The Scourge – A Great Read for only $0.99!!

A good friend of mine wrote a book recently called The Scourge and it is now being featured on Amazon’s Top Holiday Deals for only $0.99!

Now, aside from the incredible dedication it takes to write a full length novel – AG Henley produced a wonderfully creative and imaginative story that truly takes you to another world.

But don’t take my word for it, there are close to 200 other readers who give this book 4.5 stars!

Here is a brief synopsis:

Seventeen-year-old Groundling, Fennel, is Sightless. She’s never been able to see her lush forest home, but she knows its secrets. She knows how the shadows shift when she passes under a canopy of trees. She knows how to hide in the cool, damp caves when the Scourge comes. She knows how devious and arrogant the Groundlings’ tree-dwelling neighbors, the Lofties, can be.And she’s always known this day would come—the day she faces the Scourge alone.

And since I love bringing you great deals, this ebook is on sale from $3.99 to only $.99!!!

So what are you waiting for, get over to Amazon and download this book for your Kindle!

Buy it on Amazon for Kindle

 Let me know if you purchase the book and what you think of it – I would like to get your feedback and pass it back to Aimee.



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