American Airlines Giving Miles for Delayed Flights?

american airlines customer service emailThis will shock you as American Airlines has been out of control the past year in doing anything it can after the merger with US Airways to get loyal customers to hate them. We have proved to them that we WILL not be loyal to them and WILL fly Southwest and other airlines such as the new IPO’d Virgin America. You would think American would step up to the plate with Virgin America eating away at its customers because they want clean planes with entertainment such as wifi on EVERY flight.

Just tonight a friend flew from Austin to New York and it appears American Airlines gave them 6,000 miles. He said it was due to a gas leak on the plane which is a fairly scary deal. Must have been one of those MD-80’s. It was a delayed flight but 6,000 miles is a start in the right direction and maybe I will re-think my hate against American Airlines lately. Can everyone count on miles now for delayed flights or is this a one time occurrence? Feel free to delay my flight if I can get some free miles 🙂

I am Gold with them and they have taken away all the goodies for Gold elite. Why even bother to get Gold with American anymore as you cannot have more than one bag check-in as Gold and you do not even get the more leg room seats anymore as part of the elite offering. Hopefully American will LISTEN again and give this back to Gold elite and extend our Gold elite another year because of their horrible service in 2014 after the merger. American has turned into what Sprint did with Nextel a third rate company but with what happened in the last few weeks we now have a new hope for the large airline.

It seems American Airlines is finally getting some customer service. Just a few weeks ago they announced they have backtracked on a new policy where they would no longer offer meals on its shorter flights in first class. Sorry if I am paying extra or using all my miles for first class I better damn well get a meal or something different besides more leg room. Getting on a flight faster and sitting in a seat should not be the only benefit. With Virgin America you get an amazing pillow that I wanted to steal and entirely more comfortable custom seats with more entertainment than you can even turn on before the flight lands.

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