6 Best Extension Cords for Refrigerators (Buy Heavy-Duty, Gauge, Length…)

An extension cord gives you the ability to lengthen the space between the refrigerator and the power outlet. You need one when a power outlet is just too far out of reach. Best extension cords for refrigerators let you power your appliance and offer additional outlets to power several appliances at once.

Our top recommendation is the Stanley 31536 Grounded Heavy-Duty Extension Cord

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The best extension cords for refrigerators specify whether it’s graded for outdoor purposes.  Before buying a cord for an outdoor refrigerator connection, make sure it’s specifically designed for that purpose.  Such a cord is free of electric shock or fire.

For the best refrigerator extension cable, always buy a little more than what you need. In addition, think of every place you may need an extension cord and choose one that matches your needs.

How to Choose the Best Extension Cords for Refrigerators

No kitchen is complete without a fridge; it’s costly and prone to breakdown if attached to the wrong or a bad extension cable. In addition, your expensive appliance will be at risk of overheating the cord, fire, and electric shock.

You cannot plug a three-pronged refrigerator into an ungrounded extension cord. Similar to buying a new home appliance, buying an extension cord for a fridge isn’t easy.  There are tons to choose from, and it’s challenging to buy the right extension cord for a fridge.

What to consider before choosing an extension cord for your refrigerator?


Does cord length have any relevance? The answer is yes! The standard length of an appliance extension cord is 3-5 feet. Nevertheless, you can get a cord that’s at least 36 feet long.  

A longer extension cord comes in handy when you relocate the refrigerator far away from the outlet.

A longer cord has many advantages, but too long a cord might lead to a voltage drop. Voltage is lost through the resistance in the wires and results in a drop. As a result, long extension cords have a lower capacity than shorter cords of the same AWG size.

Choose a cord length wisely. For example, do not buy a 50-foot cord when you can connect the fridge with a 20 feet long cord.

Wire Gauge

The wire gauge describes the thickness or the diameter of the wire. It determines how much current the wire can carry and how hot the wire gets.

Gauge is a numerical rating of copper wire diameter identified by an America Wire Gauge (AWG) number. Consider buying an extension cord with a higher gauge.


A higher gauge extension cord for the fridge prevents issues related to overheating and fire outbreaks. It also lowers the maintenance cost of the appliance.  

What are the different extension cord wire gauges for appliances?

The three categories of extension cord wires gauges for a fridge include:

Light-Duty Extension Cords 

Light-duty extension cords cost less and are readily available. It resembles a lamp wire cord. However, light-duty extension cords are suitable for light-duty appliances, charging your smartphone, and your Comcast router. You cannot use a light-duty extension cord with devices such as space heaters or other heat-generating home appliances. It would be dangerous, especially for appliances that draw heavy electrical loads such as toasters, garment steamers, or clothes irons.

Refrigerator extension cords must be grounded, and light-duty cords aren’t usually grounded. A 2-plug prong should never be used with a 3-prog grounded cord refrigerator.

Light duty extension cords are best for electronic and electrical devices such as lamps and clocks, drawing up to 7-amps.

  • Up to 25-foot cord length: use 18 AWG wire
  • Up to 50-foot cord length: use 16 AWG wire
  • Up to 100-foot cord length: use 14 AWG wire

Medium-Duty Extension Cords 

With the right AWG and length, a medium-duty cord is a good refrigerator extension cord. It includes a third wire and plug prong for grounding.

Medium-duty extension cords are best for devices that draw up to 10 amps of power, such as television, computer, and mini-fridge.

  • Up to 25-foot cord length: use 16 AWG wire
  • Up to 50-foot cord length: use 14 AWG wire
  • Up to 100-foot cord length: use 12 AWG wire

Heavy-Duty Extension Cords 

Heavy-duty appliance extension cords are suitable for drawing up to 15 amps of power. It’s the best appliance extension cord for a refrigerator, which is always grounded with a 3rd wire and plug prong for grounding.

It’s best for home tools and heating appliances, drawing up to 15 amps of power. Always follow appliance manufacture guides and instructions regarding the use of extension cords.

  • Up to 25-foot cord length: use 14 AWG wire
  • Up to 50-foot cord length: use 12 AWG wire
  • Up to 100-foot cord length: use 10 AWG wire


The voltage of the refrigerator extension cord is a key factor to consider when buying. A refrigerator is a major home appliance known for consuming a high amount of electricity. Choose an extension cord that will easily transport high voltage of power without causing an issue like overheating.


An ideal extension cord for your refrigerator should have a higher amp or wattage than the appliance.  

Heavy-duty cords have a lower gauge number, usually 10 to 14 gauges. As a result, it has a higher capacity to deliver enough power. 

