides you with store coupons and coupon codes. At any given time, you can find as much as ten million awesome deals from the site. Unlike many of the other legit coupon sites, they offer a “Business & Services” category for more small-business offers, including Fiverr, Spot Hero, LifeLock, AT&T, Comcast, and more. 

12. Offers

When you get into Offers.com, you will see that the site does not want to scrimp on the deals. Instead, it saves space by showing small thumbnails. These small thumbnails suggest that you have quite a few deals at your disposal.  Offers.com certainly knows where its priorities lie.

Its layout is similar to Slickdeals, but I like how Offers.com has the deals in categories including, “Today’s Best Offers, Deals on Summer Essentials, Fashion & Apparel, Food Deals & Freebies, and Featured Today.”

13. DealDump

You could probably say that this is the best dump ever. DealDump showcases coupons and deals from online sites that you can quickly get when directed to those sites. However, this site’s dump format lets you go through all the possibilities in one place. There is no need for you to type in other URLs.

The homepage has the best deals listed in text format, which allows a lot of information on one page.  I find it easier to use sites with small thumbnails of the items, which makes browsing much easier for me.

14. CouponChief

With an average of $21 savings, CouponChief does sound like the chief of coupon websites.  The homepage has a long list of the best promo codes and coupons, as well as tons of other deals.

Some deals may seem simple, like free shipping, but it does save you some money.  Shipping costs can really add up!  You can even subscribe to its mailing list so that you can be alerted about future deals.

Survey Site with Coupons

Are you interested in a survey site with coupons? Swagbucks is such a site.

15. Swagbucks

Taking surveys on Swagbucks is the most popular way to make money fast online with their site.  These online surveys allow you to earn points that you can exchange for free gift cards. According to MillennialMoney, Swagbucks pays an average of 40 cents to $2 per survey.  You answer these surveys and can also search for coupons in one place.

Best Local Coupon Sites

If you want the best local coupon sites, you can take a look at the list below.

16. Entertainment Coupon Book

With Entertainment Coupon Book, it saves money on local restaurants, attractions, special events, and services.   You have an option between subscribing to a printed book or a digital book. You get coupons that you can use in your state in Canada or the United States. 

Parents can use the book for discounted entertainment such as museums, movies, amusement parks, rock climbing, bowling, golf, theatre, etc.  Assuming the places are open, these are good places to take the kids for entertainment during COVID. 

Since 1962, the Entertainment Coupon Book is a good value for frugal consumers if you remember to use it.  You can save at places like Hobby Lobby for crafts, Sherwin Williams for paint, Famous Footwear for back to school shoes, Wyndham Hotels for a staycation, Aeropostale for back to school clothes, Valvoline for an oil change, Costco Wholesale for a bulk discount and Christmas cards, and more.  You’ll likely make back your investment quickly.

The Entertainment Coupon Book usually has buy one get one free coupons, 50 percent discount offers, and 2-for-1 deals for retail stores, experiences, and local restaurants. 

Most of the time, I buy the book from a local fundraiser, like a school or sports team, but I don’t expect that with COVID.  Instead, I suggest going to the Entertainment Coupon Book website and either paying $2.99 per month for access to the deals or $19.99 annually.

17. Southern Savers

As the name suggests, Southern Savers is only offered to those living in the Southern States of America.  Jenny Martin, the site’s founder, teaches workshops on coupons to over 1.5 million users. She is considered an expert in coupons and has partnerships with brands, including Procter & Gamble, CVS, Piggly Wiggly, TJ Maxx, and more.  

18. Valpak

Valpak has the best deals in your neighborhood. They have local coupon book in envelope form for nearly 40 million households in 47 states, plus another 8.5 million daily visitors to their online presence.  I have the Valpak app on my mobile device when I leave my free coupons by mail at home.  The coupon app for iPhone allows you to flash the coupon on the go.

You can save not just for your next meal at your favorite restaurants like Panera or local Chinese food, but you can also get discounts from other services in your area, such as in repair shops and cheap barbershops.  

19. Groupon

When you land on Groupon’s page, you will be immediately asked to sign up for its mailing list. Do it so you can receive the best local deals for food, meals, restaurants, spa, and entertainment.  They made finding and buying local deals popular and accessible.

Over the years, they’ve expanded their offerings to goods.  This site sells a lot of products at massive discounts, but also offers coupons to other stores. The deals can be as much as 80% off. 

