Pampers CAT Deal @ Kroger Next Week

March 29, 2010
cashregister1.jpg Fisher Price Cash Register image by  LeannesPics1
(Couldn’t find a CAT machine
picture but thought this was cute!)

There is a Pampers deal deal at Kroger’s starting April 4th and running through April 17th.

  • Buy $10 in Pampers Wipes
    Get $2 CAT
  • Buy $16 in Pampers Wipes
    Get $4 CAT

While the coupons that are out right now expire on the 31st, I’m sure we will receive more in this weekends inserts.

Keep an eye on the CAT coupons from Kroger too. I’ve been getting $0.50/1 and $0.75/1 like crazy lately.

AND my Kroger has a bunch of wipes on clearance right now (various brands). So maybe they won’t sell out before this CAT deal starts and I can save even more!

If you haven’t signed up for the Pampers mailing list you can do so here.  They send you exclusive savings, samples, promo info and more.  Plus you can enter the codes found inside Pampers products to earn rewards!

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I tried to do 3 Cat deals at Kroger today. Sadly, one of them wasn’t running in my store. Darn it! It is a catalina with Kellogg’s cereals. Buy 3-4 10oz or larger boxes of cereal, get a cat for a free gallon of milk. Buy 5-6 boxes, get cat for 2 free gallons and buy 7 or more and get cat for 3 free gallons of milk. I was sad………

But! There were two unadvertised cats that were running. Load the Betty Crocker potatoes on your Kroger card from Cellfire. You buy 3 packets of BC potatoes for $1 each and get back a $3 cat OYNO and you make $.40. Woo-hoo!

Also buy 4 Pillsbury refrigerated baked goods and get $2 OYNO, buy 5 and get $3 OYNO, or buy 6 and get $4 OYNO.

Just wish the silly milk promo was working at my Texas Kroger. sigh….

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