Best Buy Computer & Laptop Return Policy (Without Receipt?)

Best Buy is one of the leading retailers in electronics and home appliances. You can choose from various products based on your needs, including laptops for online college, 4k projectors for under $2000, computers for Cricut Makers, tablets, and televisions.

The Best Buy exchange and return policy are easy to understand to ensure customer satisfaction.

So, what’s the Best Buy laptop and computer return policy?

Short Answer: In 2021, you can return computers and laptops at Best Buy for a full refund. You can ask for a refund, exchange, or repair if you’re dissatisfied with their computer purchase after 15 days from the purchase date.

It’s essential to bring all of your accessories, packaging, and the receipt from when you bought it. Also, bring your packing slip if purchased online, your receipt, the credit card used to make your purchase, and a current photo ID to speed up the return process.

What’s Best Buy’s Return Policy on Laptops?

Best Buy’s return policy on laptops is 15 days from purchase. If you make a laptop return request within 15 days of purchase, make sure to erase all your data. You want to erase information lined to any device, bank accounts, iCloud account, and credit card information, so it’s not stolen

Best Buy also requires you to include all the original accessories and packaging that came with the laptop; otherwise, they will charge a fee for what is missing from your refund.

Of course, you have the right to get a return if your laptop is dented, scratched, broken, or is missing something. However, if you do not have proof of purchase, Best Buy will likely reject a return and refund.

Here’s how the Best Buy laptop return policy works in-store and via the mail.

In-Store Return

Any item purchased on can be returned to any Best Buy store. Bring the packing or your receipt, the credit card you used to make your purchase, and a valid photo ID to expedite the return process.

Return by Mail

If you use the Best Buy prepaid label, you’ll get free shipping on your return. Log into your Best Buy account to find your order, create a prepaid shipping label, and print it. Then, place the return label on the package, take it to a UPS drop-off location, and ship it back to Best Buy during your allowed return time.

However, some exclusions apply when returning stuff to Best Buy. For example, shipping is unavailable for TVs larger than 50 inches, refrigerators, kegerators, or SodaStream machines

It also has restrictions on returning lithium and specialized batteries and products incorporating these batteries.

Shipping back Best Buy for Business orders may be subject to restrictions as well. For example, it does not accept returns from outside the United States.

What’s the Best Buy Computer Return Policy?

The Best Buy computer return policy lets you return it within 15 days of purchase.

The return policy allows you to return an open computer after you’ve tried it. Then, if you’re dissatisfied with the computer, you can get a replacement, exchange, or a refund.

When requesting an exchange or return, make sure you bring everything in the original packaging, including proof of purchase and a valid photo ID.

When returning a computer to Best Buy, it’s necessary to include the original packing and any accessories that came with it. If any items are missing from the original packaging, the store will accept the return but charge you for missing items such as cables.

What’s the Best Buy Tablet Return Policy?

Best Buy lets you return tablets within 14 days of purchase. In addition, you can return or exchange ‘Activatable Devices,’ including cell phones, cellular tablets, mobile hotspots, and cellular wearables (also known as “Connected Devices”), within 14 days for a full refund. The return period also applies if you are a My Best Buy Elite or Elite Plus member.

What’s the Best Buy MacBook Pro Return Policy?

Best Buy accepts MacBook Pro returns or exchanges 14-45 days from the date of purchase. For example, a Best Buy Elite Totaltech member has 60 days, an Elite Plus member has 45 days, an Elite member has 30 days, and a non-member has 14 days to return a MacBook Pro for a refund.  

Returns, exchanges, and price adjustments must be completed in the nation where the item was purchased. 

Things you’ll need to bring when returning a MacBook Pro to Best Buy include:

1. Your purchase’s original receipt (invoice) is required for all returns.

2. The original payment method. Purchases made with a credit card will be reimbursed to the credit card used at the time of purchase. Returns with gift receipts will be given store credit. The Best Buy store credit can buy stuff online or in-store.

3. Manufacturer’s or Best Buy’s original packaging and all contents, including all manuals, accessories, gifts with the purchase, bonuses, and included items. 

4. Your signature, as well as your name, address, and phone number, are required. A valid government-issued photo ID may be needed to verify your information.

What’s the Best Buy iPad Return Policy?

Best Buy accepts iPad returns within 14 days of purchase, including Elite and Elite Plus members. All accessories, including the charging cord, charging brick, box, and instructions, must be included when returning an iPad to Best Buy to receive a complete refund. Any missing parts will result in a reduction in your refund.

Furthermore, Best Buy charges a $35-$45 restocking fee when returning any iPad model. A non-cellular iPad is charged a $35 restocking fee, and a cellular tablet is charged $45.

