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Below is some rather sad news about a fellow blogger.  Ginger at Attention Target Shoppers has composed the following posts about Brandy’s situation.  There are also links to updates here.

If you feel moved to give please do so here.  Thank you to all who participate.

“Some sad news to report. Brandy over at Brandy’ needs our help. She hasn’t asked for a thing and I feel helpless to help her until I dreamed up asking EVERYONE to chip in something….anything! She is one of my longtime blogging friends and she has had a devastating event happen. Her house was damaged horribly in a house fire. Click on this link to her site and read her post.

There is fire damage, water damage, smoke damage and the SMELL of it all to deal with. She and her family along with all the pets got out safely but there is a LOT of damage. Take a look at the pictures. I swear I could smell the stench just looking at them.

Unidentified electronics – melted!

More photos here on her Facebook page.

Aside from being strung out emotionally, sick at heart that their home is going to have to be someplace else for months and months during the re-build, the losses, the replacements etc., well, she is understandably upset and shaken.  They’ve lost all of their clothing, food and having moved and been displaced so many times, I know they are incredibly frustrated as well. She even lost her monstrous coupon binder! We all know THAT was priceless!

They do have insurance but as many times as I have moved, I know moving is a huge expense no matter the reason and insurance doesn’t pay rapidly and they can never cover all of the costs associated with a loss such as this. There is extra expense for EVERYTHING because you are displaced.

Brandy helps me weekly with match-ups which means she is helping all of you. If you have a buck or two, send it to her via and help me see to it that she and her family aren’t suffering needlessly. Please join me in my efforts to help one of our own….”

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