Samsung Galaxy S3 Review: I Still Don’t Get It

It’s that time again…time for another look at the Samsung Galaxy S3.  I’ve been busy with my newborn and having this extra gadget to occupy the older kids has been bittersweet.

While the phone is nice for them to play games or watch movies on, there is a down size to it being a “babysitter”.

Like I’ve said before this phone in my opinion is not organized very well. There are WAY too many screens to organize your apps/widgets.  I’ve tried to make the kids a screen or two for their stuff only.  Seemed like a good idea, however, when they were trygin to find these pages they were MIA. I still have no idea where they went.

Yes I know this is a phone and not a game system, however, I don’t have the need to use the phone portion at this time.

Something else my kids love to do is take pictures.  And boy do they!  I bet there are a bazillion of their totally random snapshots on here. The problem with this is and it’s totally not Verison or Samsung’s fault, the kids decide to take pictures at inappropriate times and THEN since I can’t delete them at that moment, they show the pictures to all who would see them!  Yes, that was also one of the longest run on sentences ever.

I’ve played with this phone myself, tried changing settings around, had some techy friends show me and thing or two and still I am not sold. My cousin is however and would LOVE to get his hands on mine permanently!  So I guess really its a user preference deal.

Have you tried this phone yet? What do you think about it?  Is there sorting I’m just totally missing?

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