Type of Plug

The plug type determines which refrigerator extension cord to buy. It’s advised to get a 3-prong plug as it’s well-grounded. In addition, a 3-plug extension cord prevents shock and fire in your house.

Built-In GFCI Protection

There are three types of extension cords:

  • Indoor cords
  • Outdoor cords
  • Contractor cords

Pick the best extension cord for the garage refrigerator if you place your refrigerator outdoors, in the basement, or crawlspace. 

The cord might encounter moisture, so an extension cord with built-in GFCI protection is best to prevent shock hazards.

Price of an Extension Cord

The price of refrigerator cords varies, but experts recommend never sacrificing quality over a few cents. The majority of the cords are affordable, but the cost can be a deciding factor when choosing.

Our Top 3 Refrigerator Extension Cords

Here are my top three recommendations for the best refrigerator extension cord.

Pick #1Pick #2Pick #3
Stanley 31536 Grounded Heavy Duty Appliance Extension CordGoGreen Power GG-25606 Extension CordPOWTECH Heavy duty 25 FT Air Conditioner and Major Appliance

Are you still confused? Our reviews will help you understand each refrigerator extension cord’s best features, pros, and cons.

Best Refrigerator Extension Cords

A top refrigerator cord not only helps to offer protection to the appliance but also fosters the safety of your home.

1. POWTECH Heavy-Duty Major Appliance Extension Cord

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POWTECH heavy-duty extension cord comes in different lengths from 3 feet to 25 feet. It’s a sturdy cord with an angled plug with heavy-duty vinyl insulation and is UL listed.

Specifications  Features
Length: 6 ft
Dimensions: 9 x 3.5 x 1 in
Weight: 11.4 oz.
Gauge: 14
Color: Grey
14 gauge extension cord
3 conductors grounded
Highly protective vinyl insulation
Sturdy, long-lasting construction

What’s more?

The angled plug makes it ideal for narrow kitchens and allows the wire to remain flush to the wall. It’s a grounded SPT-3 heavy-duty cord for high energy-consuming home appliances.

The thick gauge is enhanced with a layer of heavy-duty vinyl insulation that prevents accidents such as overheating. In addition, it makes the cord perfect for outdoor use. The material is durable, waterproof, and can resist abrasion, UV lights, and extreme temperature.

It features a 14 gauge, 1875 max watts, 15 amps, 125V power to withstand the power demands of high current appliances, like a garage refrigerator, washer, and dryers.

While this appliance extension cord for a refrigerator is pricey, you get the best value for money considering the amazing features. It’s also suitable for indoor use.

Overall, POWTECH is the best heavy-duty extension cord to last a long time. It’s been designed for heavy-duty appliances like freezers and lawn equipment, and even treadmills for sprinting, power recliners, and clothes steamer, per the manufacture’s guidelines.

2. AmazonBasics 25-Foot Extension Cord

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The AmazonBasics extension cord is one of the best appliance extension cords on the market. It’s a long, sturdy, and well-made cord.

Dimensions: 8.66 x 7.87 x 1.97 inches
Weight: 1.92 pounds
Gauge: 16
Color: Black
25 ft long
Heavy duty
Flexible and remains straight
Limited one year warranty

What’s more?

The 25-foot extension cord is long enough to connect your appliance to outlets far away. It’s sturdy, well-made, and highly flexible to maneuver around obstacles with ease and no risk of kinks.

It has a power rating of 125 volts, 13 amps, and 16 AWG, which means it’s good enough for various home appliances. It’s also ideal for larger servers, laptop computers for Cricut makers, laptops for online college classes, PCs, vertical monitors, monitors with built-in speakers, laser printers, PDUs, and more.

The grip’s end makes connecting the cord easy with a female connector. On the other end, the male connector firmly plugs into the outlet for a secure power connection.

The AmazonBasics 25-foot extension cord is UL rated and thick enough to transmit power without overheating even with prolonged usage. 

The ends are not waterproof, thus more suitable for indoor use than outdoors, such as a garage. There’s also the possibility of voltage drop due to cord length, but it’s a trade-off for a longer length.

Overall, the AmazonBasics 25-foot extension cord is a highly rated cord at a low price, with a limited one-year warranty. You will love its easy grip, sturdiness, and extended length.

3. Iron Forge 3-Prong Refrigerator Extension Cord

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Iron Forge is an all-purpose green extension cord that blends into the exterior landscape. It’s a high-quality, heavy-duty refrigerator extension cord with water-resistant features and reinforced prongs.

Length: 20 Foot
Dimensions: 11.5 x 5 x 1.6 inches
Weight: 1.55 pounds
Gauge: 16
Color: Green
Reinforced blades
Slip-resistant design.
All-purpose extension
Lifetime replacement warranty

What’s more?