The products for sale are mostly offered with Groupon acting as the middleman. You may also find some movies and streaming TV deals here; the variety is limitless.  You can search the products and coupons by store or by category (e.g., For Her).  The most popular way to search is by type of offers nearby. 

20. LivingSocial

LivingSocial is the sister site of Groupon. However, its layout is more straightforward. They’re one of my go-to places for local food deals.  You just scroll down to see all the deals in the same category. LivingSocial does provide searches by price, location, rating, and more.

LivingSocial is different than Groupon because they offer LivingSocial Escapes.  In 2019 they acquired a social adventure company called Urban Escapes.  This allows them to broaden their daily deals by now offering group excursion and travel packages.  Of course, the timing is not ideal with COVID, but the business should be a great place to buy cheap vacations once there is a vaccine or people feel more comfortable with groups. 

Best Printable Coupon Sites

If you want something tangible, you have to visit some of the best printable coupon sites on the web. Simply choose one of these sites to get coupons you can bring along to the supermarket or any other store.

21. Coupons.com

Many hail this site as the best printable coupon site online.  They are always updated and even offer manufacturer brand names, like Tide washing machine detergent, Kellogg’s cereal, Covergirl make-up, Bic school supplies, and more.  You don’t have to feel left out, let your free online manufacturer coupons do the talking when you go to the store. 

Visit Coupons.com on Sundays and the first of the month when new coupons have been released.

It’s beneficial to sign up for Coupons.com email notifications using your zip code.  In return, you’ll receive local food coupons for grocery stores, retail shops, and drugstores in your area. 

22. Grocery Coupon Network

If you want the best coupon deals this week, you should visit the Grocery Coupon Network. This site is always updated with many exclusive coupon deals. Not only that, but it also provides you with deals from stores that do not usually shell out discounts.

23. RetailMeNot Everyday (formerly RedPlum printable coupons)

Exclusivity is the name of the game for RetailMeNot Everyday. This site may well be the best coupon site for groceries because it partners with the best supermarkets all over the country. You will find product deals you may rarely find elsewhere.

On Sundays, RetailMeNot Everyday updates its downloadable and printable coupons.

24. The Krazy Coupon Lady

The Krazy Coupon Lady does look like a coupon freebie site owned by a lady who knows what she is talking about. The website theme is very user friendly with popular free printable coupons first, followed by manufacturer brands like Huggies diapers, then ending with the coupons alphabetically listed for quick searching. 

Top Cashback Sites

Sometimes, you do not get to purchase coupons online to save money. Instead, you pay for something at a reasonably low price. Through that, you earn cash or points that you can use later at your disposal.

My UPromise Shopping account is linked to my kids 529 Plan while my other cashback sites send me money via PayPal.  I compare the cashback sites to see who’s offering me the best deal at the moment. 

Here are some of the top cashback sites, which make that possible for you.

25. Rakuten (formerly Ebates)

Right after you land on the Rakuten homepage, you are welcomed with a free $10 bonus when you join.  A new user can either choose a $10 Rakuten cash bonus or a $10 Walmart gift card.

You cannot even explore the coupons unless you sign in or register. However, even the sneak peek can show you some great brands, such as Verizon, Banana Republic, Best Buy, Urban Decay, and more.

Most of the Rakuten stores offer between 4-8% cashback on purchases.  They also run a lot of promotions for a double percentage back on several national brands like Dick’s Sporting Goods.  Over the holiday’s I saved 20% on Magazines.com by giving a family member an annual subscription.  There are occasions I order stuff at Home Depot using Rakuten then head over to pick it up because of the cashback offer.  Those all sound like some of the best coupons online!

26. BeFrugal

The name of this site, BeFrugal, does not beat around the bush. It tells you what you must do to get the best coupon deals. You get coupons for various stores, but you may also get cashback deals at over 5,000 stores. Numerous stores offer different percentages of cashback, which can fluctuate by the day and week.

Like Rakuten, BeFrugal offers a $10 first-time signing bonus.

27. Ibotta

Ibotta has a neat little app, which helps you connect more conveniently.  Some say it is the best online coupon app out there.

Users can either shop through the Ibotta app or submit their receipts or link loyalty accounts to Take advantage of the cashback that you get when you buy through the site or the app.

28. shopathome

How does it feel to shop at home and also earn money for future purchases while doing so? Shopathome presents this scenario attractively, while also offering cashback from popular shopping sites, such as Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart, Best Buy, eBay, Expedia, and many more.

