Walgreens trip

I’ve gotten a little behind on my shopping trip post. I will be getting them caught up hopefully by tomorrow.

This was a WAG trip last week when they had the 15% off coupon and free reusable tote.

The receipt shows all the prices AFTER the 15% discount. So here it goes.

Glade Soy Candles $5.09 (bought 2)

– $4 MFG PRTQ (2)
= $1.09

Scrubbing Bubbles Scrubber $2.97 (bought 2)

-$2.75 MFG PRTQ

=$.022 (plus earned $1 RR)

Menots Gum (Not real sure what happened here. Some were $0.43 and some were $0.85. They were advertises $2/2.)


-$1 (12)


Butterball Chicken Broth (2)

$0.67 (no coupons)

Natural Instincts Hair Color


-$4 NIQ


Total was: $38.29
OOP $0.18
Saved $38.11

I tried adding this up when I got home and am still not sure what happen. I got a different price when I figured it in the store, one at the register and one at home. I honestly cannot figure this one out. PLUS when the guy was scanning my coupons he gave me $6 in coupons back because it would’ve made me negative. It’s the weirdest thing.

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