Iron Forge 3-Prong Refrigerator Extension Cord is the best all-purpose refrigerator extension cord for indoor and outdoor use. It meets the entire safety standard with ETL/CETL Listed. You’ll love the 16 gauge wire, 20-foot, 13 amp, 125 volts, and 1625 watt fully grounded.

The flexible vinyl covering protects the cord against moisture, abrasion, and sunlight for outdoor use.

The reinforced blades protect the cable prongs from bending or breaking as the cord bends into your exterior landscape.  Moreover, the green cord is excellent for gardening, landscaping, or powering household appliances indoors.

It blends well with the exterior landscape and is perfect for indoor and outdoor Christmas lights and decorations.

With the purchase, you get a lifetime replacement warranty.

Overall, the Iron Forge cable is high quality, affordable, and versatile cord to be used with a microwave, air conditioner, and more.

4. Stanley 31536 Grounded Heavy-Duty Appliance Extension Cord

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The Stanley 31536 extension cord is the best cable on the market with a high voltage, heavy-duty insulation, angled plug, and extended length.

Length: 9 ftDimensions: 0.25 x 0.25 x 108 inchesWeight: 14.4 ouncesPlug Format: Type BGauge: 14Color: Grey125V Heavy-duty extension cord Heavy-duty vinyl insulation Right angle plug Three-pronged grounded plug 9-Foot cord

What’s more?

The Stanley 31536 is a heavy-duty extension cord that can handle a high voltage of 125v. Its vinyl insulation assures durability and is long-lasting. Even better, it’s waterproof, non-abrasive, and moisture resistant.

The three-prong 14 gauge cable is suitable for appliances that draw a heavy load. As a result, it works perfectly for an AC, microwave, and an old refrigerator. In addition, it’s fully grounded for added safety with no risk of shocks.

It sits snugly when inserted into the outlet. Moreover, the Stanley 31536 right-angle plug fits flat against the wall for a firm connection.

At 9-feet, the cord ensures no drop in voltage will occur while the old refrigerator is plugged in. A longer extension cord has a high tendency to lose voltage.

Overall, the Stanley 31536-grounded heavy-duty extension cord is the best value cable and budget-friendly.

5. GoGreen Power Multi-Length Appliance Extension Cord

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GoGreen is one of the best refrigerator cords on the market for the price. It’s a kink-free cord, ETL approved, and comes with free recycling from the manufacturer.

Length: 6 ft (Beige)
Dimensions: 11.5 x 3 x 3 inches
Weight: 9.6 ounces
Plug Format:
Type B
Color: Beige
Thick gauge
Solid insulation
Kink-free cord
ETL approval Recyclable

What’s more?

The beige-colored GoGreen extension cord is six feet long and helps minimize voltage drop during transmission.

The cord is rated 14/3 AWG, SPT-3, 125 volts, and 15 amps, ideal for several heavy-duty appliances. In addition, it’s ETL approved and free from overheating for recommended use.  

The only downside is the wire is made of copper brass and not entirely copper. However, its low price does not mean low quality and is very reliable.  

6. Qualihome Multi-Length Heavy Duty Major Appliance Extension Cord

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Qualihome heavy-duty extension cord has the capability to power major appliances.

It’s sturdy with an angled plug, grip grooves, and heavy-duty insulation.

Length: 12 ft
Dimensions: 9.9 x 3 x 1.5 inch
Weight: 1.25 pounds
Plug Format: Type B
Gauge: 14
Color: Grey
Angle Plug
SturdyGrip grooves
Heavy-Duty vinyl covering
ETL Listed

What’s more?

Qualihome multi-length extension cord is used for major kitchen appliances such as refrigerators and air conditioners due to its sturdy build. In addition, it allows the cord to transfer about 125V of power, which is enough for major appliances.

The angled plug makes the extension cord ideal for appliances flush against the wall. Also, its grip grooves allow quick and easy plug and unplug of the cord.

The Qualihome has heavy-duty vinyl insulation that protects the cord from moisture, abrasion, and rat bites. It also allows the cord to maintain high voltage.

Twelve feet is a good length for appliances and the assurance of no voltage drop. Additional features include ETL listed and capable of transmitting 1875 Watts and 15 Amps with a 14 gauge rating. 

The 3-prong wire SPT-3/125 volt means it’s grounded and prevents the risk of shock or overheating.

Overall, the Qualihome extension cord is a great value. You can use it for a wide range of major home appliances without worrying about melting, overheating, or a voltage drop.


What are Some Extension Cord Safety Tips?

Like most electrical supplies, an extension cord must be used with caution to prevent risk to your personal safety and fire hazards.

