The Return of Trippin’ Thursday (See Me Shop)

I’m trying to get back into an old posting series I did last year.  Trippin’ Thursday is where I share with you my recent shopping trips.  grocery, retail , second hand stores, whatever.  I want you guys to see that I am a real person and I do make the purchases I post on here.  Even more so I want you too see when I overspend.  Let’s face it, it happens to all of us no matter how good we think we are.


Here are (3) trips I made this week. Walgreens, Randalls and “the junk store” as I call it which is basically just a thrifty store in town.


I will be attending a cocktail party this month along with a couple other blogger events which will require more than my trusty ole flip flops.  My first thought was “Macy’s here I come!” Then reality and my fugal-ness settled in and off to the junk store I went.

I scored (2) pairs of super cute peep toe pumps for $4 total! Brand name ones to boot!


I haven’t been drugstore shopping in months so I decided to hit up Walgreens.  Grabbed my Couponizer and off I went.


Total out of pocket: $10.89 Saved: $33.22 Received $7 in RR


After the holiday’s and eating from the freezer for the past couple of months my deep freeze is giving itself freezer burn! It’s empty, can you believe that?  You can imagine my surprise when Randalls issued their $5/15 frozen food coupon yesterday.  Oh I had big plans for it too…then i walked down the aisle… PIE, I LOVE PIE! Who needs frozen meals when you can buy frozen pies?  Yes, as you can see I bought dessert instead of actual meal food.  This is what i’m talking about, I’m human and the plan doesn’t always pan out but hey my freezer is getting fuller!

Total out of pocket: $27.51 Saved: $55.48 Received $3 in CATs


How have you done recently?  Find any good deals?  List them in the comments below. OR you can email me pictures/details and I will post it for you!

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