Are ADT Prices Negotiable? IT’S EASY! Lowered My Bill by $250 Annually in 10 Minutes (2020)

I annually call and renegotiate a lower AT&T Uverse cable bill.  But surprisingly, I’ve never thought of calling to negotiate ADT price per month.  I actually asked myself, “Are ADT prices negotiable?” because I’ve never heard anyone talk about it.

Here’s how it started thinking about lowering my ADT bill.

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How much does ADT cost per month?

After being an ADT customer for about 15 years, they’ve slowly and randomly raised my bill by mail every few years.  I was finally pushed over the edge when I got a letter in the mail saying they were going to raise my bill again by a couple more dollars per month.  I pulled up my credit card statement to see how much does ADT cost per month.  It went from sub-$50 to over $50 ADT cost per month for monitoring.

All these monthly subscriptions are adding up.  Cellphone…cable bill…Netflix…broadband…and more.

Is ADT worth it?

Then I started thinking about the last time I “used” or spoke with someone at ADT.  It’s been a long time.  Ultimately, it’s a good thing.  It’s like having insurance, it seems like an unnecessary cost until you have an accident.  Is ADT worth it for over $50 a month?

A few months ago I purchased three Nest smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.  ADT wanted to charge me $100 for a smoke detector and $100 for a carbon monoxide detector on each floor.  It’s been over 10 years since they’ve been updated and read the smoke detector sensors need to be replaced every ten years.  It was much cheaper for me to buy the Nest combination smoke and carbon monoxide detector.  I strategically placed them on each floor and linked them to my smartphone for alerts.  I was shocked at how easy they were to set up.

I was feeling dissatisfied and felt like ADT was charging a premium for their equipment to be replaced on top of the $600 per year I’m paying for monthly home security monitoring.

Why does startup SimpliSafe cost only $14.99 – $24.99 per month for monitoring while I’m paying over $50.  Okay, sure, my house came with a decked out home security system.  Every door and window is wired, it has some smart-tech, and has cellular.  But the equipment is paid for and not worth over $50 per month.

I think ADT has a professional staff with excellent equipment.  Safety does have a price and it’s worth paying a premium if I could stay with ADT.

Click here to get a quote from ADT.

How Much Does Alarm Monitoring Cost

Alarm monitoring cost varies tremendously between companies.  In some cases, you are paying for a large marketing budget that has convinced you that paying well over $50 is a standard.

Some of the factors that will affect ADT security monthly cost for alarm monitoring:

  • Promotional ADT rates and new customer rates
  • Phone line monitoring only
  • Cellular monitoring
  • Security mobile app capabilities
  • Cameras
  • Glass shattering sensor
  • Smart home automation
  • Contract period
  • Equipment coverage and maintenance
  • Equipment fees or subsidies

ADT Crime Map

The ADT crime map provides crime statistic by town.  It provides a crime lookup by neighborhood using your zip code.  You can click here to see the ADT crime map.

Using ADT Equipment After ADT Cancellation of Service

When my wife and I moved into our house almost 20 years ago.  The house came with an ADT monitoring system all wired up.  Before having kids, we were using ADT equipment after cancellation from the prior owner.  It automatically converts ADT to self-monitoring so we used and armed the alarm but didn’t pay for monitoring.

If a criminal broke into our house, the door, window, and motion sensor would have sounded the alarm.  Most criminals will run-off immediately thinking the police will be coming shortly.  A criminal wouldn’t know we were using ADT equipment after your ADT cancellation.  Of course, for added safety, we started paying for home security monitoring which protects us from criminals, but also a single button for an ambulance, and it also actively monitors for fires.

How to get ADT to reduce your rate

Then I Googled “security monitoring” and my zip code.  I started to research if I can use another company to monitor the equipment I own.

I have never dealt with the ADT billing department and wasn’t sure if they would even consider lowering my monthly monitoring bill.  Though, I was comfortable leaving ADT if they refused to lower my bill and value me as a longtime customer.  Of course, it’s always easier and preferable to stay with the same service vs switching.

Finally, I was armed with enough information and needed to find out are ADT prices negotiable?  Unlike AT&T Uverse cable, ADT didn’t have a designated customer retention representative.  Instead, they transferred me to billing.

My goal is to find out how to cancel ADT.  When I call the cable company retention representative, I always ask if I’m still under the ADT contract or free to cancel?  The very friendly representative confirmed I was month-by-month and free to cancel.

I explained how I’m considering another monitoring company and it’s getting too expensive, especially after another price increase.  The representative could not have been more accommodating and understanding.  He reminded me I’ve been a loyal customer for about 15 years with a good history.  I’m set up on monthly billing so I’ve never been late with a payment.

He pointed out I own the top of the line system with all the bells and whistles.  Without asking, “Are ADT prices negotiable,” he lowered my bill by over $20 per month for an annual savings of about $250.

Since they were so interested in retaining me as a customer, I asked if they can replace my smoke detectors for free.  Without hesitation, he said yes, and booked a technician for two days later.

As a side note, I mentioned to the installer that my main keypad buttons were sticking, after 15 years, so he replaced that for free too.

Is my new ADT bill as cheap as a new service like SimpliSafe?  No.  But, with ADT, I get to use my cellular alarm equipment if my phone line gets cut and the ADT app which integrates with my Chamberlain garage door opener.

Click here to get a quote from ADT.

Steps to Negotiate Lower Rates with ADT

Step 1
Research your local competition.

