Samsung Galaxy S III First Thoughts Review: #VZWA

This year I’ve been asked to partake in the Verizon Wireless Ambassador Program.  It’s been a blast so far!  We are in round 2.  This time we were given the new Samsung Galaxy S III I’ve been trying to get use to an Android phone again since switching over to the iPhone a few months back.  It’s taking some geting used to and I’m not so sure I want to.  More to follow on that.

This is the phone I received and of course since it can’t self portrait itself, I took the picture with my iPhone 4.  Notice how clear and bright this picture is?  I haven’t adjusted any picture quailty setting on either phone.  Now take a look at the picture of my iPhone using the Samsung Galaxy S III.

Notice a BIG difference?  Both pictures were taken several section from the other, under the same light in exactly the same spot.  So far, I would say I’m not impressed with the picture quality of the Galaxy.

On a positive note, I do love the screen size of the Galaxy.  It could pretty much eat my iPhone. I’ve found myself “window shopping” on it vs. the iPhone just for this reason.  Why not see it bigger right?

These are just the first of many thoughts on this new smartphone. Stay tuned for more insights on the Samsung Galaxy S III.

Verizon  Ambassador

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I’ve had my Galaxy for a while, and I love how fast it is. Some of my Dish co-workers already had their GSIII phones the first few days that they became available, and I can see why they them so much. I like streaming my live and recorded TV to my current phone through the Sling Adapter I have connected to my receiver at home. After downloading the Dish Remote Access app to my phone, I was streaming then and there. Samsung has made a great phone, and I can’t wait to see what new features they put into their new phones.

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