Reviews cite it as one of the legit coupon sites out there with over 800,000 users. 

29. Giving Assistant

Giving Assistant basically gives you a nudge towards online shops that offer cashback. You could say that it compiles the deals that you need. However, it goes even further by letting you earn as you shop. It promises you a share of the commission it receives featuring the products and shops in its site. In this sense, it is one of the top coupon sites out there, in my opinion. It also rallies for a cause, such as its antiracism stance.

30. Upromise Shopping

Upromise Shopping capitalizes on a parent’s promise to give their children a good life. It does not really offer coupons for freebie stuff. Instead, it lets you earn your cashback shopping for the products and services that they are featuring on their page. Because of their size, I’ve noticed some deals offered on Upromise that aren’t offered on other top cashback sites. 

The products are aimed towards parents and their children. This could well be your one-stop-shop as a mom or dad – or even a guardian or grandparent.

31. FreeShipping

Freeshipping.com deals are often not as appreciated as they should. However, these deals can make or break sales. Some buyers are gunning for the actual amount plus the discounts and cashback. They don’t feel they have saved much if they have to pay expensive shipping.

The FreeShipping site is the only other site that requires a membership to receive their benefits.  They offer 10% cash back on purchases for major retailers, 20% cashback during the designated seasonal periods, price protection if you find the same item cheaper, and free return shipping. 

A 7-day trial costs $2 and is fully refundable within the first 30 days.  Going forward, the monthly subscription at FreeShipping costs $13. 

Coupon Browser Extension

So, now you know where to get the best coupons. However, you don’t like having to go to a website to check if they have new deals that will appeal to you. You should then opt for a coupon browser extension. Because it works as a browser extension, you can get alerts whenever there are new coupons or savings deals.

32. Wikibuy

Wikibuy will alert you if there are better deals on other sites. For example, you may have found a great set of headphones from Best Buy. Wikibuy will inform you (through notification) where you can find the same product and model, but cheaper headphones at a different store. 

Wikibuy allows you to create a watchlist of products and notify you when the price drops or goes on sale.  Like Honey, WikiBuy will show you any eligible coupons for stuff you’re trying to buy. 

Wikibuy has a browser extension for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Edge. 

33. Honey

You can add Honey to your browser for free to get to the best coupon codes out there. The download takes seconds. Then, you simply shop online as usual. When Honey detects a product, it will look for a coupon code for the item, and then it will make a suggestion. So, it is like having an invisible assistant help you save money fast for nothing. Honey earns money through commissions from sales.

34. PriceBlink

PriceBlink is set to find the best prices for you. Once you choose a product, it will find the best deals for that product. This way, you don’t have to go to several online stores to compare their prices.

Unlike Honey, PriceBlink browser add-on works with all major browsers, including Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.

Free Coupon Inserts from Newspapers

Free coupon inserts from newspapers combine the old with the new. There is something almost vintage to it, but with the use of modern technology.

35. SmartSource

It is like your newspaper but more convenient. At SmartSource, you will get free printable manufacturers’ coupons and other printable coupons in one place. You will find all the coupons that you expect to see in your favorite newspaper.

Download the app to help find the best grocery coupon deals this week. 

Retail Store Coupons

Large regional and national stores offer retail store coupons on their websites. 

36. Kroger

There are over 2,700 Kroger locations in over 40 states in the US.  Visit the Kroger website to select your local grocery store and choose digital coupons for your next visit. 

37. Publix

They have over 1,200 locations located in the southeastern region of the US.  As of this writing, the online Publix digital coupon page had over 170 products, including personal care, household, food, deli, and meat deals.  

38. Rite Aid

Has over 2,400 locations in about 20 states in the US.  Visit the Rite Aid printable coupons page for manufacturer brand savings. 

39. Target

The Target Circle program is free to use.  You’ll earn a redeemable 1% on your purchases plus access to hundreds of deals and Target coupons.  I was thrilled when they sent me 5% off my next shopping trip for my birthday!  It was a pleasant surprise for a frugal consumer like me.  Again, no cost to join.   

Free Manufacturer Coupons

Go directly to the source and get free online and printable manufacturer coupons. 