Follow these safety tips for your extension cord:

  1. Always plug the extension cord into an outlet with no adapters.
  2. Buy the right extension cord to avoid overheating or electric shocks.
  3. Always plug a 3-prong appliance using a grounded extension cord.
  4. Use a cord with the proper voltage for your appliances to avoid overloading.
  5. For outdoor use, never let the extension cord run through water or snow on the ground.
  6. It’s dangerous to run an extension cord through walls, windows, floors, ceiling, and doorways; don’t do it.
  7. Never use a broken cord with an exposed wire gauge. It can lead to electric shock, burn, and other severe issues.
  8. Match the rating of the cord with your device.
  9. Unplug extension cords, not in use and store them indoors.
  10. Throw away any damaged extension cords to prevent hazards.

Can I Plug my Fridge into an Extension Cord?

Yes, you can run a refrigerator off an extension cord. Choose a heavy-duty cord capable of handling the refrigerator’s energy needs without compromising the appliance and property safety.

Experts advise that the extension cord must be of the right length, voltage, and rating for the appliance to work properly.

With no problem, you can connect your refrigerator to a power strip cord with conductors of 14 gauge or thicker-12 gauge. Most houses use 14 gauge wiring or better.

What Gauge Extension Cord for a Fridge?

The 12-gauge cord is an extra heavy-duty appliance extension. While the extension cord’s length comes into play due to voltage drop, a shorter high gauge cable is the best for a fridge.

Do I Need a Heavy-Duty Extension Cord for Refrigerator?

Yes, you need a heavy-duty extension cord for the refrigerator because a light-duty extension cord lacks grounding and has a lower gauge. A heavy-duty extension cord is grounded with a 3-prong plug and has a higher capacity to deliver enough power, free from overheating or shock.  

What if my Freezer Cord is Too Short?

Most appliance manufactures include a short cord to reduce voltage drop. Nevertheless, you can always use an extension cord with your freezer. Get a heavy-duty extension cord rated for your freezer voltage and amps.

The same applies to select fitness workout equipment; get a heavy-duty short cord per the manufacturer’s guidelines. Of course, appliances like humidifiers can only be connected directly to a 3-prong wall socket.

Does a Refrigerator Need a Special Plug? 

A refrigerator extension cord is designed for plug type B, a standard 110/120. The standard 3-prong grounded plugs with a 3rd prong serve as the electric ground for the appliances.

Besides, most building codes require the refrigerator to connect to a dedicated circuit, especially if it draws that much energy. As a result, the refrigerator has its own circuit breaker.

Can You Plug Two Refrigerators Into One Outlet?

Yes, you can plug two refrigerators into a single outlet. However, check the circuit capacity and code before you plug two refrigerators into one outlet.  If you can’t avoid this, use a split-wire receptacle that allows both appliances to run on different circuits.

As per most electric codes, appliances with a motor should have a dedicated 20amp line. But as long as the outlet is not on a GFCI, it should be okay for two refrigerators into one outlet.

What Size Extension Cord for Refrigerator? 

A longer extension cord makes the fridge work harder. A longer cord is susceptible to voltage drop and cases of tripping. Experts advise you get the shortest cord for the health of your refrigerator, as well as the correct voltage.

For example, a 5-ft heavy-duty extension cord powering a refrigerator won’t overheat, but a 50-ft long cord with the same wire gauge will be undersized for the job.

Does a Refrigerator Need to Connect to a GFCI outlet?

A GFCI outlet is needed for protection for kitchen appliances that serve countertop surfaces. Nevertheless, there’s no requirement for GFCI protection receptacles that serve a refrigerator. Instead, a GFCI outlet is only needed if you plug the fridge into a countertop receptacle.

All commercial buildings and home and restaurant kitchens must-have GFCI for refrigerators. That’s if the circuit feeding the fridge outlet is a dedicated circuit; in most cases, it’s a 15-A or 20-A.  Therefore, if you place the refrigerator in a garage or an unfinished basement, the connection must have a GFCI circuit.

Can a Refrigerator and Microwave Use The Same Outlet?

No, you can’t connect a microwave and refrigerator to the same outlet. According to the NEC 2020 version, each home appliance needs a dedicated circuit that’s not shared by other appliances or lights. 

Powerful kitchen appliances must be on a dedicated circuit, including garbage disposal freezers, dishwashers, and electric range.


A high-quality extension cord can power major home appliances such as a refrigerator extension cord for generators, microwaves, air conditioners, and even outdoor power equipment.

Most retailers sell heavy-duty extensions cords of all lengths, including Lowe’s, Home Depot, Sam’s Club, Walmart, Menard’s, Target, Costco, Walgreens, Staples, and more.

Finally, remember that extension cords are temporary solutions. They should be replaced when you have an appliance removal and buy a new one. A well-made cord will last many years, but it’s no replacement for a dedicated outlet. It’s often wiser to pay an electrician to place an outlet in a convenient position, both for aesthetics and long-term safety.