Thankful Thursday: Carbs

Each week I’d like to take a moment to reflect on something that I am am thankful for.  I encourage you all to do the same.  It seems that we get so caught up in the world that we forget some times what’s really important.

This week I’d like to say I’m thankful for CARBS!! Yes that’s right, pasta, rice, tortillas…. I’ve completed my 21 day fast and today I am back on carbs and sugar and all those things that aren’t so good for you!

You see the reason I gave up those things is simple.  You have to give up something when you fast and I though what better to receive something you desire is to give up something you love.

I tried to study out fasting before I started. I wanted to make sure I did it right so to speak.  Turns out the only thing I could figure out was that you not supposed to be like the Pharisees.  Meaning you are not supposed to be whinning, moaning and groaning about how your SO hungry.

I figured, well if I’m doing it wrong then the Holy Spirit will reveal it to me.  Let me tell you this was proven many times.  I tried to talk myself into different foods, reasoning that they weren’t technically on the no list but yest they were.

Anyway, LONG story short I will be devouring some delicious eggrolls for lunch today!  THANK YOU Mr. Egg rolling man @ China Garden!

What are you thankful for?  Want to become part of Thankful Thursday @ Frugal Reality?  Link up!

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Yeah I do that for dieting but this fast was a fruit/veggie/meat/water only. So needless to say I was missing my carbs and sweets just a touch. I think the worst of it was going to the rodeo and smelling all the deep fried no way good for ya but still delicious foods! LOL


LOL! We always miss the carbs when they are gone. I don’t even try to cut them all out. I would die of starvation. I just try to eat better ones like whole grains and such.

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