40. Advil

US residents that are 18 years old or older can join the email list to receive Advil coupons

41. Aquafresh

Get Aquafresh toothpaste paper coupons for your next purchase.  At the time of this writing, they were offering 75 cents off any Aquafresh product

42. Arm and Hammer

Sign up for Arm and Hammer coupons via email

43. Benadryl

Select any of the Benadryl products and print the paper coupons on your printer.  At the time of this writing, they had manufacturer coupons for Benadryl Children’s, Topical, and adult products. 

44. Betty Crocker

Visit the Betty Crocker to get immediately printable manufacturer coupons.  As of this writing, they had 13 paper coupons “today” for savings up to $21.25.   

45. Cerave

Submit your name and email to Cerave to save up to $4 on any product. 

46. Clorox

Register with Facebook or with your email address to claim your free manufacturer coupons.  Clorox products also include Liquid-Plumr and Pine-Sol. 

47. Colgate

The Colgate special offers page will email you selected manufacturer coupons.  As of this writing, Colgate had 11 deals ranging from toothpaste for adults and kids to battery-powered toothbrush or manual toothbrushes to Colgate Kids Mouthwash.

48. Dove

Visit the Dove newsletter page to sign up for emailed coupon offers. 

49. Enfamil

Join the Enfamil email list to receive up to $400 in free gifts, including free formula samples and coupons.  

50. Frito Lay Products

They have a user-friendly page and offer a choice between free manufacturer coupons by mail or digital for Frito Lay products.  As of this writing, Frito Lay had the following offers:

51. Gerber

The Gerber coupons and offers page allows you to sign up for exclusive deals, but also offers visitors the opportunity to select and print coupons from their site.  As of this writing, the deals include $1 off Gerber tubs, $1 off any four Gerber Glass Jars, $5 offer Gerber Formula, plus snacks and pouches.    

52. Hormel

Visit the Hormel digital coupons page for current deals. 

53. Huggies

The Huggies page, as of this writing, is offering baby product coupons for Huggies diapers and wipes. 

54. Kellogg’s

They have four primary categories: personal care, household, health care, and food coupons.  As of this writing, the Kellogg’s page had 58 printable manufacturer coupons.

55. Procter & Gamble

The P&G coupons page tends to have discounts ranging from $1-$3 per product.  As of this writing, Procter & Gamble had discounts on Tide, Gain laundry detergent, Metamucil Fiber, Bounce, Downy liquid fabric softener, and more. 

56. One A Day

As of this writing, you can select and receive discounts on One A Day multivitamins.  Save $2 on One A Day Prenatal and $1 on any One A Day multivitamin.  Select your manufacturer coupons and then print.  To view the page, you must have your VPN service turned off or receive a type of error message.

57. Post-it

Has free manufacturer coupons that you can easily click and print.  Post-it deals during this writing included Post-it Extreme Notes, Post-it Super Sticky Notes, Post-it Brand Flags, Nexcare Max Hold Bandages, ACE Brand Brace & Supports, Command Brand Hook, Tarni-Shield Polish, 3M Window Insulator Kit, Scotch Double-Sided Adhesive Roller, and more free coupons to email.

58. Perdue

Visit the Perdue promotions page to receive coupons so you can buy some cheap meat. 

59. Purex

The Purex promotions page, as of this writing, has printable manufacturer coupons to save $1 on Purex Unit Dose 4in1. 

60. Purina

The Purina page has pet food coupons for a tremendous variety of foods from wet to dry to chicken to real lamb Dog Chow. 

61. Splenda

Offers a couple of select manufacturer coupons for Splenda products.  As of this writing, they are offering $1.50 off new Splenda coffee creamer and $1 off Splenda sweetener. 

62. Stonyfield

Allows visitors to joining their email list for the latest Stonyfield coupons

62 Best Online Coupon Sites Summary

This article has offered you the 35 best online coupon sites on the web. However, you need to decide what type of coupon you prefer. Do you like printable ones? Do you like vintage inserts? Or would you instead go for something that helps you earn points or cash back at a store that you like to shop from, anyway?

The point is that the virtual world can provide you with some ways to save money. Grab these opportunities. Even if you have extra money, you can do so much with the excess.

Here are a few ideas for your extra cash:

The above are just some of the ideas that you can take on. With the extra money, you have greater flexibility in your choices, especially those that affect your future.

Hopefully, this provided you with a concise list of coupon sites in the USA and beyond.

Hopefully, you can put together your coupon discounts, cashback, and free shipping to create a comprehensive saving plan. The browser extension also seeks to make your life easier when saving online. However, those who love actual printable coupons can also have their preferred options on hand.