I Googled “home security systems monitoring service” followed by my zip code.  It provided a long list of options with some redundancy among the large home security companies.  For example, AT&T Digital Life Home Security was listed 10 times out of 18 results, ADT home security was listed twice, Xfinity Store by Comcast was listed only once.  But, there were several other local and regional monitoring companies.

Step 2
Call local home security monitoring companies for price list.

Some listed prices as low as $1 a day on their websites.  Of course, you need to call and see what you get for $1 per day.  In my case, are they compatible with the ADT system?  Do they offer cellular?  Do they have an app for remote alerts and activation?  Are there any initial startup fees?

Step 3
Call ADT for Retention or Bill Representative.

ADT customer service number is 1-800-238-2727.

Step 4
ADT Cancellation Fee

First, confirm you are not locked in a ADT contract for monthly monitoring.  Ask for the details and when it expires so you know how to cancel ADT security.  If it’s only a couple months away, you may be able to renegotiate on the phone if you tell them you will be canceling immediately following.  The retention representative may waive the ADT early termination fee.

Step 5
State Alternatives to ADT to Representative  

Second, tell them you have been researching alternative home security monitoring and your bill is too high compared to ADT alternatives.  Do not tell them the cheaper alternative price because you want to see their new offer to retain you as a customer.  Third, ask them if they can lower your ADT bill before you cancel.

Step 6
Counter-Offer or Ask for an Upgrade.

If the revised quote is still too high, then counter with an apples-to-apples price from an alternative home monitoring company in your area.  If they are within a few dollars, it’s likely worth staying with ADT and avoiding the hassle of setting up a new service.  If the revised ADT price list is within reason, you can still ask for an equipment upgrade.  Do you need some updated smoke alarms?  An extra wireless motion sensor in your garage or mudroom?  Carbon monoxide monitor near your furnace or near your bedrooms?

Step 7
Home Alarm Monitoring No Contract.

Confirm how long you need to stay with ADT.  You should aim for 12-months or less.  As competition heats up for home security monitoring, you may get a lower price in another year or two.  Also, confirm how long ADT rates will be locked-in once revised.

Step 8
Written Confirmation

Once you are satisfied and agree to a deal, ask for it in writing.  They are likely to send you a confirmation via snail mail or email.  Once you receive it, be sure to review the agreed price adjustment.  Keep in mind, your bill will likely be pro-rated to the new agreed upon price from the date of the phone call instead of the entire month.

Pay a Bill Negotiation Service as an Alternative

Some people are just not meant to negotiate.  We recommend using one of the best negotiation services to lower your Internet, tv, and cable bills.

We recommend BillFixers.  Since 2014, their expert staff negotiates with service providers to lower monthly bills.  BillFixers has a 95% success rate.  They have saved customers over $3,000,000 since inception.

BillFixers cost and benefits

  • Save Time – I hate sitting on hold.  Some how I always call when there are “usually long wait times.”  Don’t sit on hold with each customer service representative for minutes to hours at a time. They will take care of everything.
  • Save Money Fast – Billfixers saves each customer an average of $300 per year on monthly bills.
  • No Savings Equal No Cost – Nothing to lose.  There is no cost to you if they cannot lower your monthly bills.  They split the savings 50/50 with you for only the first year as their fee.  You keep the other 50% then pocket the rest each following year.

BillFixers Negotiation Services - Frugal Reality

BillFixers has been featured in publications like Bloomberg, NBC News, USA Today, The New York Times, and many more.

They will lower your cable bill for AT&T Uverse, XFinity, Comcast, DirecTV, Charter, Time Warner Cable, Dish, Aol, Optimum, and many more.  BillFixers will also lower your monthly mobile phone bill and alarm services for ADT Pulse, Verizon, Frontier Communications, RCN, and Spring.

They continuously expand their roster of bill negotiation services with other providers.

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ADT Security FAQ’s

Can you negotiate price with ADT?

Existing customers can negotiate a new monthly rate with ADT.  You can ask for a ADT discount no matter how long or short you’ve been a customer.  Longer customers should ask for a loyalty ADT discount to lower your monthly fee on your bill.

Can I get out of my ADT contract?

Call an ADT customer retention specialist at 1-800-243-1748.  Speaking to an ADT specialist on the phone is the quickest way to cancel your contract.

What is the cancellation fee for ADT?

ADT can charge 75% of your monthly bill for the balance of the contract term.  Cancel before your ADT contract automatically renews and extends your term.

Does ADT run your credit?

ADT requires a satisfactory credit history for installation and use of the service.

Can I take my ADT system with me when I move?

ADT equipment cannot be relocated to a new residence.  They offer ADT discounts and credits toward installation of a new system.  They also offer 25% savings on additional sensors, devices, and other security equipment.

Share your ADT bill savings below

Please share how you lowered your ADT bill.  How much money did you reduce your monthly ADT monitoring bill?

1 thought on “Are ADT Prices Negotiable? IT’S EASY! Lowered My Bill by $250 Annually in 10 Minutes (2020)”

  1. What people really need is the final price, which you didn’t provide, so they can benchmark their offers. My ADT pulse costs $36.99 per month on a 3-year contract. That is a negotiated rate that expires in December (the original price was $57 which is absurd). My target is $20 per month – the over/under is $25. Anything higher and I switch to Simplisafe, Ring or another option. I like ADT 24/7 customer service but we’ve never had them call police.

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