What’s the Best Buy Open Box Computer and Laptop Return Policy?

The Best Buy return policy allows you to return open box items within 14-45 days of purchase. For example, Best Buy Elite Totaltech members have 60 days, Elite Plus members have 45 days, Elite members have 30 days, and non-members have 14 days to return an open box computer and laptop for a refund. 

If you are unsatisfied with an open box item, you must provide proof of purchase as well as a valid photo ID for Best Buy to complete your return.

An example of an open-box laptop is display models that have been used in store for demonstration purposes. Also, its products have been returned to the retailer because the customer changed their mind. All open-box items are sold without any manufacturing flaws or significant damage.

Open-box computers are available for purchase at a lower price vs. a new in-the-box item. All original accessories are included with open box items; however, the manufacturer’s guarantee is not included.

If it’s available, consider buying a certified product and inspect it before purchase. Always try your open box laptop immediately when you get home to ensure it’s working correctly before your return window expires at Best Buy.

Can I Return a Laptop to Best Buy Without a Receipt?

Yes, you can return a laptop to Best Buy without a receipt with proof of purchase. However, you’ll need to provide alternative proof of purchase, such as a packing slip or a credit account statement documenting the original purchase.

The employees will then compare the SKU (Store Keeping Unit) and the serial number to their records to determine whether the return is legit.

It’s crucial to remember that all laptop return and exchanges without a receipt must be submitted within the 15-day exchange period, which begins on the day of purchase.

Can I Return a Laptop to Best Buy Without the Box?

Yes, Best Buy can accept laptop returns without a box, but they will deduct the cost of missing items from your refund.

A refund without packaging will require a receipt, packing slip, or the same credit card used as proof of purchase. In addition, Best Buy returns that do not include the box or packaging must be returned within 14-45 days after purchase. The number of days allowed to return a laptop to Best Buy for a refund is based on your membership status, such as Elite, Elite Pro, or non-member.

Can I Return a Laptop to Best Buy After 15 Days?

If you have a Best Buy Elite membership, you can return a laptop for up to 30 days after it was purchased or delivered. You must spend at least $1,500 in a calendar year to be eligible for Best Buy Elite.

On the other hand, you cannot return a laptop after 15 days if you are not a Best Buy Elite member. So understand the laptop return policy before buying from Best Buy and know your member status.

Can I Return a Laptop to Best Buy After 30 Days?

If you’re a Best Buy Elite Plus member, you can return a laptop up to 45 days of purchase or delivery. You must spend at least $3,500 in a calendar year to be eligible for Best Buy Elite Plus.

On the other hand, you cannot return a laptop after 30 days if you are not a Best Buy Elite Plus member. So understand the laptop return policy before buying from Best Buy and know your member status.

Is There a Best Buy Laptop Restocking Fee?

No, Best Buy does not charge a restocking fee for laptops returned in-store.

The Best Buy restocking policy only charges a restocking fee for select open items, cellphones, tablets, drones, projectors, cameras, and lenses. The fee ranges from $30-$45 or 15% of the item’s purchase price. In some cases, the restocking fee policy doesn’t apply to items that are not open; understand the rules before your purchase.

Can You Return a Refurbished Laptop to Best Buy?

Yes, you can return a refurbished laptop to Best Buy within 15 days of the purchase date.

The types of refurbished laptops sold include brand new with open boxes, barely used electronics, blogger review models, demo or floor units, or good laptops slightly damaged in transit.

The best-refurbished laptops have undergone a rigorous examination procedure to ensure they’re performing like new. 

A refurbished item at Best Buy has been examined, fixed, and returned to like-new, clean, operational condition, with all components and accessories. In addition, Best Buy sells refurbished laptops with a warranty of at least 90 days.

What’s the Best Buy Return Policy for Monitors?

You can return a monitor for a full refund or exchange based on your Best Buy membership status during the allowable return window. 

Standard members have 15 days to return the monitor to Best Buy, while Elite and Elite Plus members have 30 and 45 days, respectively. The return time begins when the monitor with built-in speakers is delivered or purchased in-store.

Best Buy Laptop and Computer Return Policy Summary

Best Buy has a laptop and computer return policy that is straightforward. You can bring a receipt or a packing slip to make things go smoother at the store. If you don’t have any of these items, you can provide alternative proof of purchase, such as a credit account statement documenting the original purchase.

Be sure to include all items that came with the laptop or computer when purchased. If you are missing things from the original packaging, such as the box or accessories, the customer service representative will deduct money from your refund.

In most cases, Best Buy will refund you the same way you paid for the laptop or computer unless it’s an exchange. Refunds by mail can take 15-20 business days from the day it’s received. For laptops returned with a gift receipt, you’ll receive a Best Buy store credit.

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