18k HGE Ring Value – Bracelet & Necklace Retail & Scrap Worth

Have you been looking to buy some new jewelry and noticed a ring with an 18K HGE mark? Are you wondering what it means and whether this type of jewelry is worth investing in?

Unlike costume jewelry, most real jewelry is a good investment since it maintains its value and even increases over time.

The jewelry market is not going anywhere. On the contrary, the number of jewelry purchases by younger consumers continues to rise and is expected to reach $266.53 billion by 2027.

Although jewelry is generally a good investment, selecting the right piece can be overwhelming. After all, jewelry is not cheap, and its materials, craftsmanship, and durability determine how long it lasts.

So, what is 18k HGE gold worth?

Short Answer: HGE is gold-plated jewelry, and even though 18K gold is applied, the plating adds no real value to it. As a result, gold-plated jewelry has the lowest retail value in gold.

18K HGE jewelry pieces are priced around $15-25 and increase in value when made with sterling silver or embedded with gemstones. However, HGE ESPO-branded jewelry has a higher value and can cost over $100.

You may already own an 18K HGE ring you found in an old drawer, or you might be buying one soon. Regardless,

Regardless, you can still resell an 18k HGE ring despite its gold plating not adding any value — just don’t expect it to be of equal value to gold. 

What is the 18k HGE Meaning?

18k HGE means “heavy gold electroplate,” which refers to adding a thin layer of gold to the base metal. The gold plating is at least 100 millionths of an inch thick to make it appear like gold. The gold plating method is usually applied to jewelry. 

18K is the gold karat or value being plated on the jewelry piece, which in this case is 75% gold. Since pure gold is so soft and prone to damage, 24K gold plating is not very common.

Despite 18K gold being applied through HGE on metal jewelry, the gold-plating is usually so thin that it can easily be scratched off and removed. As a result, the plating usually lasts only a couple of years. 

What is 18kt HGE Value Retail Worth?

18K HGE jewelry is more affordable than solid gold. It’s because only a small amount of gold is present in the piece that will not increase its value. Therefore, buying 18kt HGE jewelry is affordable yet stylish for frugal consumers.

The retail value of the 18kt HGE jewelry is not valued based on the minimal pure gold used for the plating. Instead, the factors to value the jewelry include the metal used and whether it contains embedded precious stones.

Here are the estimated 18kt HGE retail values for various jewelry found on Amazon:

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What is 18 kt HGE Value Scrap Worth?

The scrap value for 18K HGE jewelry is quite low. Most scrap gold buyers, including jewelry stores, consignment shops, gold buyers, local scrap yards that pay cash, antique stores, and pawnshops, do not accept gold-plated jewelry.

To put it in perspective, a standard thickness of gold-plated 18k HGE jewelry would be worth less than $2 in gold scrap value.

Instead, we suggest selling it yourself as used jewelry online. List your 18k HGE rings, bracelets, and necklaces on online marketplaces like eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or other sites similar to Craigslist.

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What Does 18kt HGE ESPO Mean?

18K indicates 75% gold plating, and HGE represents heavy gold electroplate, a method of plating the jewelry piece with gold. In addition, ESPO is the brand name of a recognized jeweler, Joseph Esposito of Esposito Jewelry.

Esposito Jewelry is a family-owned and operated jewelry company that’s been in business for over 100 years and is known for its high-quality gold plating and craftsmanship. The company offers a wide variety of gold-plated and silver jewelry, including 18k HGE rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.

What’s an 18k HGE ESPO Ring Worth?

The ESPO brand from jewelry retailer Esposito Jewelry may boost its resale value online but not its gold scrap value. Creating an 18K HGE ESPO ring is the same as that of any other 18K HGE jewelry, but with the recognized brand attached.

18K HGE ESPO rings are worth as low as $10 and can go for over $100, depending on the size and the precious stones included. Here are some 18k HGE ESPO rings for sale on eBay.

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18k HGE Ring Value Summary

HGE or “heavy gold electroplate” is gold-plated jewelry. However, the gold-plating adds no real value to the piece, meaning that it has no added value as a resale item. Unfortunately, 18k HGE rings have the lowest retail value of all gold jewelry types because of the thin layer of gold used.

18K HGE jewelry usually costs around $15-25 and increases in value when made with sterling silver or embedded with gemstones. However, 17k HGE ESPO rings may increase their worth to over $100.

Unfortunately, the scrap value for 18K HGE jewelry is cheap, and most scrap gold buyers do not accept gold-plated pieces.

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