TLC’s Extreme Couponing to Return for 3rd Season: Love it or Leave it?

The show most American’s have grown a love-hate relationship with is returning in just a few short hours. Extreme Couponing will air it’s third season on  TLC tonight at  10/9central.

Here are my quick thoughts on the show and a little insider news.

The idea behind the show, to show America a way to save money while providing nessecities for their family at rock bottom prices, is fantastic.  The drama that some of these people put into their segments is just that.

One “quote” everyone has in common is “This is my biggest haul ever.” Well DUH!  It’s for TV, the producers want you to have the biggest haul ever that brings more drama and higher ratings.

I have a couple of friends Paul & Tiffany ( and that have been on the show. I feel that they were represented well and not made to look insane like some of the other couponers.

There’s a lot to be said about coupling, this show and how things work in the real world.  Those of use deal bloggers that have been around for a while are pretty numb to this show.  We like to watch it and see our friends and the direction the show is going.  What we don’t like it when a couponer gets on there and create the imagine that all couponers and deal bloggers are frauds and trying to scam the system.

Over the past couple of years there have been some big changes in the coupling world to store policies, coupon values and such.  I feel, and I’m not alone, that it is greatly due to this show. Couponing just isn’t the same as it once was.  Don’t get me wrong there are still great deals to be had and awesome deal bloggers to follow.

When looking for a great deal blogger,  try to find one in your area.  Their deals will be more specific to you.  Be sure to find out how long they’re “been around” and what their following is like.  If the site looks shady the deals probably are too.  More to come on coupon bloggers….

What are your thoughts on the shows return?


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