Out of Pocket: $24 Saved over: $400

How? Buy shopping at my local thrift stores! Thrift store receive an abundance of clothing especially around prime times like back to school. Out with the old and in with the new. This is a perfect time to score big on gently used clothing. My store had all clothing excluding formals for $1 each!

I didn’t have any luck finding my son jeans or my daughter shoes. I did find a stack of goods for me!

My biggest find was an authentic pair of Armani jeans that retail for $125! I only paid $1!!! Checked it out online and they are the real deal!

Here’s what I found:

Armani Jeans

Gap Capris

Ann Taylor Loft Capris

Gap dress pants

Aeropastle Bermuda Shorts

Old Navy Top

American Eagle Long Sleeve Shirt

Roxy Top

Gap Top

Tommy Hilfiger Long Sleeve Shirt

J. Crew Top

Self Esteem Top

Bumbo with Tray -Retails for $53.98 at BRU paid only $6.50!

Jessica Simpson Heels – $3 Found a pair online very similar for $79!

Disney Princess Collapsible Storage Trunk – $1 Range from $13-20 online

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I shop at Katy Christian Ministries on Mason in Katy. Goodwill is a bit overpriced in our area. I can’t speak for the others. Value Village on N Gessner is another good one. Don’t get me wrong I do have to “dig” a bit for the bargains I find. KCM is always getting donations from a retailer but it’s very hit or miss. The had a huge batch of Crocs last year! They all went for $5 a pair!


I alos live in the Houston area. Do you shop at Goodwill or consignmnet stores? I hear about these great finds but I never seem to find them. You mentioned Target and other merchants donate seasonal items – to where?


Fyi Bumbo chairs sale AWESOME on eBay! Everytime I see those I pick them up. I’d say with the tray you can probably sell it for $22-25 (w/o shipping). 🙂

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